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Hi there,

when I use the 100% width or height - I am only getting the audio feed coming through - cannot see the live video… if using a fixed pixel number can see the video no problem. the effect I want is full video background.

test using this url:

video embed script as follows:

<script type=’text/javascript’> jwplayer(‘player_9900’).setup({ file: “×3-MB/playlist.m3u8”, width: “100%”, height: “100%”, allowscriptaccess: “always”, allowfullscreen: “true”, primary: “flash”, image: ””, autostart: “true”, }); </script>

can not work. you use the wrong video format. (playlist.m3u8)

here is the original code:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
jwplayer (‘media space’). setup ({
‘flashplayer’: ‘js / player.swf’
‘file’: ‘video/1.mp4’       (your_name.mp4)
‘autostart’: ‘true’,
‘repeat’: ‘always’,
‘icons’: ‘false’,
‘stretching’: ‘fill’,
‘backcolor’: ‘000000 ’,
‘front-color’: ’’666666,
‘width’: ‘100% ’,
‘height’: ‘100% ‘

</ script>

Convert your video to mp4!!!

also, the above embed I am using does not work in Chrome or firefox browser at all—only partially works (i.e no video) via the Safari browser.

Hey great theme.. I would ask you how to add just one static background image without any fades and image counter (1/8) ?

Open the “fade.js” in the js folder and edit this:

slideshow: 1, to 0,
and autoplay: 1 to 0,


the code:

jQuery(function ($) {

slideshow: 1,               (here)
//Slideshow on/off
autoplay: 1,               (here)
//Slideshow starts playing automatically
start_slide: 1,
//Start slide (0 is random)
random: 0,
//Randomize slide order (Ignores start slide)
slide_interval: 5000,
//Length between transitions
transition: 1,

Hi! I was really interested in purchasing this theme for a band website, but was just wondering if it’s possible to have more than 2 albums in the slider?


That is possible. So much albums you need. I can help you with the creation then.



I’ve a problem getting the “contact form” up & running. Do I need an extra script for the <form method=”post”>? Because it refers to an external link …


Regards Ben

The contact php files you can download here:

Thx for the reply! Now it’s all fine – except one thing: If I try to integrate a youtube video the youtouve page will be opened instead the video in the background .. with vimeo it’s working .. could you tell me the link above in “youtube syntax”? <iframe frameborder=”frameborder” “0” src= “”></iframe>

Here the code:

<iframe width=”100%” height=”100%” src=” CODE HERE?rel=0&wmode=transparent” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hi, 2 month ago you posted that a wp version would be ready in 5 days. What every happened to it? This is something I wanted to buy.

Hi there, I have just purchased your work, can I hire you to install and configure for me? thanks!

I can do for you. Write to me at my e-mail.

Hello, first of all congratulations on a very beautiful theme. I would like to ask a couple of things, please. I want to use your theme to make a webpage for a band, which they want their story to be told through videos. Can i have a full background video on each page and probably hide any content area ? In addition how well does your theme plays with widgets in general and some, like Full Width Background Gallery with youtube Video, in particular ? Could i use something like that to achieve what i want or extend the functionality of the theme ?

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your interest, but this is not a wordpress theme. You can not install widgets.

My bad..Sorry for that… Again, congratulations on a very beautiful template and i am looking forward to see it ported to WP :)


I want to buy this but just did a test on iPad and noticed that the videos don’t show up on iPad. can you please advice on this? Also is it relatively easy to lay the videos out? Say I have 8 videos but I want then all laid out in 3 rows, Is this easily achievable?



The update comes in two days. Then the videos are in html5. This will work in ipad.

Okay thank you. I will wait till then before buying then. Thanks

?? No update??

Hello, you said there will be an HTML5 video handling capability update in 2 days time as the video page doesn’t work on iPad etc. This is I believe the 5th day and still nothing. Any news? Need to buy asap.


How can I turn the sidebar menu to default opened?



The DIV is— div class=”mp-level ” – - -

Which template did you buy?

Apologies, is another template (Alabama). Can you please give me an answer in ?


Hello, I purchased the ARTISTE template. I’m having problems with video playback. I’m trying to preview in dreamweaver and no video appears.

<script type=’text/javascript’> jwplayer(‘mediaspace’).setup({ ‘flashplayer’: ‘js/player.swf’, ‘file’: ‘video/1.mp4’, ‘autostart’: ‘true’, ‘repeat’: ‘always’, ‘icons’: ‘false’, ‘stretching’: ‘fill’, ‘backcolor’: ‘000000’, ‘frontcolor’: ‘666666’, ‘width’: ‘100%’, ‘height’: ‘100%’ </script>


Thank you in advance

The code is okay. Which Dreamweaver Version do you have? I’ve tried it in my Dreamweaver. It works. Upload everything online and send me the link. Then I can help you.

Thanks Thomas

Hi, on the demo, I don’t see the zoom effect working. The scroll effect does indeed work, but the choice for zoom effect shows me the exact same thing as the “fade” effect. I’m using the latest Firefox, if that helps at all. Thanks.

Is anyone having problems with external links? I can’t seem to make it work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Can I send you an email with a link to the site so I can explain?

Sent you an email. Thanks!

Hi What will it cost for you to design something like this for WordPress?

Thanks Eboy

Hi, I read in part b Video’m having trouble with an error when I wanted to add a video from Vimeo how I need to do something the other does not work in just tryin to YouTube

I got him right, directly from YouTube Share of social media , but it also catches Js Css want to do with it id=”buttons” class=”social-media-share”         

I got him right, directly from YouTube Share of social media , but it also catches Js Css want to do with it

When I settle Embed URL from Vimeo or gives an error when I settle

I like…. nice …. but no one make some template for live camera and for multi shoutcast radio…

I like this template… I like use for music… inside I see music player….. is for shout cast radio : http:// my ip:port or just for file mp3 ?

Im having an issue just having my mp4 to play on the page instead of youtube and vimeo. Do you have a page script you can send me in which I can just embed my movie clips? Im not interested in using youtube or anything else on my page.

Is it possible to have a video as the first thing playing when you land on the page?

Yes of course.