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orisin Purchased

For some reason on the sticky widget above the post I can repost bookmark and views icons but the rest( share on FB,Google,Linkedin etc are there when I hover but invisible. Any idea why?

Hello ,what browser are you using? It seems to work fine for me, all the icons, they don’t dissapear http://prntscr.com/9tsql9


orisin Purchased

weird,I tried on FF chrome and explorer and I don’t see nothing but the repost ,star and count

what OS? Can you try on a different computer too? It seems to work just fine for me.

This looks pretty much what I need, but can you please let me know if this is possible and easily done with existing options. My site will be for “only” a select group of users, but I want them to be able to submit posts and vote without their posts needing my approval before showing.

I want to prevent anybody else from posting, so something like me having to to approve a new registered account initially, but then that user can post all they want and don’t need my approval each time. Does that make sense I hope. Thanks

Hello. It’s possible to have the moderation disabled, but as for accounts, that kind of functionality is added through plugins, not via the theme. Probably there’s a plugin that does that for you, I’d suggest looking on wordpress.org

Hi FInal Destiny – This is a great-looking theme. I’m ooking forward to purchasing it and using it!!

1. Looking to use this for my clean humor site www.sanitaryum.com. We have more than 35,000 Facebook fans and more than 100,000 Google plus fans. I did a demo login in order to upload. I didn’t really understand the NSFW Comment and Anonymous check off options, namely the Comments. If it is checked, does it mean “Allow Comments” on the post? Comments is checked by default. The demo did not let me post when it was checked. I realize you don’t do customization, but is it possible to make a minor tweak so the Post Fun check options to first of all, not have NSFW (shouldn’t be an issue for a clean humor site), says “Allow Comments” and “Post as Anonymous”?

2. Is the three column option, however arranged, the only way to set this up? I may be able to get by with the two columns on the left, but it kind of seems superfluous to have three columns. I’d imagine making only two columns would interfere with your special sticky column, but just asking.

THank you for your time.

It depends on what customization you’re looking for, I take some customization projects from time to time, but only if it’s for programming parts, as I don’t do design myself. And my hourly rate is $50 for small projects(less than 10 hrs)

Thanks, FinalDestiny. That’s what we needed to know. We will be purchasing and migrating our content sometime this week. Looking forward to working with you!

Great! :) Thank you for choosing Aruna!


tokh21 Purchased

hi, how does trending and most popular work? can it work like 9gag wherein it will not just show you the post with the highest thumbs up of all time. it is constantly getting replaced everytime you refresh.

Hello, it uses the number of upvotes – downvotes. It’s pretty simple because having that sort of algorithms you’re looking for would require a massive amounts of posts, it’s useless with few posts(like 99% of the users of the theme have)

The overall user of this theme will have a normal amount of posts and won’t need such complicated algorithms that would put extra work on the server resources and perhaps require a VPS or dedicated.

If I buy this, is it possible to add it as a page to my current website, and remove the navigation and sidebars?

Hello, I’m not sure what you’re asking for, if your current website already has a theme, it’s not possible to use two themes on the same website at the same time.

Yikes, after installing them theme, noticed all of our posts disappear (only titles are shown). We’ve been in business since 2008 and have more than 5,000 existing posts. There must be a way to sync our existing content to your theme. 95% are images, so if we could make make that tie in, that would be great. How can we make this happen? Thank you.

Any response?

Hi FinalDestiny – any help on this one? Thanks!

Hello. Yes, the theme uses its own custom fields to store media content OR the featured image, it doesn’t show any of the content itself on the homepage, only on the individual page.

Migrating your content images to the featured image should fix the problem

Hi FinalDestiny – I had two Aruna zipped files upon download and I unzipped the uppermost layer in the hierarchy and installed the inside zip file. Was that correct? I’m not seeing any option to change the Homepage style, so I’m wondering if I installed a child theme or something??

Hi. To change the homepage, you’ll need to create a new page and choose from the available page templates and then select one of those pages as your frontpage in Settings > Reading

Figured out this question but Envato wouldn’t let me delete!

no probs. :)

Hi, The Facebook login is available on demo theme but we couldn’t activate it. How it can be done ?

And while you’re creating an account the link ’’Terms of Use’’ redirects to mainpage. What is the problem of there,how we can upload our ’’ Terms of Use’’ text to there .

My Web Site: http://bilugat.com/ Purchase Codes: b6a0086e-0f74-4f37-8f5f-e00dc125adaa

Can you attach a creenshot on imgur.com ?

Hi, it doesn’t work, the print screen http://prntscr.com/9z5dvm

The demo does not work.. FYI…

Hi, it should work now, sorry!

demo link is not working

Hi, it should work now, sorry!


tokh21 Purchased

Hi, i have sent you an email 2 days ago. Please respond

Please check it now


tokh21 Purchased

hi final, there is a misunderstanding i only want 100% view for posts on the front page. I noticed that if you go to single post(click post) you removed the right side bar. Please bring back the right side bar, it was already perfect when you removed the left side bar.


tokh21 Purchased

ok to make it more clear everything is perfect now including the front page, it is now displaying 100% of the images. The only problem now is the missing right side bar on single posts

hi, is this theme compatible with current wp version? Looks like your last update was about one year ago.

Hi, yes, it will work fine.


Ulyses98 Purchased

How do I remove login completely for users. I want to be the only one that has access. I want to remove that from the header space.

Hi, I’m interested in creating a meme site so I’m considering buying your template. I was wondering if it can comb the web for a specific type of meme or if you know a way to do that besides manually entering each one? Thank you!

Hello, unfortunately there’s no automatic way of adding meme’s and posts… or generating them

Please see your Aruna preview page as it does not display properly and it shows some error codes. There has been no updated version since 2014 and why is it like that? Thanks.

Hi, it’s fixed now. The theme wasn’t updated because it works perfectly fine with the latest WordPress versions and there haven’t been any known bugs or problems that affect the functionality