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I’m interested in using your theme to transfer this site (http://clcworkingvoices.ca) to artemis which will essentially be a mobile wordpress…

Can I make multiple fullscreen homepage galleries with sound.

Do you support video inside the galleries as a lightbox popup so it seems as though it remains a part of the site (rather then going to another page or vimeo/youtube.

If video is supported do you allow self hosted?

Thanks! Lara Kroeker


1. You can make multiple galleries but you can have 1 homepage gallery with sound.

2. Sorry video is not support for gallery, but support for portfolio.

3. Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers. Generally speaking, if it’s not in the demo then it’s not in the theme.

Actually I decided to just go ahead and buy it. I set it up very quickly and added some content as a test: http://larakroeker.com/guardian/

1. Sound is not coming up (I set it in the theme settings). I want a separate sound file for each gallery.

2. I need to find a way to deal with video even if it means developing the theme (I have a developer). Is it possible to have a graphic so it runs the same as the slideshows but if there is a video it will pop up via lightbox and play within the site.

3. Your imageflow gallery responds better than any I have seen with touch. It it possible to make those images “almost” fullscreen so that they are bigger? Can the fullscreen photos be touch in the same way the image flow ones are.

4. It seems the images that I put into the header are pulling from ALL the galleries and not just the one that I specified.

Thanks for a really nice theme. Lara


1. Music support only on homepage and please make sure you upload 3 music files formats.

2. Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers. Generally speaking, if it’s not in the demo then it’s not in the theme.

3. You have to edit script in /js/jquery.ppflip.js

4. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

hello, the footer donesn’t see in website for iphone.the latest version of the template is 1.7. the website address is everyweb.it/regap, I’d like to know a reason I look forward to hearing from you best regards debora rinaldini

I get 404 on the following with the theme install /wp-content/themes/artemis_tg/js/cufon.js/?ver=3.5

also 404 /wp-content/themes/artemis_tg/images/000_70.png /wp-content/themes/artemis_tg/img/progress.gif

Hello, how can I add a hyperlink for email addresses?

The regular option of adding the link in the text editor does not work: Error 404 appears after you click on the email link.

Galleries in the dropdowns from menu/header items don’t display to the right, they display underneath, mostly obscuring the gallery immediately beneath it. How can i get them to display correctly, all the way to the right?


www.dsphotoshop.com Go there. Hover over “tactical” to activate drop down, move curser down to “precision rifle series galleries” which will activate drop down “PRS Finale”. However, the final dropdown “PRS finale” obscures the main drop down menu under “tactical”, instead of displaying to the right.

I can provide pictures if this explanation is not sufficient.


Sorry currently 3rd level is not support.


Infinite drop downs would greatly increase user end versatility. Would love to see that in the future. :Dhint hint

Thank you for a great theme and your replies, Cheers!

I see that the music needs to be exported in 3 formats BUT I can’t find a converter for OGG. What is a good program to do this?

I need the portfolio items on portfolio page to link to the portfolio content. I see in the manual that in the portfolio options I should have choices for ‘Image’ and ‘Portfolio Content’ but I cannot see them in my portfolio options menu. Where have they gone?

Running wp 3.5 and theme version 1.7.1


I’m astonished….this is absolutely lousy.


So….let’s say that I will bypass this by adding custom urls for portfolio items, each one linking to a specific page….How can I display my portfolio sets on a 4 column page? Can I accomplish this at least? Don’t tell me that I have wasted my hard earned money on a theme that I will have to throw in the garbage….


To use portfolio sets.

Once you assign portfolio to set. Go to appearance >menus. Then select which set you want to add to your menu items.

If you can’t see it, click on screen option (top right) and check on sets

dkirouac Purchased

Bought the theme a couple days ago, everything is working fine except I can’t link to me Google Analytics account. I did put my UA-xyz-1 in the theme appearance settings but nothing so far. It shows the visits at 0 on my google analytics page. I do some visits from various computers and asked my friends to do the same.

So is there something wrong or do I have to enter something different than the UA-xyz-1 number in the field.?


Please enter Google Analytic code not just ID.

Background audio on ipad/iphone/ipad mini does not work. It works on the desktop.


iPad and iPhone won’t allow automatically play background audio so you have to click on sound icon to enable it.

Hello. I’m looking at your demo on an iPad, and when I go to Gallery 2 Column and click on an image, the Lightbox doesn’t work, the page goes black. I can’t use the back/forward buttons to do anything.

HI i have a problem with my blog page. “Next page” doesn’t work in firefox, in IE works fine


Open ”/css/supersized.css” find ”#thumb-tray” change to display:none;


thx now it’s ok


You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

jpbarren Purchased

Hello! How can I delete some of the icons from social networks that I don´t need? (shown at the bottom of the page) Thank you JP


Remove your profiles in Theme Setting > Social Profiles

jpbarren Purchased

I´d tried several ways before asking, but no the easy one: just to remove the # simbol in each box

Thank you

taylee98 Purchased

Hi! I love this theme but I want to tweak some parts.

1. How can I center the title of images in gallery-image-flow template when I click the image?

2. When I click a blog post, the background image changes as the featured image of the post. I don’t want to make it change and want to set it as static image. How can I set it up?


Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

But I will add it into the future if there are many requests from customers

Thanks so much for your previous answer! I was wondering if you had any help files to help me build my website with your theme?


Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Hi , I really like this theme. Just would like to make sure that it can support Chinese characters along with English’s. Thanks for this theme and support.


Sorry I think the custom font is not support Chinese characters.


I’m interested in purchasing your theme, but I have some questions:

1. is it possible to have videos in the gallery fullscreen ? 2. is it possible to have a link to click on the picture in the gallery fullscreen ?

Thank you,


Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

Hello Peerapong,

I purchased your theme, which I do like a lot. Unforunatly I have some problems with it (might be cause I’m new on wordpress and themes and all this stuff). one is, that i do not know how or exactly what do I have to change for the Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() warning of the new wordpress version. the exact warning is, as you might already know: warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /homez.640/mitterme/www/wp-content/themes/artemis_tg/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 243 and defined in /homez.640/mitterme/www/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990 wordpress says to change the $wpdb->prepare( “SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = $id” ); in $wpdb->prepare( “SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = %d”, $id ); but the text of the considered lins is different…... HELP is realy needed. thanks a lot monica


The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.5 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

Greetings again! I’ve installed the theme after your help, thank you very much. Please assist me on the following problem: while creating a portfolio in the manual I read: “Next look at “Portfolios Options” box. Select content type from “Image”, “Youtube Video”, “Vimeo Video”, “Self-Hosted Video”, “Portfolio Content” or “External Link”. ” But in my Portfolio options box I see ONLY Youtube, Vimeo, Self-hosted video, external link. So I can not post here just images, creating different porftolios, only video? What is the matter? It seems that I have the latest version of the theme…. Thank you in advance


Sorry the screenshot in theme manual is incorrect. Portfolio support only video contents, that’s correct.