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Hi There

I have a TV campaign with 3 different video executions, all related to the same post. I would therefore like to post multiple videos into that single portfolio post… is there any way to stack jw player videos in the right hand column?? (as per the stacked images option)



Unfortunately, there isn’t a native way of accomplishing this. You would need to develop a custom solution for stacking the videos using the Attachments plugin. I would recommend doing so in a child theme. You can use what we created for stacked images, as a guide. You will also have to extend the Meta Box plugin to accept your new option.

adequay Purchased

wearepixel8, brilliant theme. Quick ques, I somehow got a child theme as well with the upload. So which one should I use? please let me know asap. Thanks



The starter child theme is recommended it if you want to customize the theme beyond what is available via theme options. Check out the documentation for further info.

adequay Purchased


Is there anyway you or someone you know can help me customize my purchase so that it looks like the live theme?


I’m not certain that you will find a freelancer who will just input content for you but you can ask in the Theme Forest forum. We will be launching our own dedicated support forum site and there will be a section just for searching for freelancers.

In the meantime, if you install the provided XML file and follow the documentation, you should have no problem replicating what is presently on the demo.

adequay Purchased

I’ll def be on the lookout for that new forum. I had to install the theme through the file manager since it was not working through WP admin for some reason. I’ll see if I can make it work. Thanks again.


The WP uploader is intended for a zip of the theme only and not the zip you get from a ThemeForest purchase.

Beautiful theme…



Hi, i’m thinking about buying this theme but i came up to an issue that in my case is crucial, i need to use the fancybox buttons to navigate in the images of a slider, but in the live preview you just have a single image to open in full size in fancybox or the slider that uses the buttons forward and back from your own interface, is it possible to click on the featured image inside the portfolio item and navigate in the fancybox buttons? I hope you understand what i mean. Ah, and great theme, congratulations.


Unfortunately, I’m not following what you are describing.

You want images, in the large slider, to trigger Fancybox on click (as opposed to navigating to a case study page)?

i’m sorry for the bad description, lets see if i can describe better: what i need is when im inside a portfolio item just have a thumbnail of the featured image and when i click that image and it opens the full size images i can navigate through images with the fancybox buttons without going back to website like in: http://www.fancybox.net/ and in: Image gallery (ps, try using mouse scroll wheel), you may see that you can navigate back and forward through pictures with the fancybox buttons. But in the live preview whenever you have more than one picture the navigation through the pictures is allways with the theme layout buttons: http://themeforest.net/item/artisan-creatif-a-wordpress-portfolio-theme/full_screen_preview/299934

What i need is this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcopgf/5928147752/ Ando not this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcopgf/5927589875/

I’m almost certain this is very simple and i’m sorry if i’m taking much of your time, but i’m quite new to this WP themes.


You will need some knowledge of jQuery and PHP to execute what you are attempting to do and I would recommend only doing so in a child theme. The theme does not natively function this way.

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I have a bit problems with the way portrait photos are cropped.

I see the code

set_post_thumbnail_size( 100, 100, true ); // Standard thumbnail size add_image_size( 'img-75x75', 75, 75, true ); // 75px x 75px thumbnail add_image_size( 'img-220x110', 220, 110, true ); // 220px x 110px thumbnail add_image_size( 'img-220x170', 220, 170, true ); // 220px x 170px thumbnail add_image_size( 'img-460x280', 460, 280, true ); // 460px x 280px thumbnail add_image_size( 'img-940x470', 940, 470, true ); // 940px x 470px thumbnail

What to do If I want the height to be adjusted to the above heights and the width changes in the proper right aspect ratio, so no cropping, but proper scaling. Because it is important that the whole photo is seen.

Thank you


Edit: I found out already (set to false and set width to 9999), but one bug seems to be in place: when I use the slider in the detail page, the original sizes are used, not the processed ones. This was also before my editing of the image sizes. Let’s say I have an image of 1000px height, it will be shown with that height in the slider. This doesn’t happen on the frontpage slider.

Could you give me feedback on this one please?


Please note that this is beyond the scope of support we offer, which is relegated to bug fixes. I recommend checking the template files to inspect which thumbnail is being pulled into where. All of our code is pretty well commented.

Spiv Purchased

I realize that. But have you tried checking in your original template? I’m pointing out this also happens with me in the original unedited downloaded version. The photos in the portfolio slider don’t scale well whne their height is way above 470. It feels like no processing image is used there. The images in the attachments.

Thank you.


The way we developed this work is that the crop is true. This means, the javascript, that WP uses to crop images, will begin from the center out to match our specific width and height. We then hook into the post_thumbnail function to retrieve a specific attachment id that fits into the strict design we created. This is why there is a source image size recommendation in the User Guide.

Hi there,

Great design and one of the best on Themeforest.

Quick question: Want to know how difficult it would be to have all the fonts changed to Georgia? I want to use this for a fashion client that is a high end menswear store and Georgia ties in to their overall identity. Also, removing of the gris easy to do?

If this is simple perhaps if you have time you can send me a screen capture with the font and grid change? I know I may be asking alot but curious to know how it would look overall.

