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I seem to be having an issue with invalid file names when extracting the files.


hi, so everything is ok?

How do you get the image to show up on the blog-view (not the post-view)?

Hi, You mean preview images on index page? Just add your image as a first line in your new post. This is some kind of hack because Ghost don’t have any ‘post covers’ for now. In the future this will be rewritten using some api for that. (when it appears of course)

If you have any further questions please send me a message through contact form on my profile page.

Stupid me, I had it under the heading…. Works now. Thanks

Hey there,

first of all your template really rocks!! I really enjoy it. However, I have a few smaller issues:

- the post sorting thing doesn’t work. I did it exactly as you described and I also see the sorting tags, I also applied new tags to existing posts, but as soon as I hit one sorting tag at the index page, it shows me nothing at all.

Maybe I should mention that I don’t have a self hosted server, but a paid one on the Ghost plattform. So I always have to zip the theme and reupload it. Could this be the problem?

thank you!! which part do I have to exactly upload? I alread did changes in the package and I do not want to do it all again :)

Hi, just index.hbs line 44 (< article class=’artee-index-post’ ......) all line.

Awesome, thank you for your quick support!! :)

Wonderful theme! Well done. I’d like to be able to add a marker to the embedded Google Maps. It doesn’t seem like this is supported at the moment? Just wanted to double check before I dive into gmaps.js

Hi, it is not set in artee.js config file but you can use it see: http://hpneo.github.io/gmaps/examples/markers.html ... also see assets/js/artee.js line 85 if you need more help you can try to describe what you want to achieve and send me a message (use my profile contact form please). Thanks!

Hey, love the theme. 1 small hangup, the filters work fine locally, but don’t work when uploaded to Ghost’s servers. I was just wondering if you’d encountered this problem and had any advice on how to fix it.


Hi, should be fixed in actual package dated on 01.04.2014. Send me please link to your site on Gost’s servers. (use my profile contact form please). Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the theme. Great work. However, I didn’t manage to show a picture in the background of the starting page. I uploaded the picture within the general setting of Ghost. Unfortunately nothing happened. Any idea? Sorry, I am quite new to Ghost and have no experience in HTML, CSS etc. Thanks! Marc

yes, and on Safari 5.1 :) but not on 6.1 and 7.0.. I’ll check this and will try to figure out how to fix this or maybe it’ll need some workaround. Give me 3-4 days max.

No problem! Take your time!

should be fixed now, sorry for the delay

Nice job, good luck with sale.;


I really like this theme – just hesitant to buy because the scrolling doesn’t seems to be laggy.

Is it adjustable?

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, it uses niceScroll plugin so you can configure it in theme javascript config file where plugin is initialized. More about this plugin here: http://areaaperta.com/nicescroll/ You can always ask me for help with it.

Great theme, although I am having scroll issues on the Kindle. The demo works fine on the Kinlde. Everything else works, except for touch scroll.

scrolls fine now. Still odd that your demo site works fine.

hmmm this is weird :/ maybe try to set pagination to max 6 or 3 posts and check.. I will try to debug your site more.

..also I think you could optimize your images especially blog background image which is 3.7 mb this and all images makes the page responds very slow

My blog doesn’t show the posts first image on the blog home, I loaded the image at the start of each post, can you help me?

My blog with your beautiful theme installed http://blog.kabal.co/


Hi, this way of doing it is an old and hacky way :) Artee theme uses Ghost core post covers. You can see how to set up it here: http://blog.ghost.org/post-cover-images/ You can read more about it in the documentation file or here: http://support.ghost.org/post-settings-overview/#post-image

If you have other questions just ask :) Thanks!

It works!! thank you very much =D

Have another question for you. Again, awesome theme. The one addition I would like, and maybe you could include in a future release, is the ability to add the estimated read time to the post page. See below link for an example. https://ghost.org/forum/plugins/4443-post-estimated-read-time-for-hosted-ghost/

If I were to hack this in, would you suggest putting it into the Artee.js file?



