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Hi Mikey,

Im finding ur template good, except when it comes to the portofolio.

I would like to have a portofolio with 3/4 categories, in thumbnails, just as shown on the template presentatiion. Within that i would like to have linked projects to the different categories, with thumbnail vewing as well.

So the structure would be like this: HOUSING URBAN COMMERCIAL Project 1 Project 1 Project 1 Project 2 Project 2 Project 2 Project 3 Project 3 Project 3

Any ideas on what im doing wrong, or is the template not working correctly?

I would really appreciate a quick answere on this issue.

Kind Regards


Hi, can I some se order of items in portfolio? Default it’s by time, but I want to have it by imporatance. It’s possible?

Maybe this is a simple question but I’m a little new to this. How does one change the ever-present “Architectos since 1843” into something that would actually match the purpose of the sight being created? It appears to be there in every page and I’ve seen examples of people who have used the theme and have changed this into an image instead, which is what I’d like to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This is default logo placeholder, so simply upload your own logotype from theme options page.


Thanks! I actually figured that out immediately after asking the question. Makes me feel like quite the fool for even asking.

However, I do have another question. What is the process of actually getting a video into a video page? Pasting a link into the box labeled “video” doesn’t bring one up.

In the literature about the theme it states that we should use Viper’s Video Quicktag. This works for putting video directly into the post but not as a link from the box labeled “video.” Is there, therefore, no reason for this box? Do we have to put the link to the video directly into the page post? I accidentally saved over the original video post so I’m unable to use that as reference.

Thanks again!


Nevermind, I figure that out as well. Was posting the short link. When I posted the full length link it works like a charm!

I have a portfolio post with a carousel template. I was curious about a couple of things. 1. Can I make it so that the it cycles through the attached images automatically? So you wouldn’t have to push the buttons left or right to move through the images and they would continue on in an automated loop. 2. The images that I’ve uploaded are black and white and it’s virtually impossible to see the arrow that allows one to cycle through them. Is there a way to go about changing the color of the arrows that cycle through the attached images? If I can get them to cycle automatically, this won’t be as much of an issue.

Thanks for your support! I’m sure I’ll run out of questions eventually.

Hi Mixey, cannot find the pictures as shown in the theme in my zip nor in media. could you please tell me where should they be please? Regards,


Images are not included. Sorry.

Hi, just want to ask before i buy.. can u change the text or the color of the container? thanx

this template looks very nice and very easy to manage.

The only problem I have is: I couldn’t figure out how to sort the portfolio categories?

Hi I’m very interested in using this theme for an upcoming architecture project but I need the ability to run a full size video on the home page, like the current demo has a slider, is this possible?



I’m afraid but no.

manosk Purchased

Does architectos fully support wordpress 3.9?


This theme is scheduled for archive. Original author isn’t accessible anymore. I don’t think it will work fully…in 3.9

Hi, Great theme! I don’t know why but the Home Sliders are very small for me. It’s changed recently for some reason. http://ayeletshabo.co.il/


I’m interested on this theme.

Question: Can we have different background slideshow per page?


Hi, yes you can.

Hey, when are you planning to finish the update to fix the problem with the last version of visual composer? I cant update my site in between


We plan to include next version of VC in Architectos. Should be available in few weeks.

Hi, Please, could you let me know if the visual composer of the version 1.7 is 100% compatible with wordpress 3.9.1. I have a problem with same pages of my website due to the visual composer. Thank you in advance.


1.7 version is not compatible with latest WP. We have plans to update the theme. Person who was in charge of this isn’t available anymore and we ran out of human resources.

I can’t find the option to publish a full-width post (without the sidebar?) Is that exist? If not, what do I need to do to add the full-width template?

I tried this but it it does not work:

.page .black_bg, .password_form .black_bg, .single-wpb_portfolio .black_bg, .blog_container {
width: 1170px;
padding: 15px 15px;

Also, I do not see any sign of visual composer. Did you remove it from the theme?

I’d like to change the text icons for the social media links at the bottom of the page into the actual social media icons. I’ve seen come customizations from links in this forum. Does anyone have instructions for a quick-and-dirty way to do this? Any way to do it without changing /images on the server?

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is it possible to remove the paging function on portfolio pages? i want to have all portfolio entries on one page. I checked the links sent to other people, but none of them work. I purchased the theme and are a registered customer. Thanks.

I see some recent comments on updates that are upcoming. Is making this a responsive theme one of them? I love this theme and bought it a few years ago to use, but am now more aware of the need for responsive themes in handling mobile activity. Can you comment on plans for this?

Thanks in advance!!

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This theme is scheduled for archive. Original author isn’t accessible anymore. I don’t think it will work fully…in 3.9

Does this means there will be no update anymore? The VC stop work properly.

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Are there any good commerce plugins that play friendly with this theme, I tried woocommerce and wp-ecommerce and both broke the css options and theme settings. Is there a plugin I can use that works with this theme that I can just install and run with?

hi, Is home page text and button moveable? thanks.