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And one more. How to use Google fonts for not en or fr lang?

I need answers or my money back!

Uppsss…, it’s coincidence, I just reply your post. I’m so sorry for my late reply.


Me gustarĂ­a saber por que no puedo actualizar mi plantilla.Me da error en su servidor


Thank you very much for purchasing my template, but could you please post it in english, So I could understand your problem precisely. For getting more advice, please PM me here to activate your account on my forum support.


How can update the site? V1.4: 07 DE MARZO 2012

Hello, TOPIC : video format We’re beginners, so bear with us. We’re trying to figure out what is the best format for our videos that we want our Asareng webpages to play. Do we understand it correctly that Asareng template has a built-in video/audio player? Is so, WHAT ARE THE SUPPORTED AUDIO AND VIDEO FORMATS ? Thanks


when are you going make this Joomla Template Responsive?

Thank you

Hello Veltelcom,

Thank you for your post, Unfortunately We don’t plan the asareng as a responsive template in near future. But, I will let you know then If this template is decided to be a responsive one.

Kindly Regards, Keenan

I am Currently having a Problem on my site, your Template is Refusing to show “Captcha” on the Site, which Stops users from being Able to Register, Ive shut Captcha off, Ive disabled the modules and plugins, and still it refuses to work, ive re-enabled them all now. I really need some support about this, Ive also Sent you Several PMs, but have yet to receive a Login to the Forums, please contact me at

This has been bothering me for the last few months that ive had the template.


Thank you very much for purchasing my tempalate, and please check your inbox, I’ve replied your messages.

Kindly Regards,

Hi, I’m Interested in buying this template, but I have a couple of questions before buying it. 1- Is this template compatible with Yootheme Zoo instead K2? 2- the download file includes all the 8 colors versions(dark / light and the rest of the colors)? or do I have changes has to be done manually in a certain file? 3- what’s the license type for this template? I mean to say: can I use it in more than one domain? 4- The way to install this template is the same than installing any other template or extension? with the Install Manager of Joomla?

Thank you! Susy


Thank you very much for purchasing my template. This template is not styled for yootheme Zoo, so if you will use Yootheme Zoo instead of K2, surely you need to restyled first.

The download files are included all color styles. So to set the color styles, you just need to set it from template manager of your administration page. And You will still to access the setting.css for minor change, for example to change your logo’s dimension.

The licence of all template on themeforest is only can be used for single domain.

Yes, to install the template you can use common way of intalling joomla extensions. But, I recommend you to use our quickstart file, then you will have a website similar to our demo site. this way would also save much of your time than installing the template, modules, component, plugin separatedly.

I do hope I could answer your presales question.

Kindly Regards,

Hi. On my site: I want the testimonials to show on right column and it keeps showing left, cannot see where to change it. Also my social icons have suddenly disapeared although all correct modules and menus is published? Any ideas. Regards Gustav

Hello Gustav,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my template. and it would be nice if you allow me to log in to your administration page, so I can see your setting. Please PM me here for detail

Kindly Regards,

I send details and saw no changes. I switched off your login for now.

Do you have this Joomla Template in Responsive format?

We want it ASAP :)

Hello, Unfortunately I don’t have it on responsive format. So Sorry…


Do you know about when you will have it?


I sent an email regarding css issues I am having with your template. I have changes the css file for the logo to increase the width and height but it doesnt work. The module to display the portfolio doesnt function correctly in internet explorer (Version 9). ?tp=1 only returns “objectargument” for all titles

Here is a link to my site

This is becoming urgent.


Hello Sean,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my template. I saw your website, and I think your logo has been displayed properly on my PC.

If you have another question, you could please post your question on our forum Please PM me here to activate your account to be used on my forum

Kindly Regards,

Below is a repost from my comment on the Glenon Template:

Hi Keenan,

Firstly, thanks for the great template! I have been using it for a few months now and I enjoy it’s simplicity.

Currently I would like to add Google Analytics, and therefore need to access and edit the index.php file in your template folder. When I open the index.php file I get this message in the code:

Need to install or enable JAT3 Plugin ‘MISSING_JAT3_FRAMEWORK_PLUGIN’

I have the latest JA T3 plugin installed and enabled. Checked all other possible options with no luck. I have seen similar posts online and there does not seem to be a conclusive answer that solves this …yet.

Many thanks for your time in replying and helping to solve this small issue.

Best regards, Micha

Hello Bob,

Thank you very much for your kind words. to paste your google analytics code, you could simply go to templates > glenon > blocks > head.php, then you could simply paste your analytics code on the last line of head.php, good luck.

Kindly regards,

Hi Keenan, Thanks for the quick reply. Done as per your advice. Should be working now. Thanks for your help! Micha

You’re welcome, Micha ;)

how much would you guys charge to make this template Responsive??

We really need it


I’m so sorry for my late reply. I’ve tried to answer this question through your email, please check your inbox.

Kindly Regards,

Hi Maskeenan,

I have sent you an email in regards to your template that I purchased and needing support.

I am having difficulty with displaying the images on the default page layout.

Please contact me and Thank You for a beautiful theme!


Hello David,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my template. Please re-check your inbox, I’ve replied your messages.

Kindly Regards,

Hi, not very happy with this theme. It wasn’t the easiest to get going as I had to download the framework externally and now that I’ve got it going, the positions are not working. Not very pleased. Unless you can tell me how to get the positions working, I’ll be requesting a refund.

Hello Tom,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my template. I feel sorry if you’re unhappy with my template. But, if you face any difficulities of using my template, you could please PM me here to activate your account on my forum for more advice. And about module position you could see it here

Kindly Regards,

Hello, I like this theme a lot, but it seems that i have a problem I didn’t find how to fix it, its about the News Show Pro GK4 module! the tabs with “all”,”webdesign”,”graphic design” and “branding” are FIXED !! and I can’t change them to what I want .. I did find the module and i changed them in the back office of joomla but in the preview nothing happened! I need your help with this if you can .. and thank you


Thanks for your post, but I didn’t see your purchase badge, like the others who have purchased.


Hello, ahh sorry to disturb you, I didn’t buy it from here to be honest, and by the way I found the right modules for that sorry it was an easy step but i didn’t notice it.. and its a very good template I encourage you my friend ;)

Hehehehe…, I don’t sell this template on somewhere else, I just sell this template here…

Just purchased this, installed via the administration panel as usual on a fresh install of Joomla 2.5. The following error is returned when viewing the live site after setting the template to default:


I had a scan over the documentation, and no reference to this problem. Every install of Joomla on 2.5 must get the same issue as there is nothing differnt with this installation than the normal way of working.

NOT HAPPY ! can you please advise what the problem is.

Hello Scousejohno,

Thank you very much for your trust o purchase my template. this warning messages occurs, because You haven’t installed the JaT3 System plugin, the installer could be found on the extensions folder which has been enclosed on the package file. So please go to extension manager and install this plugin. good luck..!!

But, if this is a fresh joomla installation, I do suggest you to use the quickstart installer file, it will surely save much of your time, you don’t need to install the template, module, component, and plugin one by one, you will have a clone of the demo version.

If you have another question, please feel free to post on my own forum I will be glad to help, to activate your account, please PM me here