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dracosu Purchased


I am having some issues with this theme. After I upload it there is no menu style (have already tried reinstalling/redownloading the theme). I have tried it both on WP 4.2.2 and 4.2.4. Moreover, when I try the “One Click Demo Install”, the website is all messed up and it returns “Failed to import Media “berger-fohr-lexfa fa-02”.

Thank you!


To make your site just like our demo open a ticket at s.umbrella.al and leave up there your site logins as well.

As for the menu, go to Appearance – menu and create a menu at least.

Kind Regards

How do you change your password and email once signed in to the support page? I can’t find that info anywhere…


Please use this URL to reset your password : http://support.umbrella.al/new/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

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Contact form is not working i cant send messages ┬┐how can i check the outgoing mails?


We will continue this at our support forum.

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Hello, is it possible to have the social icons always visible? Without having to hover on the thumb? Thanks in advance.


Go to Options > Custom CSS and paste this code

a.social_network.animated.fadeOutDown {
    -webkit-animation-name: none;
    -moz-animation-name:  none;
    -o-animation-name:  none;
    animation-name:  none;

Hi there, I hope you guys at the support team are having a great day I have a question regarding some tech aspects of your template.. how much space on disk and other technnical aspects does this template need regarding web hosting / tools in order to work fine and have an optimial performance.. specially on mobile devices. We want to make sure our hosting plan will meet the techinial requirements before buying it. Thank you so much Looking forward to ear from you Ulises


Arctic by itself has 12MB including all scripts, images and the framework.

WordPress takes about 21MB.

The rest of the disk space is Image which you upload and it depends on you and the WordPress database.

As for the server resources 512MB of Ram with 2GHz CPU using WP Super Cache would make Arctic run just fine.

Kind Regards

Good morning! I have installed qtranslate. To see a choice of language we have a widget available but can only be placed in the sidebar. Is there any way to place this widget on the home menu? Or in a seeable site of the home? Thanks so much!


Can you open a ticket at s.umbrella.al and leave up there your site logins as well please ?

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Hello, How I can change the description of google? I attempted with this code: <head> <title>wefeelthebrand</title> <meta name=”description” content=”Agencia boutique creativa de branding, publicidad, eventos y comunicaci├│n.”> </head> But nothing happened, what can I do? Thanks


Go to wp-admin>Settings and change the site title and tagline.


cjromb Purchased

I am having the same issue that dracosu was having. I don’t see an option to change where the menu is located.

I want my menu located on the top.

I also don’t see a way to change it from the light color scheme to the dark.

I don’t see how to upload the logo either.

I don’t see where to import the sample data, and when I try the One Button demo, I get the same error that user is reporting.

I’d like to do these tasks on my own, rather than have you log in and do them. Is there documentation for how to do this somewhere?

I need to know how, so that I can show my client different options and go back and forth between them easily.

Thank you in advance for your help! CJ


You can change all those options from Options – Branding.

As for the import, please try to import on the standard way. https://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content

Hi, my client recently purchased this and asked me to edit their Wordpress site. But, I do not have access to their support login, but I do have access to their WP site. Can someone email me please so I can get support for my client with this theme?


All the tabs under ‘Pages’ are blank. And When working on the front page, anytime I click on the ‘Add Image’ button, nothing happens. Did the client install this wrong? Or am I missing something…


Please get the purchase key from your client and you’ll be able to login at our support site.

Make sure you registered your self with the same username your client is registered on Themeforest.

Hello, I have two questions: 1. I was trying to open a ticket on the support page and my purchase key says it is not verified. How do i open a ticket? 2. how do i manipulate the font into a blog post? Everything looks really good at the back end but when it is on the website, there are weird spacings between lines, fonts are big and small and different. I tried to edit the HTML but that didn’t do anything to the end result. Please help.



This way anyone can share the purchase key on warez and we are never be able to verify if that is the, this is why we need to proceed like that.

I’m sorry for this, but the only way we can protect our self is this one.

Kind Regards

This was the reply from my developer when i asked for his account info:

Slightly bad news. The support system is bound to Steven’s Envato account which he cannot give as there are tons of purchases and his credit card attached. It is how Envato validates how purchases are made. It’s quite dumb really, considering the license key is really all you should need. It’s out of our control.

So please tell me know how in the hell should i get any help? Sorry to ask but what would have happened if this person had passed?

Facts: - I have the key - I have access to the website dashboard - I paid for the Theme (through my developer) - I have every other information to validate my identity, my ownership and everything

I need your help and you are straight up refusing! What else do you need????

Than use his username to register at s.umbrella.al and use the purchase code to open a ticket up there.

I have a question before purchase.
My website has right to left (RTL) language.
Does your theme support RTL without bug?
Thanks a lot


Unfortunately Arctic does not support RTL.

Kind Regards

Hi, I just wanna change the color and thickness of title font of each page. Please let me know where to go. Many thanks! http://www.mwff.org

We replied to you in the support forum

I copied and pasted the code below on Option>Main>Custom CSS, in order to have the social icons always visible and without having to hover on the thumb. But it doesn’t work.

a.social_network.animated.fadeOutDown { -webkit-animation-name: none; -moz-animation-name: none; -o-animation-name: none; animation-name: none; }

i copied and pasted, but still doesn’t work.

This is our site. www.mwff.org

We replied to you in the support forum

I want to set only the first character of menu letters into uppercase. Currently, all the characters of menu are uppercase. Please let me know how to fix this.

I want to add ‘sidebar widget’ to ‘Post’ as well. www.mwff.org Please let me know how to add them.

We replied to you in the support forum

Hello, i uploaded the template on a new Webspace. The menuebuttons are not displayed correctly. Just text with no order or Buttons


It seems this one needs more technical knowledge so, can you please move this to our support forum at Support

Please provide as much informations as you can about this issue, and leave up there a URL as well.

Remeber, you have to register there with the same username and the username is Case Sensitive