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I’m considering to buy this theme, but I have one question. Is it possible in this theme to create two portfolio pages, or maybe add one gallery page?

Thank you.




The theme supports a single portfolio page out of the box. For a separate portfolio you would need to to duplicate and modify the existing portfolio code – a task for a developer.

You could perhaps create a standard page and use a gallery plugin as a substitute, there is a vast array of plugins to choose from.

hey there! love your theme; it has served me well. one question that you might have already answered but I ain’t got the time to read through 8 pages of comments ;P is:

is there any way to make the contact page the main/home page and have the portfolio page as another page?

I have reordered them to display in that order on the side nav bar, but I want to present high-level info about me first before getting into details of my work.

let me know if this is do-able. thanks!

beth bethgoldman.com


oh, found it in the customize section. no worries! thanks.

ClearHead Purchased

Nice work! I use temaplate: http://www.olsiak.cz/

thank you

Hi there,

I have a pre-purchase question – is there an easy way to set the images within each project (within the portfolio) so that a click on the image opens a larger version in a Lightbox? Currently in the demo site clicking seems to only rotates the images. I’m looking to set it so Next/Prev rotates the images but clicking simply enlarges the photo.



Hi, there is no lightbox included within the theme and so it wouldn’t be something you could do out of the box. It’s possible to achieve, but you would need to edit the theme files.

Does this theme have infinite scrolling? I’d like to use it as something other than a portfolio website.

Also for each portfolio item, I’ve noticed that there is “Date”, “Client” and a “Skills” option. Is it possible to edit these?


Hi, there is no infinite scroll built into the theme so it would be something you would need to add. It’s possible to edit the meta data if you edit the theme files directly.

I also have a quick question as I intend to buy the theme. How are the images / posts on the homepage organised? Are they auto organised by date or can they be prioritised in another way?



Hi, they are arranged by date by default, however, we also include a tool which allows you to reorder them by dragging and dropping them into place.

Hi, i really like your theme, i was wondering if there is a way for a home page instead of the gallery grid have a slide show of full screen images on the right side of the navigation. I understand this may require adjusting a theme, i was wondering if you are doing individual customization that i would pay for? edyta


Hi, that would indeed require customisation. We do not take on custom development work I’m afraid, but a competent developer should be able to do this for you.

Hello, I’m planning to buy this theme. I’d be happy if you answer few questions. 1) It should be easy the change the client, skills, date part with changing the code a bit? 2) I have some projects with videos and images together. Can i put them in one project? How does the projects system work. Is it like a normal wordpress post that we always use? 3) Is it possible the add more than one image to each blog post? Thank you in advance



1. Yes, you can jump into the HTML directly to change those.

2. The projects use a custom post type. Unfortunately you cannot mix media without modification to the template files directly.

3. Yes, you can add as many images as you need to a blog post.

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1) Is there a way to show each image title and description please? Currently I can only show the meta data and the title and description are not appearing.

2) How do I add for example a video underneath a slideshow? I can’t see how it can be done, and then administered by the system.


Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hi Oman,

I’m updating a WP install. Is it safe to update to 3.8.1 with this theme?


It is indeed :)

Hi Oman,

I purchased Gridlocked in the past and I am asking myself where are the difference between these two themes. Judging by the Demo I can only see the “Related Projects” on the individual pages. Is there something else to consider?

Many thanks.



Razvan, both themes have a completely different design. Gridlocked also features a masonry style blog whereas Artiste is simpler in style.


i want to buy the theme. is it possible to view all images from the main portfolio page in a slider or do i have to return to the home portfolio page to go to second project (image) i see that the slider only slides images from the same project. i would like it to slide images from main portfolio page i hope you understand



Hi, the theme works as per the demo. When viewing a project, you will be able to view the images associated with it. To view images from another project, you would need to visit the actual project page.


I wonder, if i buy this theme is it possible for artist to registrate, make their own individual presentation page and upload images to a gallery on their presentation page. Kind Regards Mattias


Hi, you would possibly need to use a number of plugins to achieve what you are after. Some kind of membership system and so on. Regardless of the theme used, I think you would more than likely need the help of a developer.

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Hi ! I want to update wordpress to 3.9.1. (actually 3.4.1) Is the theme compatible ? Thanks for your answer . Best


Hi, we’ve had no issues with the latest version of WordPress.

Hi, seems that demo is not working properly…


We’re currently working on some server glitches and it should be up and running shortly ;)

Hello, Thanks for this wonderful design!

I want to know about some basic things..

  • How can I link and activate the Portfolio sidebar ?

I can’t see portfolio list on right side.. (sorry, I’m novice…)

thank you

danbieboo Purchased

I mean the left side bar’s font hover color (#f15755) I found the code and changed some other color, but I don’t know why it didn’t change what i intended ;; (Also boder line..) (I’ll retry later after learning about css….)

And maybe the last question,

How can I fold contents of the blog? -> like “Continue Reading” It seems to be go to Setting – Reading – For each article in a feed, show -> (0)Summary

but it didn’t work; Is there another way?

Thanks a lot :)


This is controlled by the highlight color in the theme options – are you wanting it different from the one you’ve set?

I’m not sure what you mean – are you looking for excerpts rather than full posts?


I was wondering if there is a way to change the particular color easily.

Yes, I want to show the blog is folded, not be shown full text.

Thank you

(I’m not good at English, Please understand me T_T)