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Diggin’ this, nice work Michael!

GREAT Work! Thanks!

Hi! I have some troubles with installation of the sample data file, it is not working uploading to my site!? I will write you an message, thanks!


Sure, I’ll be responding to emails very soon.

Edit: I just took a look at your email and your site. Fixed for you. You forgot to visit Settings->Reading section and setup what page to use as a homepage and what page for blog posts.



I’m not verry fit in WP so please can you check this :-)) If you need something too, write me! Thanks!!!!

Michael! Hi, This is again a nice theme from you. I used PHOTOSHOT for my website and now i am planning to shift on this theme. I just need your help in Adding the Widgets. Why you are not making your themes Widget ready? That is the only thing i am missing here in this theme. Now please suggest how to add social media linkks and a site search. Because site search is must; its very difficult to search one project out of 100. Waiting for your reply before purchase. Thanks! Regards,


Thanks for the links! I’ll add search icon to this template in the next update, so searching will be not a problem anymore.

And it works great on iPhone and iPad :)


Hi Michael, I am waiting for the updates! When you are planning to publish it? Can i have a sortable portfolio with this theme; like the one which i am having right now on my websites. Please let me know so that i can go further to purchase this theme. Regards,



Updates are scheduled for this week ending or beginning of the new week.

P.S. I’ll see what I can do about the sortable portfolio. Thanks for the patience, you’ll not regret ;)

Awesome work! Amazing value~

A-B-S-O-LUTELY AMAZING . Perhaps one of the very best and MOST imaginative themes I have seen yet. I have a brand new client who is a real estate developer and he is going to LOVE this theme. I’m planning to purchase today. Please allow me 3 quick questions:

1) Can I play VIDEO on the FULL SCREEN PAGES , just as the photos currently do, and

2) Can I play AUDIO on any pages, such as SOUNDCLOUD ? and finally,

3) Is there a way to MERGE A STORE into the theme, allowing one to SELL items on the site?

Looking forward to rolling up my sleeves with this theme! Thank you,



T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!!

1) Video can’t play in full screen. Video player will be placed at the top of the post/portfolio post if you’ll specify video url in the post settings.

2) If sound cloud have something like an embed code, then I think you should be fine.

3) 3rd party plugins should be able to do that, theme itself doesnt have any e-commerce tools.

Looking forward!


this is a wonderful theme which I’m interested in but principally for showing videos as well as images. So I have the same question as voicepro above can you breakdown exactly the video capabilities of the theme?

Also I can’t see any captions on the photos in portfolio. A lot of people need to add captions to photos. Is this possible?



Thank you for the nice words! Captions will be added in the next update.

In post options you can enter url of your video (vimeo/youtube) and then video player will be placed at the top of the post/portfolio post. in the fullscreen slideshow video will be skipped.

Thank you everyone for the nice feedback!

Thanks for your response.

I will wait for the update because photos without captions is a problem.

Do consider the fullscreen video option too at some point as this would be a winner!

Can the background images be .swf files?


No, flash is going away from the web (imho).

For full screen slideshow only images can be used.

Adko Purchased

Hi that’s super hteme


I have problem to show czech specific characters. They have an ohter type of font

you can see it there – http://www.matomas.cz/mat11/

Can you help me? thanks


When I went to install this theme as a zip file, WP claims there are missing stylesheets. Any Suggestions please?



Please make sure to unzip original file that you’ve downloaded. Inside of it you’ll find documentation and plugin .zip file (that should uploaded to your site).

Adko Purchased


Excuse me, but I do not understand why my previous post is inappropriate. I just politely asked a technical problem with fonts in Czech.

By the way I solved this problem myself.



Sorry, I’ve no idea why your post was removed, but I will appreciate if you’ll share your experience and how did you solve your problem?

Thank you, Michael

Adko Purchased

Ou sorry – now when I click on reply I remembered that I sent a message about solution to address a report of inappropriate posts :) my mistake, sorry again :)


I must use font with specific Czech (central Europian) characters and by the wp-cufon plugin implant to theme.

And I have supplementary question about Visual composer (VC): I can use VC only at pages creation part but no at posts and portfolio. Is there at theme some setup to turn on at posts and portfolios?

Thanks for reply


Adko Purchased

And I must add that “Arquitectos” is the best template for architects that I’ve seen so far. Congratulations on such a great job.

I am very confused. Most themes have very detail or obvious instructions on how to set up everything you see in a theme. For the life of me, I can not figure out how you set up the home page slide show. You have an option that says homepage slide. But they are 1 page each and I can’t figure out how to make them into the slide show you have on the demo site? am I suppose to create a page that says home and use visual composer to create the slideshow?

What is the purpose of Homepage slide show if they don’t display on the Home page?

Thank for your help.




In WordPress you should set which page should be used for the homepage. So here’s what you should do.

1. Create new page and call it Homepage, then in the attributes panel select “Home slides pages” as a template. 2. Go to the Settings->Reading and set this page as a home page.

Same technique applies to the portfolio archive page, create new page and select “Portfolio” from template drop down.


