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I have installed this theme in my site everything works fine but the problem is when i click on the  Services menu the "Services" section will overlapping on the "Blog" section. I checked with page source, at  Services section the 3 blocks height will overwrite with 1px that's why its getting overlapping. Please give solution for this issue.

Regards Chris Immanuel

Portfolio featured images are not showing up on the frontend.

All patches within these discussions have already been applied correctly, but no luck.

Hi alexamoros, costary, petermalik

I saw your comments, I am also having the same services block overlapping issue. Did you got any response from author or did you find any solution for that issue? If you found any solution please help me too.

Regards Chris Immanuel

Chrissimman, Did you ever get a reply as to the overlapping blocks? I too am having the same issue. I was hoping that updating to 1.1.3 would help this issue, but it has not.

welcome back ! :)

Hi there, I am interested in this theme. I must say this is one of the awesome themes I have seen. However, I checked out the demo using my mobile phone and found some alignment issues.

http://imageshack.com/a/img38/3556/ycko.png http://imageshack.com/a/img42/7328/1ugx.png http://imageshack.com/a/img842/1706/80br.jpg

Before I proceed to purchase, just want to know can it be fixed?

Nice theme. Just a pre-purchasing question if its OK. Could it be a multipager just in case?

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Jump elements on the site: Text menu (flashes), social networking icons. In the browser Google Chrome and Opera Write to developers, but he does not answer.

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Hi I sent you a message to your profile on themeforest, could you please check, thank you!

Hello, somebody knows why the theme doesnt works fine in mobile devices like iphone or galaxy tab? When i try to see the website into mobile devices it shows only the squares without title.. and flip images dissapear too. Somebody found a solution? http://s21.postimg.org/jn3acvxtz/Captura_de_pantalla_2013_11_20_a_la_s_21_48_52.png this is the screenshot. Thanks!!

Really interested in the theme but little bit concerned at the support side of things. A lot of questions not being answered here unless they are responding via their support page? Can anyone please confirm if their issues are being resolved?

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Hi, I got some bugs with the theme, tried to email you already a couple of times, still haven’t hear back from you… how can I get your attention? Thanks!

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Hi same issue as chrisimman and dryspark… plus few more bugs could you reply to my messages please?

Does this work with WP 3.7? All gone quiet here!!

I just fixed the overlapping problem on the services section by doing this:

In the FTP, go to: wp-content/themes/argo/assets/css

Open the file style.css (this is the green color scheme. If you’re using the violet or orange color scheme, open the violet css or orange css files.)

Scroll down to line 6777. It says: height; auto

Replace the word auto with 400px

Save the file onto the FTP.

Problem solved.


Thanks Whitneyonline for the fix.

I put 200px instead and all is good now.

Hi! Lovely theme! I love the panel navigation on the home page. Can you use this theme as a multipage theme instead of a one page theme? I’d like the option of having home page only and separate pages for the other pages. Thanks and best regards L.

Hi there,

An issue in function accordion-inner . The color of text change only in Safari (it make a blink) Any solution is appreciated, thx

Wooww seems like there’s no support here..

Is there a place to put in custom CSS?