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Okay, after an extended period of frustration, cursing, and headaches I figured it out. I went to re-install the theme, when I downloaded the theme from theme forest again…it was 1.0. I dug up my original file which was a 1.03b. I re-installed that one, and it worked. Is there a way to get updates that are actually updates instead of downgrades from Theme forest?

Wow, I’ve had nothing but great success from epicera on past themes. I’m frustrated on this one. It’s a mess and my deadline is passed. Help, is there an update? I can’t get the artboard to display the photos.

MDNW Author

Heya Four – This theme takes some work depending on your setup – have you tried turning your timThumb option on/off? I’m releasing an update ASAP that removes timThumb altogether though :)


Hey FourDirt, How are you having artboard display your photos? In the Artboard template, blog posts, gallery? I’ll help you if I can.

Ranghar Purchased

I have bought this them and loaded it on WP 3 .4.1. However I am getting the following message on loading the downloaded ZIP folder through Wordpress Upload. The screenshot of the messages is below.

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-479212-artboard-fullscreen-portfolio-blog.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

First off, Love your themes! I’ve had this one for a while and doing some experimenting with it before I go ahead and build a new site on it. I was in the process of validating everything and noticed the missing dropdown.css link in the coding. I checked my files to find there wasn’t one in the assets folder. I have also checked your demo and have found that it is missing there as well (http://artboard.mdnw.net/wp-content/themes/artboard_v1.0/assets/css/dropdown/dropdown.css) Is there any reason for this to still be in the import css code?


LynLizzy Purchased

Hello, I have recently purchased this theme, however I get the impression I haven’t got the latest version which is why some things don’t seem to be working so well. The version I downloaded from themeforest is v1.0. Having read some of the comments above I think I should be getting v1.0.3b? Where can I download the latest?


It looks as you were very busy, but can we expect a minimal HTML version of this baby?

I am interested in purchasing this theme. Your description says it is a responsive theme. I try to view the demo on my iPhone using this link: http://artboard.mdnw.net/

But the layout looks the same as that on my desktop. Is it supposed to look like that on iPhone?

Do you guys have any tips on how to format images for the slider? If I size them to 1,600×1,200 like the documentation states my images get chopped from the top and bottom.

bhcruz Purchased

Support page is offline?? http://support.makedesignnotwar.com/
I have problems with Artboard template… How can I set the link to thumbnails of home page? I’m getting an error. The thumbnail link apont to ’/blogs.dir/1/files/&w=161&h=100&zc=1’. :S:S

Here is the timthumb error message for thumbnail generation:
A TimThumb error has occured
The following error(s) occured:
Could not find the internal image you specified.
Query String : src=/blogs.dir/1/files/&w=161&h=100&zc=1
TimThumb version : 2.8.10

bhcruz Purchased

Another questions… I’m using wp 3.4.2.
1. Footer menu not showed.
2. Primary menu fonts has different sizes on Atboard and Full Width templates :S:S

bhcruz Purchased

No Default Image loaded :S:S:S How can I Fix this??

Abakus Purchased

HI, simple questions, How to make the background images slides? i would like to have the landing page with background images fading.

thank you Sergio

Abakus Purchased

Big problem, why constum field does not work? I want add a custom background image and I have followed your guide but it doesn’t work.

thank you

FYI for anyone looking to buy this theme or anyone who’s bought it but is tearing their hair out trying to get it set up… As of 10/4/12, after installing OptionTree that comes with the theme files, WP prompts you to update to the newest version, 2.0.9 !!! This breaks the theme rendering you curled up fetal in the nearest corner !!! Whether updates to the theme exist or not (which will correct the above mentioned), I have not been able to ascertain.

Bommi Purchased

First of all thank you very much for this great theme. It looks great and does a nice job. However, recently I noticed some errors on iPhone and iPad: The slider on the bottom disapears suddenly. Also the theme behaves strange now, when changing the device orientation. I’ve verified that these errors occur on you demo here on themeforest too. The cause is probably some changes in iOS6, as the errors started soon after it’s release.

Could you please take a look at these issues and offer a solution.

What a great theme! I’m interested in purchasing, but I have a few questions: 1. Is it possible to use a Vimeo url for creating a Video Background?

2. Can I embed the video within the galleries, and can the video play right there within the gallery as well as go to full screen?

3. Is the theme completely customizable?

4. Is it possible to add social media icons in the header’s top bar and get rid of the footer bar?

Looking for answers asap, trying to launch my website this week. Thanks!

Hi There.

I am with some problems. I can´t do a home page like our demo. How does it work. I can´t see the thumbnails below. And I can´t see the play button below. What is the problem?


Alright, I’m trying one last time to see if Brandon or anyone else working with this theme has any insight into how I might gain access to the updates referred to in other commenter’s postings. Themeforest only seems to serve me v.1.0 though it sounds like up to 1.0.3b (and maybe beyond) have been pushed out. There’s a lot of problems that I’m trying to suss out here which might be easily fixed by those updates. Seems like it should be easier to do this with a premium theme???

Any help out there or am I cutting my losses and abandoning ship?