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Hi there Johnny! this the second template i’ve bought from you, i just love your awsome designs!! keep up the superb work! only thing i’d like to comment is that your documentation could be more detailed. I’ve downloaded other templates here and all had very good documentation so that even if i dont know css or html i know how to easily change and adjust the page to my needs. cheers!

it turn out its because it was IE8 (which is supposed to be compatible..) in IE9 the black lines are gone, the email box white area is not visible because it was lacking “value” so I added a value but its still very frustrating that its so messed up and not perfect like in other explorers… what can we do?

hi – this was tested in ie8 and was fine. could you please contact me via the form on my profile page as this is a comment area and not a support area. please make sure you put in the email the link to the site (again) and what version of Windows you are running.


I just checked and also replied via email support – your site has alterations and new sections added that were not part of the purchase file or code, therefore the only items not displaying correctly are the ones you added – also I do not see any issues on IE8 on the original files, and also I do not see your black dot issues etc – it sounds like you may need to check for updates to IE8 as it sounds like an old transparent PNG issue with IE8 – again this is not present in the files supplied.

Thanks and we will keep to email for support as directed earlier – I have placed this here for other buyers to see my results and welcome anyone to check the live preview in IE8.


no problem…though in previous purchases i’ve made the author gave answers to technical questions here in the comment section. it is much better in my opinion because then if someone else has the same issue they can simply read the solution…. i sent you a message in your contact form

Understood, but sometimes we need to ask for sensitive information that I’m sure you wouldn’t want displayed in a comment area, which is why in our documentation we state to contact us via the form.



Love the design. However I’m not looking for a landing page for Apps. Is it possible to replace the header iPhone slider with a Video?


Hi and thanks for the comment – as it’s just HTML you could add whatever you wished and alter things however you want :)


But you would need a real good understanding of HTML and CSS right? :-p. I’ll give it a try!

Just basics which you really need when using a html template anyways – otherwise how would you swap out the content in the supplied file, plus links etc for your own content?

If you need support don’t hesitate to contact if you purchase – we can’t do the work for you but can certainly provide pointers / advise :)


hi, can i easily change the color of the theme? for example to blue? thanks!

Yes you can do this via regular editing – other buyers have done this also.



And by the way, when I resize my browser in safari the image on the slider does not fit the phone. it get left behind when resized. thanks again!

Responsive isn’t meant for dragging a window :) Look at it on an actual phone, smartphone browsers aren’t the same as their desktop counterparts.



oh cool!!! thanks for letting me know. cheers!

this is beautiful – amazing design

Thanks man! :). Appreciate the kind comments!

Love the design! Any chance to make it into a WP theme with a few inner pages?

We haven’t really talked about it, but we tend to not make the LP into WP themes. Thanks for the comment, we’ll keep it in mind! :)

No worries. Is this something you can offer as a customization?

Sure – if you can contact me via the form on my profile page and let us know exactly what you want (page styles, etc etc) we can provide a quote.

Hi there,

The orange colour, is that CSS? Because I would like to change it to another colour, so would that be possible?


2 single repeatable images make up the orange backgrounds (as they are textured they can’t be just css) – one for the parallax bit and the rest – super easy to change – then anything else like the buttons are just css values.



hey guys, want to buy the template, but concerns about IE9 and below, noticed that

Signup box: the colored gradients dont show up, its just straight red, where is in chrome and firefox it shows a gradient color…how can we fix this, because I want to buy this badly ! and if we fix this, will it fix ie8 and ie7 as well?

Hi and thanks for the question – for certain browsers and older browsers they do not support CSS gradients with border radius so we have fallback to a plain color which is what you are seeing so this is actually correct.

Many thanks


by the way, ur design skills are off the charts !

Awesome work as always! Quick question: How do I go about adding additional form fields? As of now, one email field is present—but when I add a second they’re stacked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi – adding more fileds will mean you’ll have to edit some css to ensure you are floating all your elements to a new line – as customization isn’t part of support unfortunately I suggest using something like firebug in firefox browser so you can see your code live and make live edits before commiting to your style sheet etc.


This landing page is for mobile apps and it doesn’t behave well on mobile. i.e., it’s not responsive. Slider shatters on small screen. it doesn’t have images holding android phones.

how can i make images responsive? It seems like I’ve wasted my 10$.

please help !

Hi and im sorrynyou feel,that way.

This landing page has been tested on the various iOS screen sizes, Android had that many different screen sizes and browsers its impossible to test every one.

You would need to create additional media queries for the specific sizes you are wanting and the images will fall inline. There are already media queries in the bottom of the CSS file so you could just copy/paste and then change your CSS and specific screen size there.

Hi, Awesome work. Had to fiddle a bit with the media queries to “dumb it down” a bit for Android. Don’t have iOS to test it fully at this stage but if it works for Android (more or less ;) it should be fine for iOS.

In any case, you can check out my “mod” of your page at:

One thing, the “Hand Model” holding the iPhone (vertical and horizontal), can I double-check that it is royalty-free and not directly from the Apple website? Just wondering, if you could clarify that would be great.

Cheers, srmojuze.

Yes you are correct you should always buy your own license as images in stock files are placeholders only.


OK done. Thanks…!

Thank you! :)

Could you provide the pattern in redbgrnd2.jpg with a transparent background, so I can change the red color? Thanks.

No sorry I don’t have one but you can go search for hundreds and hundreds of free patterns – I’m sure you’ll find something that will work for you :)

Nice looking template but responsiveness on app screenshot breaks on some larger tablet screens.

This is quite an older template, so some new media queries need to be applied in an update. We will try and work on getting that update out next week. Thanks for the feedback! :)


sinoa Purchased


I’d like to know how to use Mailchimp linked to your signup form.


Hi – you would need to just copy/paste the code they give you for the form in place of the form we shown in the template. Please remember this is a comment area, support is offered through a link in your documentation or you can click here:


I bought this theme but this is not working on mobile phone browsers. The images which are supposed to be inside the phone are moving towards right.

Please check and suggest the chages

When we released these files, we styled for the most popular media queries. It’s impossible for us to style for every device going. If you need support, please follow your documentation and open a ticket (, but as I say, we only style for the most popular media queries, if you need to add some for your specific phone, then you can edit the stylesheet to add your media query.

Hey dude! Amazing design! But i have a question, you can create this same design but for a blog? (wordpress).

Because I want to buy this landing page, but also I need the same design for a worpdress page.

Thanks! and keep the good work!


Hi and thanks for the comment :) Unfortunately we do not have any plans to create a full WordPress site for the Arrival template sorry.