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Brrrrrrrr….Gud Wuk….brrrrr

freezing? :)

Ouch… VERY unresponsive. Slowed my whole site down to the point where it was unworkable. I actually uninstalled it and bought another template.

The documentation was sketchy too, as were the layout options and the portfolio management, which I couldn’t get to work… not surprising, since the demo data portfolio didn’t work either..

Too bad… it looks great.

There are three widths styled: normal, 640px and 480px. These are the most common sizes for mobile phones. What mobile device have you used? Thanks.

I was looking at it in a web browser… not even on a phone. Never tried that because of how slow it was.

I second ookami007 – looks cool :*, but responsiveness needs some work. Alignment issues on iPhone portrait mode…

Thanks, we’ll play with it and release css fix for it.

I love this theme so much Ivan I’m thinking of buying it and replacing it with the current one lol I’ll use both somehow! Amazing work as always

Thanks mate ;)

Wow. Icy Cool !!

But Yes, There is some issue with responsiveness which you might need to fix.

Bookmarked ! Good luck with sales.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ll play with it and release a css fix. Thanks.

Do you plan to make this in HTML ? ;)

Sorry we don’t plan to make HTML version, it’ll be WP theme only. Thanks.

Beautiful theme. Well done!

Thank you ;)

Just bought this theme yesterday and made a nice dual-language website :

The responsivenes defenitely needs some work (Galaxy Tab 7.0) and take a look at your seo. I am using Yoast Wordpress Seo but this needs some hardcoding to get it work.

Would also be nice if one has the choice between Logo and Text in the header. Due to seo purposes i am not keen of logo’s.

A choice of predefined colourpallets would be nice.

Thanks, we’ll try to find somebody with Galaxy Tab to test it. Also please register to our support forum for more questions.

The effort you put into cross promoting your themes in the live preview, as well as the detail in presentation and explanation is something rare, and welcome on envato.

You developed a preview that can sell without supervision – and leaves us buyers confident of the work – and support/updates – that will go into this theme.

Thank you for that.

Real question: Is the icon row always 5 items, or can we change the number?

You can put up to 5 items into icon menu using wordpress custom types. Thanks.

Can you have any background image?

Yes you can use any background image you like, simply upload it via our admin panel. Thanks.

This theme is HOT !! However, I don’t see much transitions w/the slider on the home page or options for other sliders. Is this correct?

There’s only one transition predefined, but it can be easily changed no problem. Thanks.

I bought it a few days ago. It looks really nice but it’s very hard to use it. I can’t get to work half of the features… Slider doesn’t show at all, short on layout options, issues with responsiveness… When I buy something, I expect it works fine. This theme seems not finished and not properly tested either.

Please register to our support forum, our support staff will help you with all questions. Thanks.

I’ve sent you a dm to register on your support forum. I have some questions how to change the code so the SEO plugin from Yoast will work.

I can see that your account is already created, please check your spam/junk folder for email with username & password. Thanks.

Really love the look of this theme. Unfortunately, it’s not truly responsive, it’s adaptive. The difference is that responsive adjusts it’s layout to any screen width whereas adaptive adjusts it’s layout to only specific screen widths. If it becomes responsive, I’ll definitely purchase, it’s got such a great design.

Theme is designed for three widths: normal computer screen, 640px and 480px. That are widths that are used for major mobile devices such an iPhone4, iPhone3 and Android devices.

really nice work :) actually just interested in the image used in the slideshow for ‘organized guides’ – is this available somewhere by any chance?

It was purchased from bigstockphoto. Cheers.

Hey, great theme. I have two issues:

1) How do you get the phone number to show in the top right

2) The slides are showing on every page… When I go to blog or any sub page, the slide show is still there… How do I turn it off for everything but the homepage? Thanks again

Hi, Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at: Thanks


Just curious, is it possible to only display the Icon Menu on one page rather than ALL pages? I would prefer it was only visible on the homepage.

Thanks! Matt


Yes, disable it globally and then enable locally on any page or post.

Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at: Thanks

Hi, nice work!

I’m also having problems getting the number to show up after entering details in the backend options and how do I remove the slider from all the other pages? I registered at support forum and awaiting email approval.



Your account is created now, thanks.

Do you have an estimated date when the updated CSS will be available? I really wanted to purchase this, but after reading the comments I am concerned about the responsiveness as well as other issues mentioned. Please let me know, thanks!

Update has been already released, we made fixes to mobile version. There are two widths styled 480px and 640px. Thanks.