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Thanks for great template :) Here it is a question and bug report: What’s the best way to change base colors (purple)? I changed it in style.less and complied it. Colors changed but some sections broke. Also in mobile version, menu has both hover and click events while hover makes problems.

P.s. i’ve purchased it recent days ago via another account.

Hi, please post your question using that account

Dear author, “ahhp” is developer who working on purchased template. It’s appreciated if you help us via him :) Thanks

Hi, style.less is a little bit outdated, I forgot to remove the file from the source code, I’d suggest working directly on style.css in order to have all the sections change their color.

Is there any fix for upload component? javascript upload script thrown error on select/drag image. Different error messages in Chrome and Firefox. It also happens in demo site.

Hello, the theme doesn’t have the upload component working, it will need to be integrated customly if you want to use it. The theme has just the mark-up

There seems to be a problem wit the responsive menu. Tested it on my android as well and still get the same result.

Hi, what’s your URL? It seems to work fine on the demo

I don’t have one, it’s on a local server. Hover over the links, the sub-menu pops up for the desktop version. Happens on every major browser.

It seems to work fine on the demo so I’ll need to see your website live in order to check the issue

Hi, There is a problem in masonry template in narrow widths lower than 750px. Posts got hidden! Is there any guide to fix it?

Hi, you can add this to style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.right-content {
width: 100%;

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome

I purchased this theme thinking it was the Wordpress version, is there a way that I can just pay the difference and get the Wordpress version?

Hi, unfortunately it’s Envato that handles the payments and not me directly, you can try opening a ticket here

I suppose they’ll refund you the html money if they’ll see you purchased the WP version, but I’m not sure, it’s better to talk to them directly. If you have a twitter account, try tweeting to @envato_support the ticket number as you’ll get a faster reply

How do you set Video Posts as default? Mine is defaulting to Image Post. I already changed the footer.php to <option value=”window-video” selected><?php _e(‘Video Post’, ‘Aruna’);?></option> but I do not see any changes/updates?

Hello, you don’t have the “Purchased” badge on your account

Hello, first of all thanks for your work! :)

I’m taking a look to the source files, and the options of the theme, and I have a question, is there some function to pause the gifs?? Where??

Kind regards

Are you reffering to the buttons bar? If yes, add this to style.css

.main-post .buttons-bar {
top: 0 !important;

perfect! thank you! :) another question :P I want to show first the login section on the modal, how can I do that???

thank you!

Hello, that’s not possible without customization, sorry

i want to bay this theme but first i want to know 2 things. Work this Theme whith Wordpress ? and Can i remove that Shadows comes on photopost ? becouse i dont like that .

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean, please make a screenshot and attach it on

I can remove the code for that so that the bar will not move and won’t appear like a shadow

there are two aruna themes here? How are they different to each other?

Hello, this is a HTML version, it’s a static version which would need to be coded into a CMS for dynamic functionality. This is mainly for developers that don’t use WordPress and want to code it themselves into their own CMS or framework.

The other version is WordPress and it comes ready-to-use, you just install it and have a working website.

hi i am tring to uplosd theme to wordpress . message showing its missing style.css file . can u guide me through installation.

If you purchased the WordPress version, you should contact the Envato support team here

HTML templates can’t be installed anywhere, they’re simply templates that can be modified or integrated into CMS’es such as WordPress, Joomla, etc… with customization, of course.

hi i bought this html template by mistake i need to buy word press theme , can u refund and i can pay for the upgrade.

Hi. Unfortunately it’s Envato handles the payments directly, you’ll need to open a ticket with them

Hi there,

I love this Aruna template! My request if you could make your next html template similar to, & The html template should have at least one featured article post.

Hello, I don’t have any plans for a similar theme right now, but I’ll keep that in mind!

how do i download it says theme failed

hi i cannot download the theme aruna the 17 dollars one please help me

Hello. You can go to the Downloads section and you should be able to get it there. If it doesn’t work, I’d suggest opening a ticket with Envato. But the 17$ version is a HTML template and not a WordPress theme.

Hello. I ‘m not sure how to install and setup? Can you help me about that? Any instructions or documentation?

Hello, there’s a documentation folder included, if you downloaded the full package from ThemeForest. It’s installed as with any other theme, there’s no difference.

Also, you can check on

To import the sample data, go to Tools > Import > WordPress in the dashboard and import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder


pochai Purchased

hello. for your template how to i link with databases?

Hello, I don’t understand what you mean, can you please elaborate?

no login ? register ? pages

The login / registration are handled via a pop-up, they’re not separate pages

Good day, How do I upload files that starts with a decimal (e.g. .DS_Store) onto sites like zfast? When I select those files which start with decimal for upload the host would not detect the file due to its naming.


.DS_Store is a temporary file created by mac automatically, why would you need to upload it anywhere? And files starting directly with . are usually not recognized as valid files

So those files are not essential for site operation?

Hi I am using aruna for and the display on mobile phones is not compatible. Please fix it.

Hello, you don’t have the “purchased” badge on your account, please post your requests using the account you used to purchase the theme

Hi. I just bought the aruna theme.

Hi! Thanks for purchasing the theme :) Are you having any issues with it?

Yes when i tried to install it in wordpress, it says The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Hi, you purchased the HTML template and not the WordPress theme