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Anybody having problems with the portfolio links not working? Mine just “dim” the page and there is a spinning graphic icon but it never brings up the galleries or videos on the same page. If I launch the link manually it has the content. Any ideas???

Hi, Good theme! Just few question?

- How can I add @font-face to the theme? - Where can I get a support forum?


Hello, Is it wordpress 3.6 compatible ? thanks Nicolas


How can I add an my own icon to the theme or navigator?


Did anyone else notice that this theme was updated to 1.1.3 on August 27? It seems as though the developer has not disappeared completely.

Did anyone else notice that this theme was updated to 1.1.3 on August 27? It seems as though the developer has not disappeared completely.

Yes, this upgrade addresses the issue of the portfolio pop up window not displaying properly on the iPad. Previously the pop up window would cut off some of the image and text on the left side of the screen. I am happy to confirm that this upgrade rectifies the issue.

A few days ago I wrote to Envato Support for their assistance to encourage the author to provide a solution for this issue as I had been waiting patiently for four months. Envato were extremely helpful. But also thanks goes to the author Terry for finding a quick solution as I do like this theme.

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I see a lot of guys here are facing problems with the “Contact” section, where you are getting a message something like “Fatal error: Call to undefined function checkdnsrr() ....”

I face the same and just figured out what the problem was.

You need to upgrade the PHP version on your hosting from 5.2 to 5.3

Is possible in the contact doesn’t reload the page to send an email And then in services are overlapping to next section.


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I imported sample data, but when I view post details, the post title display in Menu bar, any one know why ?

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Hi, can the colors be changed to other than purple, orange and green?

Hi I planing to buy this theme is working with (WPML) The WordPress Multilingual Plugin?

Will I be able to add more in the menu or its maximum 5 links in the menu?

Can I re-arrange the page who come first & who come last? for example I want blog come first in the page next contact us and so


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I’m also having an issue with the portfolio links not working. Is there a solution to this?

I have to leave a comment here because this is the second heap of cr%* that I have bought off Themeforest by a so called designer or developer that is in fact useless.
I will start by saying that I have the utmost respect for authors that develop great themes and follow their sales up with patient and courteous replies – every day. I did not have to ask for the authors help on this theme but if I had I doubt I would have got a response. Shame on you for selling a theme that has so many faults to unsuspecting website owners.
My faults were only found after I finished building the site, three days and it looked fantastic. Then I started testing it.
1. Is a total nose dive on anything Apple.
2. Doesn’t work on phones if you make even the smallest customization. The layout overlaps, navigation bar sits in the middle of the screen when in landscape mode, erratic navigation – sometimes it go’s where it should, sometimes not,
3.All pages hang off the right side by about 30px,
4.Testimonials used in their default position display in a font size that causes them to disappear off the page
5. Incredibly time consuming process to alter any pages and internal links open the destination page as a stand alone page leaving your visitor having to navigate back to the site again.
6. No idea why the author has not let the very top row on the intro page be able to be populated with nav boxs. There is more but they are the big ones.
The other site I bought that has major issues is Kallyas, which while not containing anywhere near the number of faults as this garbage theme but does advertise itself with a heap of layouts that just do not work responsivly which I consider to be false advertising. But that I will vent about in an appropriate venue.
My main grief is that this site is growing and I don’t think that Themeforest are paying close enough attention to the behavior of authors, the quality and cross browser adaptabilty of the themes and what they are doing about themes that are obviously faulty like this one. Why have they not stopped sales of this theme for example.
To the author – I hope you pick up your act, or failing that find another profession. To Themeforest – start looking out for your customers.

Hi, is it possible show videos and audio in the portfolio section?


I want to buy Argo but I need to know if I can install this plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-portfolio-grid-for-wordpress/5419246

in the Portfolio page in the main site

Hi there

I really like this theme, but I can see there is no support. So I will not buy.


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Would like to slow the “Testimonials” to a more readable speed. Any insight for a quick adjustment?

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I have the same portfolio problem as iannetwork and zetharia. Click the portfolio brick and the portfolio page appears, but click on any image and the screen dims and a spinning graphic runs forever.

Has anyone been able to fix it, or have gotten a response from the theme author?

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Hi I have downloaded your WP template and it’s beautiful! But I have a slight problem, I cannot seem to click on a portfolio item and view the modal/lightbox. A spinner keeps spinning, but nothing happens.

Same issue as iannetwork, zetharia & mjuliette


I really like the header / the menu of your theme. But I have few questions before purchasing :

1- is it possible to add more than 5 pages in the header / in the menu ?

2- is it possible to add more than 2 pics on a picture square ?

3- is it possible to NOT display the filter of the portfolio ?

4- is it possible to choose which category will be in the filter of the portfolio ?

5- for the team template, is it possible to display the member without adding social links ?

6- on the demo, there is a problem with the video fullscreen (when you go back, you have the full video and can’t navigate on the website). Is there normal or will be there a fix for this, or is it possible to disable fullscreen on the portfolio items ? (I see this problem with the last version of Google Chrome)

7- Is it possible to modify colors easily, or can I edit one or few css files for that ?

8- Is there a PO file or anything else to translate the theme in french ?

9- Is there possible to add more than one portfolio ? (to display a list of videos, for example, and after this a list of logos)