Thank Mike,

I will give it a shot and let you know how it turns out. Thanks for your quick and helpful response.

Also you might consider added that to the help file buddy.



Yes, I will. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi. In the blog section (Maisonary) How do I get the page to display rotating images just like the portfolio or single blog pages?

At the minute i just have a white background and there doesn’t seem to be an option to include background images other than the global background image in the theme menu.

I really love this theme but a little stuck.




In Settings->reading for the posts you’ve selected “Blog” page. So go to the Pages->Blog and edit that page and in the custom settings at the bottom select which images should be used for the background slideshow.


The theme looks great! Hope you don’t mind me asking a few pre-purchase questions. Please be indulgent as I am quite new to WordPress. Here they go, a decalogue (with preamble :D) of a noobs’ requests:

0. :)
Do you provide documentation, and possibly tutorials, or even better – sample data, so a generally coherent, but not code-expertised person get a grip on the whole thing?

About that video player that would show up when a video link is inserted – is it anyhow controllable? I mean the usual width/height controls, the autoplay function, and in case of Vimeo – it would be cool to have their options, too (like the UI color definition). Maybe I could use the Vimeo’s embed code? [yay!]
Do you think we could see an example of how it looks in a page?
I’m especially sensitive to that :) Pretty please :)
The last theme I bought on TF didn’t actually feature video support (!!! – not obvious prior to purchase, I learned about it when I logged into support forum, but to do that, I needed the license number, ghrrrrr), and the only way to show videos was to employ a custom lightbox and add some code :( Can’t do that, I’m afraid. And it was a “portfolio” theme!

Background images have that nice diagonal lines overlay. Is this customizable? I would be extremely happy if there was an option to use custom transparent PNG24 file, for example.

In the fullscreen gallery mode, the controls on the right bank of the screen begin with two buttons – previous and next photo. The “previous” buttons has an arrow pointing to the right, whereas the “next” button points left. This is somewhat counter-intuitive, at least in Western cultures – can it be changed?

Is there an option to set up different background slideshows for different pages?

In the footer, can custom buttons be set? I mean specifically LinkedIn button. If it’s not in the package, I can deal with it, but will I be able to insert my own button there?

How about lightbox customization? The one showing in the demo doesn’t quite suit my needs, because it has that white border. Can it be changed to black, for example, and the social buttons got rid of? Perhaps there are other lightboxes to use?

Is there an option to disable comments?

Will I be able to set the background slideshow timing?

Does the logo plate adjust its size to the logo image? Can its background (and the menu’s background, for that matter) be made transparent?

Do you promise to be supportive and answer to questions and requests a user may have, within limited range of common sense and viability? :)

Thanks so much, I’d appreciate answers sooo badly :)



That's a lot questions :)) I'll do my best to answer them

0. Yes, theme comes with documentation folder, which will show you how to work with Visual Composer and also will explain what options this theme has.

1. I’ll add a video post for you later. But in two words here’s what you’ll got. You don’t have much to control with videos , you simply insert link to youtube or vimeo and then theme will output vimeo/youtube embed code with your video. as a width it will use the current post width. In my theme video will be visible right away, no extra clicking (except the play button of course) and also note that video can’t be played in full screen slideshow.

2. yeap, this is a png image used for that overlay, so simply override default one with yours.

3. With little css you can achieve that, I can help you with that.

4. yes. This is the main “feature” :)))

5. only fb, tw, flickr are included. But again, with few edits (footer.php) you can easily insert what you need.

6. This lightbox is called prettyPhoto and it has a lot of options to choose from. Again, you’ll need to digg into the templates files, to change few params, but it isn’t that hard :)

7. yes

8. yes

9. yes and yes (color of the plate), but again few css line should be added.

10. I just answered 9 questions :))) I try best, to answer questions that users are having.

ruthfine Purchased

Hi Mike, the theme was working great until I uploaded about the 10th home slide. Then, suddenly, it went all black. Tried to delete some extra home slides, thinking it was a limit issue, but to no avail. All I see is my logo and the pages to the left. No more images/home slides. But they are active within WP and look normal. Help?



Strange. I’m sure this isn’t theme related. Please email me throw my profile page with link to your site, I’ll help you out.

Hi again,

You’re very kind to answer so swiftly. Good to read mostly “yes”!

So about the video – thanks so much, I’d appreciate an example very, very much, really! I’m hoping for something like that:
In a fading gallery, like here:
- the top image would be replaced by the video player, am I right? Would it be the native (vimeo) player? Then, if I want to add more images to that same gallery, do I have to insert them for example below?
OK, enough for now – I’ll harass you some more when I purchase the theme. Sorry about being so picky with that video stuff, but it’s really important to me and also I’m not proficient with WP nor coding, so asking is what I have left :)
Thanks again.



Actually, you got that 100% right. Video player will be placed in place of “fading slider” in “National Gallery” post and theme will render native vimeo/youtube player instead.

Background images will be rotated at the background, they are separate from video/image gallery at the top.

Allright! Thank you so very much, you just got yourself another customer :)