Hi, ok I will try to add this as soon as possible. But unfortunatelly I don’t know when exactly. I work on another theme. I will try to add this feature to all of my themes soon.

And yes, you can try to add this to the artee.js file. Main container with text class is called ‘artee-post-content’. You can add another function responsible for that and remember to initialize it in ‘init’ block/function.


I was able to wire it in. You can see the result here. http://www.johnharbour.com/they-paved-paradise/

Hi! We are trying the live preview on the phone and don’t see a “Up” button. When you are scrolling down and maybe you prefer to filter, you have to scroll back up again. Will this be a feature soon? We really like it but this is stopping us from purchasing it! Cheers!

Hi, ok I will check this and implement it asap. Thanks.

This is one of my favorite themes. Beautifully designed. Ghost 0.5.8 has added a tag management feature. I’m still having to edit the files directly to change the tags. Any chance you can update so that tags work with the new tag management feature?


Hi ngraham, of course theme will be updated as soon as possible.

This is a great theme and well-supported. Like a few others, I’m having trouble with the tag filters. Posts are loading inconsistently. Sometimes none load and then other times half will load. I have to hit the load more button several times for them to start loading properly.

I edited the sort.hbs as instructed but still have these issues. We are running Ghost 0.5.8. Is there a way to message you directly with the URL for troubleshooting?

Hi, in sort block you get only tags from actualy visible posts on page. So it is natural that when you click ‘load more’ sort options could be changed. There is another option to choose static sort options set but it is also not so optimal.

Unfortunately, for now with Ghost there isn’t any other option to do this. We should wait for ‘themes query helpers’: https://trello.com/c/wTfXNqRX/49-themes-query-helper With this feature we will be able to load all tags and load all posts by tag when sort option was clicked.

I hope I explained it a little. If you have more question don’t hesitate to ask here or via the contact form on my profile page. You can also send me URL to your website.


Quick question on the responsiveness of the blog. When I pull up the blog on an iphone 6 it works just fine but when I use my galaxy s5 to pull up the site it wont scroll down at all. It just sits there. www.fabricdepotaz.com/blog

Hi, are you using the latest version of the theme? There was some problems with new Android 5 and NiceScroll plugin but it was removed and it should work.

What version of Android you have?

I have version 5.0 “Lollipop” I believe and its still having issues with the scrolling. Its even been having issues with the scrolling on my desktop recently but not on my laptop for some reason. Any reason to this? And how exactly do I download the latest version of the theme? Just redownload it?? Thanks.

You should use the latest version of the theme. You can redownload it and install. After that restart ghost and refresh browser cache.

Can I remove the tag’s bar?

Hi, sure. It is described in a documentation. In case of problems I could help.

Can i remove the gray layout for every blog picture? (image overlay)

You can hide it by css or remove it from code. It should be simple.

Hi Julian , Artee Ghost Alberto Herrera julian.cwirko@gmail.com;

Hi , Julian I’m recently buy your theme artee for ghost .

my web page is pucara(dot)me

I’m having some troubles with the next things and questions

1-The user how wrote the post appears twice … 2-Where I can change the fonts ? Can I? 3-Can I change the front page quote and put a Image ? 4-Can I Change the font of the search panel ? 5-How can I put my whole logo ?

Sorry about so many question. Cheers

Hi, I sent you an email.

Hi Julian, is there an easy way to update the theme?

No, this is a private repo. Unfortunately you should do it manually.

No worries. It would be cool if customers could access the repo if future to make updating easier.

Yes, but I think that it could be difficult to manage. All of the buyers could have different and custom file structures, other third party stuff already included in the theme, etc. It could be difficult to track this with original theme even with help of git. Also it is hard to achieve it from a technical point of view. There should be some kind of verification connected with the Envato API etc. Maybe in the future :)


Pre-purchase question. Can I embed Soundcloud and a social feed (twitter/facebook) into the posts?


Hey, theoretically you can. It is based on iframes. And because you can use HTML inside Ghost markdown editor it should be possible although there isn’t any strict support for it in the theme.