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Installed argo_j33_quickstart on empty directory with new database. After installation, joomla uses the standard template. Argo template canĀ“t be selected in joomla administration. Manually installed argo template. Can select argo template in admin but the frontpage leaves blank. Any idea?

HI, I have created my website with your theme and a like it. But I have a problem with the time of loading for the background image of the home page. When I go on my web site, it makes about 10 seconde to appear. I recorded it with a lower quality but it’s always to long to load… Have you a solution ? It’s really a hassle…


Is it possible to make the background image of the home page load in first ???


Please give me an answer because it is a huge problem for me


Actually very shocked to have received no response from you for over a week. Your theme has many bugs on firefox, the background image of the home page takes almost 10 seconds to load, while on chrome, these are all images “parralax” that appear anyhow and bug when vertical scrolling. I bought this theme $ 40, I think it would be a minimum of you to kindly reply to the people who trusted you!

Hello, I have installed over 100 themes. From a scale of 1-10 (number 10 being most difficult), how would you rate the difficulty on installing this theme?

- Is it one button? – Back and forth on the forum?? – Is there a page builder? – How many steps are involved in the dummy content installation?

Thanks! :)

before i would purchase this theme,

can the flip image have link and can i have image in the text menu

Does anyone know how to customise the color scheme to red easily?

I have spent the last few hours trying to work out a few bugs in version 1.1.5 with Chrome and Safari – especially with the background images. I noticed a few other people have had issues with this so here is what I have found out so far. It appears a translate3d style have been added to the body for Webkit which is causing the majority of the issues – I have removed it from the CSS and things appear to be working better:

Version – 1.1.5

File – argo/assets/css/style.css

Line – 6172

Remove/Comment Out – -webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);

You may need to change this in the other style colour sheets and less files if you use them.

This also fixes the issue with the menu bar not sticking – it may even fix the Safari slow loading images issue.

Also – while on a fixing spree I changed the file: argo/inc/shortcodes/dnp_portfolio.php and moved the line outside of the “if ($categories)” condition so that the portfolio will work (and not have an extra close div) when categories are not used.

I was also getting the Google Maps API script loading twice when I had a map inserted – so I commented out line 166 in the functions.php file and everything seemed to work again (although I don’t actually think this is a very good fix so beware of this one).

Finally – it seems clear the author has pretty much given up on this theme so I would suggest to all people looking to buy it to steer clear until you see the author making helpful responses again.

Thanks mjdigital. Removing the line – -webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0); has indeed fixed the issues with the background and the menu bar not sticking. Much appreciated

Also agree with your comments, would recommend for people not to purchase this theme as the authors have not responded to any queries in months.

Hi, please i need help

Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in

I have installed joomla 3.3.1

Hi, Great theme. I had a doubt though… the tiles on the home-page… are they resizable? The demo shows smaller tiles but when our website developer bought the theme and installed it the tiles show up much bigger. When I asked him if the tiles can be resized, he said that would affect the responsiveness of the theme.

Spinbird Purchased

This is the hardest theme to implement that I have ever used. I tried fro several hours- it never worked correctly. Not intuitive at all, and very difficult to even understand. And, I am not a “newbie”.


I recently purchased and setup complete as demo but when i checked the site in google chrome and safari it broked all site messedup due to CSS issues.

Any help?