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Hi Marc

some parts of the website seem not work with IE9 – twitter and cuffon titles don’t appear

it’s ok with chrome and firefox.

Do you know this issue and do you have a solution ? Best regards Apo

Hmm. I haven’t seen any issues. I’ll fire up IE9 and take a look. Does it have the same problems in the preview on TF?

Yes, in the TF Preview with IE9 , i don’t see :

1. the contact a the top of the template 2. the Twitter text, but i can see “twittted by ….” 3. All main titles 4. The Cuffon font replacement. I see default web font.

All is ok with Chrome and Mozilla

I added :

between of the index.html file.

result is :

1. contact appears but not cufon font 2. Twitter appears BUT under the “twitted by” text 3. All titles appears but not cufon font 4. I still see default web font.

You can take a look of the result via the image link below

Best regards Apo

code added in my file is :

meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7"

code added in the head balises of the index file


Hi Marc,

I’ve tried the template with several computers. It appears that the template fits with most of them. So, i definitly think that there is no problem with archer under IE9 , Firefox and chrome. the issue must come from Internet Explorer update of deactiveted option… Excuse me for suspission

Best regards Apo

Any new templates coming ? I love your work bro. neue grafik was awesome and I am waiting for something like that !

I’m currently finishing up an html template that’s a fullscreen portfolio/ image site. It’s a bit different from the usual TF file, and hopefully the reviewers will let it through. I think it’s smart and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long long while now. Thanks for the interest. Keep watching. I have quite a few plans for new files.

Great ! Can’t wait. I love your design and I am bored to death with all those portfolios here on themeforest.

Hey ! Where is the new template ? I am waiting and waiting :) I need something new and I can buy your templates blindfolded :)

Love the layout and design. But I’m confused about some of your templates. It says they are HTML but they seem to have Flash embedded all over. I need templates that are 100% HTML5 . Do you have any that don’t use any flash? PLEASE say you do! I think your templates are great visually. Thanks.

Nice work as always and easy for us html novices to get. I am using this as the blog to the new Emigre html, which is being used as my primary site.


I love the archer theme, and I was thinking of purchasing it… Just one question, I was wondering if it was possible to create submenus?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, in twitter feeds which kind of diferents variables can be aplicated. for example to get avatar picture?

template: ’<\span> text <\/span><\p>Tweeted by <\a href=” user_screen_name ”> user_screen_name <\/a> at time <\/p>’,

Thanks a lot

There should be comments in the twitter.js file that show how to add additional twitter content.

could this be converted to work for a wordpress ?

Yes. And I’m actually working to have it convert to wordpress. The bad news is it’ll probably be september or october before it’s done.

Hi There

I really like this template, but in IE9 i get the same issues as described by apoapsis – was a fix ever found?

Thanks, Harry

Sorry what was the IE 9 issue?


It’s the same as mentioned elsewhere on this thread – Twitter and Cufon not working.

how can i set my twitter profile on this template? anyone please help me

in the head of each HTML file there’s a bit of javascript.

  id: 'marcfolio', 

If you replace “marcfolio” with your twitter id it should pull your feed.

Hello….a few weeks ago the twitter feed stopped working. All I can see is “loading twitter text here” but nothing appears. It used to work OK, and I can see that now you also removed it from the live preview…are there any known issues why this feature isn’t working anymore? It was actually why I purchased this template in the first place. Thanks


It looks like the twitter API has changed and the to fix the twitter feed you need to edit a little code:

getTwitters('twitter', {
        id: 'marcfolio', 
        count: 1,

You want to change “count: 1” to “count: 2”. That seems to fix it.

I’m uploading a new set of files reflecting the change right now. It’ll take a few days for TF to approve the update. Let me know if you have more questions.

Hey…ok, thank you! I could not get it to work by changing the code, but I downloaded the file again and it seems to work just fine. Thank you for the prompt response and the solution!!!!


For some reason the twitter feed stopped working around 2 weeks ago…I can see the same thing happening to you in your live preview…you can only see loading twitter text here but nothing loads. Do you know of any known issues as of why this is happening? Any fixes? (I contacted you roughly 6 months ago when this also had happened and you fixed it….may be same issue? Thank you in advance!!

Yes. Twitter killed their API 1.0 and I’m still working on a fix. Unfortunately it’s not an easy one. Should have a fix within the next week.

Awesome, thanks for the quick answer and for the fix if you figure it out….this is a great template!

Hello….same problem as before…twitter feed stop displaying….just like in the live preview of the template…will you figure out a new fix? In any case, thank you!

how to implement to archer theme by wo?rdpress ?

Que tal Marc, compre tu template, el cual está muy completo, me agrada mucho.. Me gustaría saber si se puede modificar el video en la pagina index.html, el video lo codificas desde quicktime u ocupas otro ?

How about Marc, buy your template, which is very complete, I like very much .. I wonder if you can change the video in the index.html page, you encode the video from quicktime or occupy another?