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We recognized, that the images on the homepage are only flipped (and than stay upside-down) and are not changed to the second image in the IE 11.0.9600. In Firefox and Chrome it works as expected.

This can also be seen on your demo; http://themestrong.com/demo/argo/live_menu.html

What can we do here? Please help with an update of your code asap. Thank you.

The support of the author is very bad. I am waiting for a reply for my first question since over 5 month now. Also my current question, an urgend bug, is not answered since nearly 2 weeks now.

I’m having the same trouble than stryker1 in IE. If someone has a solution for this, it would be much appreciated.

Can some1 PLEASE tell how to fix that flipping images issue with IE on landing page. They flip reverse and only the 1st image !

When clicking on a portfolio thumb the modalbox pops up. Then I slide to the second image. I close the popup and click on a other thumb. The image-slide starts at the second image, that needs to start at the first image.

Do I need to add an custom class? Or does the slide need custom js code to reset it?

(Bought this theme on an other account.)

Hello. All pictures from FontAwesome is gone, I get only white rectangle. You can see this problem on this page http://www.archset-studio.com/ Pls tell me what i must do to fix it?

TERRIBLE SUPPORT Seriously reconsider buying from this author. Don’t know how they got a 4.5 star rating

Still waiting for a reply to my support question.


Is this theme still available for WordPress? I can’t find it



I really want to purchase this, but I tested and see the IE11 bug – it’s pretty bad. :( If the author wants to ignore IE, I want no part of this software. Please get it fixed, and you’ll have a sale ASAP. :)



Is this theme still available for WordPress?

I need it

Regards, Damian.

Hi, How can I disable mobile view?

this template have a contact form included? or is onli for the demo?

Hi! Where I can write to get the WP version for the Argo theme? Thought it was a WP theme as well! Thanks!

Hello, what’s wrong with the version of Argo for Wordpress?

Much of thema liked and would like to purchase it.


Hi i have purchased the wordpress version of Argo but where is the updates? i have now a problem with the portfolios and i not have support!!!

would it be possible to add a parallax background to the whole website? if so, how? thanks

Anyone knows how to fix this theme for tablets or ipad? why is all the menu blocks going on top of each other? I cant find a way to make it work, thought theme was responsive. Anyone has same problem? or can help?? thanks

Is there wordpress version of this theme?