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Great job – looks really good :)

Man this is great. I love the simplistic wall of content. Right there, begging to be clicked.

Great item man :) Looks professional and pretty good. Good luck with your sales :)

your themes are amazing but getting very similar to each other, don’t get too lazy :)

0ad Purchased

First purchase! I’ve never been first at everything in my life!! (I have really.)


Bam! Thank you :)


Simple and clean, i like it.

If you add the videos fullscreen option it will be sold for me !



You can add videos (self hosted + embedded) into the portfolios. Check out the motion graphics category.

Good job Orman!

Not tired of the same show?

Gridlocked meets Sideshow, nice! Two questions, can I paginate the skill types on this theme like I did with Gridlocked, or is it coded differently? Also, would you consider adding the like feature in the next update?


Hey, skill types show all by default but you can amend the query to paginate. Like feature is always an option for some point in the future if indeed enough people show interest.

WPHead Purchased

Great, thanks for the quick reply :)

question… you have 20 thumbs on the home page. I’m assuming those “projects” all show up in the left column under Works. Correct? Is it limited to 20 or can you add more? what happens when you add more? it adds another page to navigate? great work by the way!


The homepage shows all your projects regardless of how many you add, which is the point of the theme, to put your work front and center. The sidebar menus are added via widgets, you can add as many or as few links as you wish.

Once again, you nail it Orman! Great work–can’t wait to find a reason to use this one…

Is there a place to download the sample data? Couldn’t find on the forum. Also, how did you set up the side menu with the portfolio titles? Cheers…


Morning! Will be adding the demo data to the forum in just a moment. The menus in the sidebars are custom menu widgets.

Gridlocked v2?

This one for some reason really reminds me of Antigirl.com – have you ever seen Antigirl? She’s had her site up since 2000 or something… the minimalist aesthetic really reminded me of her this time.


I hadn’t see the site no but it’s nice and clean!

another good one ;)

Great theme and typography ;) I’m looking to use this for my next project. Just one question: Is this compatible with the PhotoTag plug-in (http://codecanyon.net/item/fototag-wordpress-photo-tagging-plugin/233404) as I plan to add tagging to the photo slider.


Hey, I wouldn’t be able to say either way with complete confidence to be honest, there are just too many plugins out there to test :(

Great work once again Orman, it’s always a pleasure to see your work :)