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Very very nice sir! I think I might hop on this shortly, love it!

Thanks as always bud – gotta admit it’s probably my favorite landing page I’ve done so far – but then again I would say that right? :)

Looking good! Excellent job.


Thx @opendept :)

this is a great job jonathan , hope you the best with sales .

Thank you very much.

Ha, wow, I seriously just thought of making a template called “Arrival” this morning. Nice! ;)

Funny how that happens sometimes right!? :)

Yep! Loving the template man, good work!

thanks shorti! :)

One of the best designs I’ve seen here. GLWS! 8-)

Wow thank you!

Jonathan, this is freakin’ gorgeous man! Well done sir! B

Thanks Brandon – appreciate it bud!

Really great looking design ;)

Thanks so much!

Beautiful work, as always. Hats off :)

Thanks @digitalimpact :)

This is super cool work Jonathan. Def. gotta tweet this one!!!

Thanks brother :)

Fantastic - as usual! :)

Thanks @josweb – appreciate it a lot!

Superb!!! I like it (y) Good luck with sales :)

Thanks man – appreciate the kind comment! :)

Awesome work! Congrats!

GLWS! ;)

Many thanks! :)

Hi, Is it possible to get this page with an Android phone as opposed to an iphone? Would be perfect for me. Thanks!

You would simply swap out the background image for the phone of your choice – many thanks

Awesome work man!

Thankya Chris – much appreciated! :)

Greate landing page/coming soon page. Good luck with the sales! I have some questions for you. Instead of image that we can add video? Can we integrate the email form with an online email services like Aweber?

Thanks in advance.

Hi – you can place whatever you want in the slider. You may just have to play with the CDs a little and the form is whatever you place there. It is a working form with validation so it’s already styled but that doesn’t mean you have to use that form – it’s just there I you wanted to.


Wonderful theme, just what I needed. However, on iPhone/Android the responsiveness doesn’t quite work well. The iPhone with the hand is only visible if you turn the screen sideways and the slider gets stuck. Any fix for this? Thanks

Hi and thanks for the purchase, we fully tested on iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and iPad 1 and new generation iPad and have no issues – the hand with phone is removed on iPhone vertical format as your slide show would be tiny and useless – hence we remove the hand but still have the slide show – I just retested everything again and no issues here, also no other reports from anyone about any issues I’m afraid.


Great work here, thank you for making this! Quick questions: 1. On the contact form, what’s the easiest way to show a success message after sending? People are just signing up over and over again because they don’t realize it’s been sent.

2. The reply email seems to be set to “serveradmin@...” so my autoresponse isn’t going to the people that are signing up.

Is there an easy fix for this stuff or should I just replace the signup form with a new one?

You can replace the script if you want, that’s up to you. The script is using mailer.php. We actually show you how upon sign up you can redirect to a success page here in mailer.php header("Location:");

You would just replace that url with one of your own. As for the serveradmin – this I would probably recommend contacting your hosting company about? In the same mailer.php file, the very top line is where you email to, but the from would come from the server who is hosting your email account.


Thank you for that very prompt and helpful reply! I appreciate the assistance. Love your work, and looking forward to seeing (and purchasing) more!

No problem at all, lots more to come, and good luck with your project! :)



I’m going to buy this coming soon page ;-)

There is the possibility to integrate this with mailchimp?

This is just a standard HTML template so yes it will work with mail chimp.


Hi Jonathan01

Can the Arrival HTML template be converted easily into a JqueryMobile -to-PhoneGap mobile app build process.

I am interested in buying the theme to build a web portal to retail Pincodes and also compile a Mobile App version of same on PhoneGap Build using JqueryMobile/Dreamweaver cs6

So how can Arrival easily be integrated into my plans

The arrival template is just an HTML template – it accepts and works with anything that accepts standard HTML.