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how can i use picture for under the navigation that like navigation(z-index:999) and the picture is responsive?



I dont understand you question, please make it more clear, or give me screenshot :)



I have website with version 1.0.

Which files must I change to upgrade to the version 1.1?


Oh im so sorry, i was think you ask about enar theme not arwen :D

To change to version 1.1 :

1 - replace new css/style.css with old one.

2 - replace new css/responsive.css with old one.

3 - replace new js/scripts.js with old one.

I hope it’s works good for you :)

Best regards,



We would like to use the template Arwen in one of our projects, which will be integrated with a customized system in PHP.

We had already agreed with the customer, but when we buy the template, we note that it does not rely on internal pages.

Not yet bought the template, but would like to confirm that that’s right, the model for HTML does not rely on internal pages and there is another version in html with internal pages.

If aa above answer is positive, we note that the model for this wordpress template has internal pages (multipages), this doubt would be if we buy the template for wordpress, you guys believe it would be very complicated to adapt the same we use in our system.


Hello brclick :)

Thanks very much to choose our themes, Unfortunately Arwen HTML don’t have internal pages because it’s just one page.

But it’s Wordpress version has multipages and premium plugins ( Visual composer – Revolution Slider ) , it has awesome functionality, pages for products, pages for team members, pages for events and posts, so you can use Arwen wordpress to build multipages site very easy, and i have about 22 shortcodes that 100% compatible with Visual composer,

I hope you like it,

If you interesting to see my last HTML theme Enar, i think you will like it because it has about 160 internal pages, it has awesome features

All the best,


Many thanks for the answer, but in this case, as far as was possible to understand, even if we buy the template for wordpress, would not use the internal pages in our system developed in php, correct? Or you count on some files to facilitate this process of integration with the template pages for wordpress on a system developed in php?

We bought the Enear, great template, but it will be used in another project.

Thanks very much for your purchased Enar, i hope it will be very useful for you :)

Second: i’m so sorry for my bad english language.

Regarding your question about Arwen : the internal pages in wordpress version is Separate from HTML version, so you can’t use the wordpress internal pages in HTML version, i hope i understand you as you want :)

Thanks again for your contact, hope to tell me if you have any issue with any of my themes.

All the best,


What’s the proper Banner size for Arwen? I can’t get any to fit correctly. Please Help!

please go look at my website The michelle williams banner appears too long. When I add my other banners they do the same thing when I add them or the height is wrong. Please help with demensions and proper dpi


What do you mean by michelle williams banner ??

Give me a screenshot from your issue please.


How do I add a screenshot? Where can I e-mail it to you at?


mikedec Purchased


I would like to know where I can download the version 1.1 from June.

I downloaded the template again and it appears to be identical to what I downloaded before the update.

Thank you


Yes it is identical, but i change Arwen/js/scripts.js file :(

You can just replace the file above.



mikedec Purchased


It looked to me that the files had the same creation date for the new version, as it did for the old version.

Thank you.

Hi, i bought your theme and its wonderful. i need to add a video slide to the slider

but it seems you didn’t included the Revolution Slider video js stuff in package.

is it possible to get them?



Thanks for your purchased :)

Please give me your mail to send you the full version for revolution slider!

Best regards, Hamdan


Contact form isn’t supported?

Thanks for nice template, Filip

Hi Filip

Thank you for purchasing my theme!

Sure, it’s support contact form, there is a video tutorial in the documentation page will show you how to setup the contact page and contact form.

Or maybe you talk about gravity forms?

Please send me message using my support form if you need any help.

Best regards

Fantastic template, great job!

I have a few questions – they all relate to my website here –

In the module “Slider,Video,Pattern Slideshow” i selected “pattern slideshow”.

I used ”#contact” as the link for the button.

Question 1 – the link doesn’t always take me to the “contact” module, sometimes its half way through the folio section, but its inconsistent, why is that?

Question 2 – When the button is clicked, it loads a new page instead of simply moving down the same page to the “Contact” section, how do I stop that.

If you want screen captures i can give them to you however how do i send them to you?

Kind Regards Don

Hi, Thank you so much :)

I Think you did not buy the HTML version!

Maybe you mean the WP version?


No i have the Joomla version.

Did you have a look at the website?

Can you please help me with the questions I asked you?

Regards DOn


Thank you to purchased the joomla version!

But i see your contact button works good and navigate to the right section!

Please send me a screenshot issue to this mail


Also – how do I turn off the “link” button in the “portfolio” section. All I want is the magnifying glass to enable the viewer to zoom in.

Regards Don


Images on home pages are not rendering. Can you please help me?


regards, Kapil K.


What do you mean with (( Images on home pages are not rendering )) ?

Please send me a screenshot with your issue to can understand what do you mean :)

Regards, Hamdan