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Hello, This theme is really cool but to my understanding it lacks some support for background. Can I use a panotour pro virtual tour as a background? thx.

Hello. I still haven’t been able to find how to change the available “skins” exactly. How can I do it?

Great template! Does this allow me to have the option of slideshow autoplay or moving one picture at a time? I know it definitely has the option of going one pic at a time but was wondering if I can also have the slideshows on autoplay. Thanks for answer!

HI there,

Beautiful theme! Anyway I got the same issue as verticalwerks: the titles of the slider don’t change with the images. Thus the first title stays during all slides which is a bit irritating. Please see on Did you find already a solution for verticalwerks? I would be very interested in knowing how to solve this issue.

thanks a lot in advance, connie

unfortunately there still seems no reply or solution to this issue. I would really appreciate any help: I reinstalled the theme in a brand new wordpress install and the titles of the artboard pictures on the frontpage still don’t change with the pictures. this is a pain! how should I showcase the artwork properly, if the titles just stay the same?

I also read the new policy, that you don’t give support on the theme if it was bought longer than 6 months ago. Anyway – I think you still should give support for bugs, that weren’t there initially.

I want to buy the theme ut I’m noticing that the thumbnail slider appears then sticks and will not fade away once rolled out of. Using Chrome 31.0.1650.63 Hope theres a fix or explanation, ready to buy! Theme looks fantastic otherwise. :)

Hi i buy this theme 1 year ago, and now i update 3.8 and i saw you dont update your theme with more things

when you wonna make a update to your theme ?

Is there an update soon?

I have been using your Artboard Theme for a little over a year and I seem to have run into some issues, the main image will not load no matter how small I make the image, along with my portfolio is not loading very fast either,. Is this something you can give me a few hints or tips on? I really like this theme and want to continue using it but whatever I can do to make it work better will help me a lot. I feel like I am not using your theme to its potential and I would like to do so.

Thank you for your time Andrea P

For me it runs only with WP3.3.2 and some earlier Artboard-Version, if you haf the slider-description-problem in mind. There is NO Support.


As I’ve understood your are nolonger providing updates for this theme. This is causing conflicts with 2 plugins: mailpoet (Fatal Error) and All-in-One Event Calendar. is there any way I can go around this error, perhaps adding or changing something in the functons file of either the theme or the plugins??? The website relies on these plugins!!!