Thanks, Patrick


Unfortunately, we cannot send you a screenshot with your particular requests, but all presentational aspects of the site can be easily changed in a child theme CSS file. You can use your own typography, colors, backgrounds , etc.

eshim Purchased

hi, Just bought this great design and im stuck trying to edit the “date completed” lines out of the home featured portfolio slider and in the actual portfolio section.

Thx Ed


In a child theme, you will need to edit all of the relevant templates and remove the PHP function that calls for the date completed. It is important to remember to keep the same file structure and naming conventions in your child theme.

Hi wearepixel8,

great theme! and i am seriously thinking about purchasing it, but since i am unable to test it beforehand, i would like to know if the following scenario is possible without fumbling with the sourcecode:

1. have the grid-portfolio as home-page, where the background is showing a pre-selected image instead of the pink/yellow background. 2. a click on a grid-portfolio item links to the detailed portfolio page.

thanks for your reply!


If I am to understand you correctly, you want to make the grid portfolio your static home page? You can make any page your static home page, in WordPress. To customize the background, you will need to do this in a child theme.


OK, thanks for your reply, but I think there is slight misunderstanding:

What I like to achieve is to have each grid-portfolio-item in the grid-layout show its respective image as its grid-background. so each grid-item would show different images.

On a click on each grid-item it would take the user to the portfolio-items details-page.

Would that be possible?


With extensive knowledge of PHP and WordPress development, you could achieve the effect you are looking for.

i keep getting this tag when i upload the file on the back end…any suggestions?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/10/d248446616/htdocs/wsb4093832401/wp-content/themes/artisancreatif-062211/artisancreatif/plugins/metabox/meta-box-3.2.class.php on line 21


Please read the User Guide on how to upload and install the theme.

supergab Purchased


Where can I get the PSD file for the sprite-buttons.png file?

Thank you


Sure. Send your email.

guidez Purchased

Dear pixel8 staff,

many compliments for the theme, we really like it. however we have a small inconvenience: the images we attached in the portfolio pages dont show up in the “one column portfolio page” and also they dont show up in the “featured portfolio slider” and “carousel” in the homepage.

can you please clarify how to make those images visible? this is the link to our website:


you can answer here if you like: guido.garotti@gmail.com thank you guido


Please read the User Guide. You are obviously missing a step in the process.

supergab Purchased

How can I remove the View comments in blog posts page and in the single post pages ?

Many thanks for your time and help!


Unfortunately, we do not offer customization support. If you have knowledge of PHP and WP development, you can quickly and easily edit templates, in a child theme, to display/not display whatever you would like.


First of all, many thanks for a nice theme!

I would like to understand why I can’t click on the images in the portfolio items. Do you think something might be wrong with the wordpress installation or with the theme settings? I checked your manual but can’t find any clue.

I would expect those images to be clickable, so they expand in a lightbox.

I also think the sliding effect of the home page is not very smooth; it’s more like a quick cross fade between the images. Are they meant to slide from right to left really?

The details of my installation are: hosted on Godaddy shared hosting, MySQL 5, Wordpress 3.2.1

Many thanks in advance Rogier


Thanks for the purchase.

The slideshow is meant to fade and not slide. You can change the effects to slide, if that is the mechanism you prefer. Follow the link to the plugin and make your changes accordingly. If you do so, I would recommend doing it in a child theme, deregister the core js and register your own.

I am not following your question about images in portfolio items. If you want them to open in Fancybox, you will need to edit the templates in a child theme and write the jQuery to reflect your customizations.

limbo01 Purchased

Hi, great theme and very friendly to customize. Now i am having a bit of an issue with Post Classes, they are simply not showing up on my admin, neither using html or visual editor, is there something i need to move or activate.



You have a plugin installed overriding the function.

adequay Purchased

WP8 , for the homepage slider. I just can’t make the FEATURED WORK selection appear on the homepage slider. I’ve made sure all images are selected as such. I’m forced to use ALL RECENT WORK for anything to appear on the homepage slider. I’ve read the PDF and it doesn’t help resolve this issue. The idea is not to have all portfolio work appear on the slider, just 6.

Also, the slider images, they keep rotating even when a video is selected to play. Any way to avoid this?


If I am to understand you correctly, you followed all of our guidelines, as put forth on pages 14 -15 of the User Guide and the featured work still does not appear?

You will need to edit the .js, in a child theme, to stop animation on video playback.

adequay Purchased

I had no idea the tags section was in reference to home/feature. Thought it was tags as in keywords. Sorry my bad.

Now if I can only get video to display on the home slider I would be golden :)

your fan.


You will need some knowledge of PHP and jQuery to get videos to play in the slider. You can change the timeout to 0, which stops the auto playing of the slides.

I would do that in a child theme, by the way.

Hi Mate,

I really like your website template but would like to include shadowbox. Is it possible?

I bought another template previously which uses prettyphoto which overrides any installation of shadowbox or other player… Wuit eennoying..

Cheers Alexis


I don’t use shadowbox, so I am not familiar with whether the script is not compatible with other scripts. But, if it is, as long as you register and enqueue it properly, there should be no problems.