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I’m not sure if I figured out the portfolio links on my own randomly. But, I went to Settings > Permalinks and changed the common settings from Default, Post Name, Numeric, and finally Post Name and somehow the code kicked in.

I hope that helps.

hi, im usign the thme argo http://k2design.com.br/k2/

but i wat the home like the template, with the link section shown down, like a blog, with a long scroll bar, but i dont found how to do.

can u help me? tks

Hi, love your work, only 3 color schemes?

I have added 30 items into the portfolio section but the gallery only displays the latest 21. Does anyone know how to display all of them…is there a setting I have missed? tried to contact support about this a few times but they do not respond.

will woocommerce work on this theme

HI Guyz, I too recently bought this theme and having problem with the porfolio loading. It keeps spinning. I look for any clues in here but all i can see is questions and not response. Hence i sent an email to the Author. Did anyone get response from him/her to the questions sent to his/her email?

Anyone manage to solve the portfolio laoding problem?

Thank you

sigh. I was all preped to buy this theme, cause i love it. I came to post a comment asking about Wordpress 3.6, but it looks like the author hasnt responded to anybody in months. Thats sad to see.


Please go through the link below which we developed using this theme. Getting good response.But still expecting some flexibility in css editing. www.bridgetechnologies.in


@decomarinho In the Argo options, under Navigation you need to set the link type to One Page. Hope that helps.

@crcreative you have to go in the code to increase the number in the portfolio. The file you need to modify is /themes/argo/inc/shortcodes/dnp_portfolio.php

About the 5th line of code down you will see $portfolio_query = new WP_Query( 'post_type=portfolio&posts_per_page=12' ); ?> Change the 12 to a number division by 6.

dear, I’m also having problems in displaying the items portifolio. Insert many items but the category filter search only the first. Why is that?

@k2design_01 Have you created categories and given each item a new category?

Good morning

We Argo theme is giving us problems the portfolio, we do not see well. Anybody can help us?

thanks A greeting


The errors I get are:

TypeError: e (...). On is not a function

... e = “out”, this.timeout = setTimeout (function () {n.hoverState == “out” && n.hide ()}, n.opti …

bootst …? see = 10 (line 6) TypeError: jQuery (...). Scrollspy is not a function

$ var spy = jQuery (this). scrollspy (‘refresh’)

main.js? ver = 10 (line 187) TypeError: jQuery (...). Scrollspy is not a function

$ var spy = jQuery (this). scrollspy (‘refresh’)

Edit: fixed. Sry

I wanted to buy this theme but it looks like the developer is MIA and it doesn’t work so well with Apple devices. :(

Hi, It seems new updates are done in theme.Please help us how to update the theme without loosing our updates.

help urgently! thanks

Hi! I love your theme! Before I buy it i want to know if i can add submenu?

Thx best regards from Austria


Very nice theme. Is there any way to sort out the  categories list of Portfolio? Give Suggestion.

Regards Chris Immanuel

Planning to buy… but when are you going to add the rest of theme colors …? This theme look great…