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Zona-MiX Purchased

I tried use “post pagination” but this not work. This show full post.

ex. url:

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. You can send me your problem + a WordPress admin account and I’ll check it


ollyman Purchased

Hello pls how can i increase the logo area? my site is :

Hi, sorry for the very late reply, you can go to style.css and edit the width and height here

.logotext img {
  text-align: center;
  width: auto !important;
  position: relative;
  top: 22px;
  width: 55px !important;
  height: 30px !important;

artur315 Purchased

Hi, I don’t have information about this in page When I go to apperance- personalization i can see only for a while: header option, post funcionality and this option disappear and I don’t have time to act. How I can change this options? I have wordpres 4,5.

Hi, go to Aruna Options in the left menu, not in Customizer… to customize the options

Hey! I’m back again, please help.

1. Password reset option. 2. From the backend you reset a password and feed the same, it fails to take it.

Hello. Unfortunately there’s no password reset option availabe on the front-end by default… And the backend option is managed by WordPress directly, not by the theme. Do you mean you can login via the backend but not from the frontend after you reset the password?

Unable to use Captcha to avoid spam. Hence it says invalid password :(

unfortunately plugins won’t work by default. A captcha may be integrated, but only with customization, as the whole login form is customly created and not default WordPress

Can I get a refund? :) :) I am not able to head anywhere with this theme to be honest, but sure agree it is a wonderful theme.

Hi, you will need to contact Envato Support regarding this, as they handle the refunds. :)

But if there’s anything I can help you with, to get you started with the theme, please let me know.

Hi there,

Every time a user wants to post something on my website it ask them to join first , when they click on register they get this WP captcha and that’s where i lose them , is there a way to make registration easy via FB or google ? Please advise what would be the best solution.

thanks for your help in advance.

Kind Regards


Hi, go to /js/main.js via FTP and find

jQuery('a[href=#postModal]').on('click', function() {  

replace it with

jQuery('a[href="#postModal"]').on('click', function() { 

it still doesn’t work :(

Hi, it seems to work fine for me, can you try clearing your browser cache?


indra00 Purchased


is it possible to edit the post, so the post is not only showing image, but also post content

Hi, not by default, sorry. It will show the post content on the individual post, but not on the homepage

Hie i have issues with the aruna theme i bought from you: 1) on my wordpress dashboard i added pages but still the menu does not show on the top menu there 2) when trying to uplead videos i continue having errors 3) For customisation how much to do you charge me, it seems there are many things that needs to get fixed. by the way

where can i get the child theme?


1) You will need to create the menu in Appearance > Menus

2) What errors? Are you trying to upload videos from youtube or vimeo or from your own computer?

3) If it’s within the support scope, it’s free, but if it’s customization, my hourly rate is $50 for customization work on projects that involve less than 10 hours work

ok are u on tema viewer? so we can work this out?

Hello. Which one are you refferng to? I don’t offer support or customization work via teamviewer, you can send me the details or the problems via the contact form on my profile


yflor3 Purchased


I updated to the new Wordpress 4.5.2, the “post fun” pop up box shows up, but the dropdown field lost its looks and it not working when I select any of the “type”

Ok, I’ll check it there :)


yflor3 Purchased

Did you get my email?

Hi, I have answered there


HKIQ Purchased


i have a problem. I have loaded up a picture but it is not shown … >>

can u help me?


HKIQ Purchased

could you please answer a little bit quicker … i mean i bought your theme – and it doesnt work … :-I

Have you made the above change in the code?


HKIQ Purchased

perfect worked! thnx


yflor3 Purchased

The left side bar is not sticky anymore after Wordpress 4.5.2 update.

Hi, I have answered via e-mail


aribong Purchased

just purchased this theme. I have few questions. Can i change the “post fun” to post pic/vid? and for the log in how can I choose facebook as a log in option? Because all I see is REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT and LOGIN. TNX

Hello. You can change “Post fun” in header.php. As for the facebook login, you can install the “Nextend facebook login” plugin


aribong Purchased

I need help! Why is the REGISTER part of login not working. After filling in the email, username and checking the terms of agreement box why dont i see a register button. It seems that its a dead end.. Thanks in advance

Hi, unfortunately not by default.


aribong Purchased

Thanks for the reply. I read in one of the comments from a query. If a user logs in and is directed to wordpress is that user going to have acces to my backend wordpress dashboard?

Hi, no, the default user role is subscriber, not admin. :) Even if he accesses /wp-admin/, it won’t have admin privileges

So I downloaded the Aruna theme and want to make it look exactly like the masonry example on the demo site, is there an easy way to do that?

Hi! You can import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder and it should work. I may have included some other content, but it won’t make much of a different in the setup of the theme, as it doesn’t have custom post types or anything else, the theme is mostly built with normal posts :)


omar333 Purchased

I have a couple of questions.

1. How can I lower the title so that on mobile specially it’s not so high up?

2. How can I add some color or change the vote up and down icons so that they are more visible?

3. How can I make a button so that on mobile the trending and popular options are not hidden on menu but are easily accessible on home page?

4. I added a button on right side bar for quick publishing but if the user is not logged in it doesnt respond. How can I make the button send non logged in users to registration/loggin page and does who are to publish page?

Thanks, great theme! my site is here ligamx . lol


omar333 Purchased

Also, is there a plugin you can recommend or a solution for automatic avatar resizing?