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tokh21 Purchased

Hi, my website is not displaying properly on mobile and might even be on ipad too. please take a look thanks


tokh21 Purchased

Hi Final, any update on my problems? thanks

Hi, try adding this to style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.right-content {
float: none;

tokh21 Purchased

It does fix the error when a post wont appear when it was clicked, thank you for that. However the display on phones or even tablets are still shrunk Also, the social media share buttons are overlapping on phone display


dblocker Purchased

Hi, I’m pretty new to Wordpress and I recently downloaded this theme because it appears easy to use. Since downloading I have a few things that I would like some assistance with. See below

1. My posts images aren’t displaying on the home page. I’m attempting to upload GIFS and Images and they aren’t displaying on my home page.

2. My upvote/downvote feature isn’t working. I’m signed into my account and when I click to upvote or downvote nothing happens.

3.My social media share buttons aren’t working and on mobile it looks like some of the share icons are overlapping.

Can you please look into these issues and let me know the best way to fix it. Thanks


Can you please send me your problems along with a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile?

For 3, please replace your style.css with this one

orisin Purchased

mmm, all of a sudden the post preview images on the home page disappeared. why would it happen?

Can you try removing the ads and see if it works?


orisin Purchased

Yes, sorry for the late reply. I actually tried removing the ads cleared cache and tried on a few browsers but problem still exists

Please send me the problem and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

HI, how do i enable auto play,loop and removal of control for the videos i uploaded? i manage to find the theme function.php only

i believe the theme is using wordpress default player , if unable to do the playloop and removal , is it possible for me to change the default player to another player?

hi i have reposted my question below. please ignore these comments.

Hi, I see you already reposted it, but I’ll still reply, in case other users will search for this question. It’s not possible to replace the player by default, only with customization for which support isn’t offered by default.


dblocker Purchased

Hi, I’m having a few issues with the site. Can you please help.

1. My videos on mobile aren’t playing.

2. The screen on desktop/mobile videos is cut off. Is there a way to display the full width/height of the videos? I’ve also uploaded this code into the style.css and it’s not working:

.wp-video-shortcode { max-width: 100%; }

3. When I click the older posts, popular posts and related posts tabs on mobile it doesn’t load the requested page.

Here’s a link to my site: please let me know what steps needs to be taken to correct these bugs. Thanks!


dblocker Purchased

4. Also the category tag that’s in the upper left corner of my posts interferes with some of my images. Is there a way to change the location of the icon and place it with the social share buttons at the top?


dblocker Purchased

Hi Final, any update on how I can fix these problems?


so i just bought your theme and encountered a few difficulties otherwise its good.

my website is going to display gifs only , at first i tried to put loop and autostart on videos uploaded to make it look like a gif. but somehow i cant make the videos on the homepage autostart and loop.

after which now i can convert my videos into gif . so i purchased a plugin , the plugin allow the user to control GIFs such as play on click or hover on click.

but theres still the problem of the homepage not able to detect any of my 3rd party plugin capabilities.

this is how it happens:

i upload gif as image , choose a gif as feature image. the plugin allow me to apply the “only play when click function” onto the feature image.

I pressed save. Went to the homepage to see the result , but the gif is auto playing despite the control i applied over it. i went into the page , the control is there!

so how do i solve this? thanks alot!

hi so i notice by changing to the default 2016 wordpress theme ,the plugin started to work as usual. so by your aruna theme , for the video and gif, could you disable and remove that special video or gif feature it has on the homepage?

i have resolved the <?php comments_template(’’, true);?>

from changing the theme and to aruna again. but the loading time for the aruna website is extremely long.

possible to remove the grey white space of the left side bar and allow users to post only images and videos? do you still help users to do that?

Hi, I would like to try to submit a picture on your demo theme but the login is not working.

Hi, try demo / demo


imwebdev Purchased

hi there, I just purchased the theme and am using it on godaddy. it appears when i go into the Aruna settings I get the following error messages at the top of the page:

Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /home/ifinditfunny3534/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/teoPanel/Redux/ReduxCore/assets/js/vendor/select2/select2.css in /home/ifinditfunny3534/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/teoPanel/Redux/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 1639

Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /home/ifinditfunny3534/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/teoPanel/Redux/ReduxCore/assets/js/vendor/select2/select2.min.js in /home/ifinditfunny3534/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/teoPanel/Redux/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 1658

Also, i am trying to implement a child theme, and it doesnt appear to be working. Does this theme come with a child theme?

thank you

Hi, do you have the WP_DEBUG mode on in your wp-config.php?

The theme doesn’t come with a child theme but you can find instructions on how to do one here

thanks for the reply. No WP_DEBUG is off. I was able to reupload the entire theme and it fixed that particular issue. but now I get the following issue when i login to WP Admin Fatal error: Internal Zend error – Missing class information for in /home/ifinditfunny3534/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/teoPanel/Redux/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 66

Any idea on this one? It seems to show up on the frontend at times too and it seems to do the same for site visitors on occasion