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Is this the only forum for support?

In the top right nav drop downs are not working.

When the footer menu pops up the background has a sliver of the featured image in the background. It makes it really hard to read. In the demo version the whole footer menu background is black.

Is it possible to add images to the homepage slider without creating a post and featuring the image? For old images it does not make sense to create a post for each image.

Hey guys! I have a question for us! I buyed a Theme but when I saw the web on Iphone It dosen’t Work! the resolution is not correct! there is something that I wrong?


At you own risk, replace the timthumb.php code with the updated timthumb code here -http://timthumb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/timthumb.php

Please save a version of what you are deleting – just incase…

After I did this, and activated timthumb in the options – everything is working now. Hope this helps someone.

MDNW Author

Hi Simie! We actually have an updated copy of the timthumb script coming out this week :) It just took a while to get it working with MultiSite installations as well as single WP installs. B

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For anyone interesting in this template. The Menu (Superfish) has problems. (Google for Superfish IOS submenu). This bug has not been resolved so far, and more than one person told them about it. This theme rocks, but with an incompatible menu on IOS , this bug has to be resolved first.

roob Purchased

I fixed the menu problems, where the links in the submenu would disappear/get scrambled

in functions.php in the template map, change the line where it calls the jquery.min.js to the latest version

so into

wp_register_script( ‘jquery’, ‘http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js');

and voila, bug is gone! I think I earned a free other template from this maker because I fixed this bug!

Well, I purchased Artboard. I got it installed. It looks nothing like the demo. I can’t make s**t work. the codex doesn’t help. I hope that you have documentation or a tutorial for your customers (Okay, I know not many are as dumb as I am, but STILL ). Please send me either the manual or the url where you keep it or the tutorials. Thanks, Dr. Robert at <theholodoc@gmail.com>

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i bought this template i wanted to know how do I make two different page with the art board template. I love the full screen style but when i try to create another page with the artboard its duplicating the home page which i do not want. I need to use different images in the other page please let me know how can I achieve this.

I’ve been playing around with this theme and have a question about changing templates. I’m very new to WordPress so hopefully this is an easy question.

How do I change the page templates within Artboard to go from the standard artboard, to fullscreen, to vertical blog etc.?

Is there no one answering questions or providing support?

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I have a problem with the footer menu, it is not displayed.

Why is this happening?

Please help me :)

I’m stumped here… been through the documentation at least 3 times, did a completely new installation on another server and no where do I see the options for the 8 page templates – only 5 show up – it’s missing all the images gallery options. No options for skins (4 starter skins) and the css files within the Skins directories are blank – zero code. The version downloaded from ThemeForest is v1.0 but documentation references v1.02. Is it possible there’s an upgrade out there somewhere?

Documentation also references forums and videos with no links to a forum beyond this one and videos on youTube that are not for this theme.

Any tips to load alternative skinz as well as gallery information appreciated.

the demo does not work anymore … I selected your theme but can not see the demo … Too bad!

MDNW Author

It’s back up :) We just had a webhosting hiccup over the weekend. B

+1 Julieconnect. Theme looks interesting but can’t see demo on TF.

MDNW Author

Thanks for the heads up JetCity – It was just a webhosting hiccup – it’s back up and running now ;) B

My client bought this theme. It looks great. However, when I install it in wordpress, the website only shows the Grey gradient. It also seems the only part that renders is the head section.

Any thoughts/fixes?



Hello, picked up your template last week and it’s awesome. Client’s stoked of the final outcome/design/functionality. Only thing is I switched timthumb feature off and the thumb links wont connect to their full images and the next/prev on the slider wont link up as well.

Hmmm…any thoughts on this? Any info to help out would be great.

Awesome, thanks


I can’t get this preview to load in Chrome or Firefox… it there an issue with it currently? I would like to see it.

When will the demo be up and running again? I would like to see this theme before I make a purchase :)

MDNW Author

It’s up now :) B

I can access the demo now :).

I have some questions about this theme before I make my purchase.

On the front page [with the full screen images], is it possible to make the images change / play automatically in sequence to the next image?

and is it possible to remove / hide the image slider at the bottom of the home page [the one that pops up when you move your mouse near the bottom]


Hello, I am having some problems with the theme. My website is www.thenorthcole.com and on the page macro photography is the artboard template. If you go to that page you will see that things are not displaying correctly. The images stack. Also in my chrome browser the navigation on the artboard thumbnails is quite jerky. If I use tim thumb to generate my thumbnails it cant seem to find my posts, if I turn tim thumb off my thumbnails disappear but my posts can be accessed. I am pretty angry with it. I re-installed the theme….to no avail. I really need some support. I don’t want to change the theme because I quite like it (and I paid cash for it) but I am getting a little irritated. Please shoot some help my direction!

I got my previous statement incorrect. If I enable Tim tumb, the thumbnails do not display…but it will find the pages. If I turn Tim thumb off my thumbnails will be visible, but when I select a thumbnail it will not navigate me to my post….please help.

MDNW Author

Thanks for the update Ox! I have an update coming at the end of this week that actually gets rid of TimThumb completely and replaces it with WP core functionality, which is much better. I’ll get it out ASAP ! B