Artemis - Responsive AJAX Portfolio/Blog Template

Artemis - Responsive AJAX Portfolio/Blog Template

About Artemis

Artemis is a fresh, minimalist portfolio/blog template with a twist! Utilizing tons of jQuery plugins, it features fluid animations, ajax page loading, ajax contact form, and much more!

Main Features

  • Light and dark skin
  • Tons of fluid animation
  • Horizontally AND verically responsive!
  • Preloader
  • PSD files included
  • Ajax loading and contact form
  • Custom Font
  • Tipsy tooltips
  • Full Documentation
  • PrettyPhoto integration
  • Scrollable integration
  • mCustomScrollbar integration
  • Many custom jQuery scripts
  • xHTML 1.0 Strict valid
  • Easy to edit and customize


  1. jQuery — The Do more, write less library; absolutely essential.
  2. jQueryUI — A jQuery user interface plugin.
  3. mouseWheel — jQuery plugin that enables mouse wheel support for all browsers.
  4. Tipsy — Very useful and lightweight tooltip jQuery plugin.
  5. jQuery Tools — A set of tools based on the jQuery library.
  6. jQuery Easing — Adds extra easing options to jQuery.
  7. mCustomScrollbar — Custom vertical and horizontal scrollbars.
  8. gMap — A jQuery plugin for easier Google Maps implementation.
  9. prettyPhoto — Lightbox-like jQuery plugin for galleries.
  10. Animate Background plugin — Fantastic plugin for background animation.
  11. Animate shadow plugin — An amazing jQuery plugin for shadow animation.


  1. tipsy.css — The bundled Tipsy CSS for proper display.
  2. scrollable.css — The bundled Scrollable CSS for proper display.
  3. reset.css — Yahoo reset CSS file for universal appearance.
  4. prettyPhoto.css — The bundled prettPhoto CSS for proper display.
  5. jquery.mCustomScrollbar.css — The bundled mCustomScrollbar CSS for proper display.
  6. skeleton.css — The fantastic Skeleton grid layout this theme is based on.


  1. Iconfinder — Used some royalty-free icons – cookie, cat, etc.
  2. Subtle Patterns — Tons of Photoshop patterns for all designing needs.
  3. Eleni Onasoglou Portrait — An amazing portrait from my amazing cousin, who allowed me to use this in the preview (NOT included in the download file).
  4. Social Media Sleek Icons: Icon Pack — A modern, web2.0 social media icon pack.
  5. Iconic icon pack — Tons of minimal and clean icons.
  6. Clear icon set — A lot of minimal and clean icons.


  1. Optimus Princeps — Logo text font.
  2. Bebas Neue — Headers text font.

PHP files

  1. phpMailer — Very powerful PHP mailing plugin.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Duško Bilakovi!!! :-)

Added version 1.3

- Added support for inner linking between pages
- Inner pages are properly indexed by search egines and crawlers
- Small stability issues 

Added version 1.2

- Changed scroll bar plugin, much better and dynamic
- Code cleanup and stability fixes 
- Smoother animations

Added version 1.1

- Added dark and white skin
- Stability and performance improvements
- Fixed a bug where contents would sometimes NOT load appropriately 
(please update to 1.1 or contact me via my profile page to apply a patch)