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after many theme installings Arwyn, I still don’t have access to theme options in the panel. Import options from themes/Arwyn/sampledata doesn’t change this state. It’s just not working.

Hello, it’s fixed now, if you install the Redux plugin it should work fine.

I have a problem with some pictures when I try to blog them. I want them to be centered and have the same width, but they seem to stay in the left margin (even when they are supposedly centered). Also, what size should I upload the pics in to get the same width despite the picture positions (horizontal or vertical)? The vertical pictures are now narrower than the horizontal ones in the blog posts. Thank you! Annika

Hello, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme

Hi, I’m having trouble uploading our logo in the options panel. When I click the upload button nothing happens. I’m using a child theme. Help? :)

Make sure you created the child theme correctly, more details here

Ah sorry, I meant to say no, it doesn’t work on the parent theme either, sorry!

Ah :) Please send me a FTP account, a WordPress admin account and your URL + your problem via the contact form on my profile and I’ll take a look at it. FTP may be needed because not all the files are editable through the dashboard


fikir Purchased

Hi; i send you a message about an error at my site that using your theme

Hi, I’ll answer via e-mail

It´s apper this message in my dashboard:

A new build of Redux is now available! Your version: New version: Get it now | Dispensar.

I use my site like a blog without read more, but the html code appers in the post, like a gallery nextgen. Don´t apper the gallery Ex. [code html] What do i do?


Hello, you can ignore that, it’s just a notice, I forgot to disable the developer mode for Redux. :)

As for the second problem, can you please elaborate and post your url?

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean, can you please elaborate on the problem you’re having? Everything seems alright to me


I’m looking to set the default template page as the one “With sidebar” and not the “Full Width” how can I manage that ?


Hi, you can send me your url + your problem and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll modify it

hi can you just say me where I can manage that ? thanks I will setup it myself

If you’re familiar with coding, it’s in page.php. If you’re not, I’ll need an account in order to make the code changes myself, as it requires coding knowledge and I can’t work on my own demo in order to see if it actually works as it should or not.


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hey, first… thanks for your brilliant theme! i have some points, that i would like to have. here’s my site

1) the header 5 with social media icons OR the option, to put the social media in the sidebar

2) the search field is in english. how can i translate it?

3) i would love to have full sized opt-in, directly below the header section on every page/post like this example

and last but not least…

4) the single regular page with sidebar is huge, when i have it on a big screen. how can i change it to the size of the blogpost?

is it possible? thanks for your help!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to combine two different menus without customization, sorry. :( You can try mixing the codes from the two header files (header-variation1.php and header-variation5.php) but it will require customization..


jfflow Purchased

i’ll give it a try. thank’s man :-)

You’re welcome! :)

Hey Cristi!

Quick question on a couple of changes. I changed the “related posts” at the bottom of single.php to reflect 6, instead of 3 posts. Can you help me add a little vertical space between them so they’re not bumped up against each other: – as an example…


Hi, try adding this to style.css

.related-posts > div {
    margin-bottom: 50px;

Thank you very much. You are awesome!

You’re welcome! :)

Does this theme support RTL ?

Hello, not by default, only if you customize it.

Hey! how is going everything?

after one year of travel i’m editing my blog. but i have problem. When i put appereance, and then: customization. something wrong happens and it shows me ” internal server error” and i don’t know what to do to customizate my theme.

Thanks! i’ll be waiting for an answer!



Hello, try contacting your web host and tell them to check the error logs to figure out the issue, it’s not caused by the theme but by your server

Will this theme support Aesop Story Engine by any chance? Really want that.

Hello, I never used that plugin so I can’t say for sure, but the theme is coded upto the WP standards so any plugin that works on the default twentyfourteen theme should work in Arwyn too

I’m using the homepage template 3 on our website

We’ve noticed that on the featured post there is always 652 hearts for the post. Any idea why this is happening?

Really like the theme.

Ah, my mistake, you can replace your page-template-home3.php with this one

Hi, I’m still having the same issue I have always had which is the 4th most recent post shows on the homepage, not the most recent post. I have disabled the plugins and that didn’t work. Can you please help me because I’ve had the issue for over a year and we still haven’t got anywhere. url is Thanks

Hello and sorry for the late reply.

I don’t understand what you mean. The first post is from november, the following ones are from october, they’re in order, please elaborate on the issue.

Hi, No, when you first load the webpage the 4th post is showing on the slider not the 1st. No matter where i load the webpage from the 4th always shows up first therefor makes the whole blog look out of date. You can scroll through the slider to get back to the 1st post but you shouldn’t have to do that. New visitors are only seeing old posts!

Hey there. I want to change the language on the blog post, like “related news”, “leave a reply” etc. Where can I find it?

Thanks and greetings!

Hello, you should be able to find them in the .po file located in the /languages/ folder and edit it with PoEdit.

Or, edit it directly in the code: single.php for related news and comments.php for “leave a reply”

Perfect! I edit it directly in the code. Works like a charm!

Hi, I really like the Arwyn theme but I see it has not been updated since 11 December 2014. Have you stopped developing it?


Hello. The theme works fine with all the latest WordPress versions and since it’s mainly focused on content and it should be a simple blogging theme, I don’t plan on having any updates right now, simplicity is one of the features the theme has :)

Hi there, I’d really like the square ‘A’ logo in the template to be a much larger, rectangular main header logo I have as an image ready to upload. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks

Hello, can you please post your URL?

Hey Cristi!

Quick question – Is there a way to write in a “jump to comments” in the single.php file so it works on all posts?

I can create a jump link within the content, but I want to create a jump like to take the readers directly to the comments section of that post.

Any ideas?

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Can you please send me the URL of the website again?

Oh, it’s – I think the padding & misalignment issue stems from titles being too long. If they go over a certain character amount, it throws off the alignment.

I would like to know how to place a “Jump to comments” button in the content area of a post though. Thanks!

Please send me your requests + your URL + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix them.


joedean Purchased

Hi! Any chance of adding sub-menu support for all of the headers? I see it’s been a year since you last updated this theme, are you no longer developing this theme? Thanks! Joe D

Hello. Which header are you reffering to? Also, what’s your URL? I don’t have any plans for new features at this moment. If it’s not for new features, I only submit updates if they’re required(in case any new WordPress version causes trouble or there’s any other bug / problem). Right now, the theme works fine with all the WordPress versions and this is why there was no update recently.