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Thanks for the quick response Keenan. I have installed via quickstart but i wanted to not install this way for a particular reason. I shall send you a PM shortly.

Hello scousejohno,

I’ve replied your message through your email, please check your inbox.


Good day,

I would like to purchase your template, but need to know if:

1. It will work on Joomla 2.5.6?
2. Does it come with both light and dark versions?
3. Will it work with VirtueMart?
4. Can the login panel at the top be disabled?
5. Does it come with detailed instructions on how to install it?

Many thanks,
Kind regards

Hello dec71,

Thank you very much for your post. Okey, I’ll try to aswer your question :
  1. Yes, it comes with joomla 2.5.x quickstart
  2. Yes, it comes with both skin, you could easily set it on the template manager
  3. I never try it by myself, but some of people who have purchase this template, ever tried integrating this template with virtuemart, and working well
  4. Surely, it can be disabled
  5. Yes…, documentation is also included, we also have an own forum support to help people who have purchase my templates
I do hope I caould answer your question. Looking forward to your purchase.

Kindly regards,

Hi Keenan,

Thank you for the wonderful template. I have downloaded and installed as per the documentation. The T3 framework and all of the attached modules have also been installed. I am currently running Joomla 2.5.6.

When I view my website with /index.php?tp=1, I am able to see all divs.

However, when I try to assign a module, such as the djslider to a position within the template, I am unable to see the slider div and several others that are viewable from /index.php?tp=1.

Please could you advise what the problem may be.

Many thanks,

Hello Dec,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my template. But, could you please repost your question on our forum for more advice? and to activate your forum’s account, please PM me here



Could you respond to my emails please, its been some four work days since a reply and i appreciate that you may be busy, but the delay is delaying my progress on delivering the website.

Before buy this beautifull template I wanna ask something…. Can I use this template with the new T3v3 framework? (Maybe I can install before the blank template with T3v3 and after just upload only your template) What is the best way for you to do customization for keeping all your modifications when in the future you wanna update the framework or the template? Thanks :-)

Hello emanuelechiari,

Thank you very much for your post. Well this template is only running under Ja T3v2 framework, updating to T3v3 will not wot work. Yea, I realize that T3v3 and T3v2 have huge differences. And I still don’t plan to update this template to run under T3v3. And surely I’ll let you know if this template will be ready under T3v3. Thanks


I made a deposit in the amount of $ 40, to acquire this famous template: Asaregh, help me download it, I lack the knowledge… thanks.

Hello Paco,

Thank you very much for your post, to download this template please go to this page On right side you will see purchase button, hit it to purchase, then you should go to your download page to download it. Looking forward to your purchase. Regards,


Hi, sorry to insist but pressing on targets I buy any link for downloading, it does is address the page of: Buy Whit and Buy Now, or lack some other payment?...please help me thanks

Can you tell me if this templae is compatible with php 5.3 – as I have Akeeba Backup installed and it is required for new versions of Akeeba.


Hello Tony,

Yes, you could update the akeeba, it shouldn’t affect or influence to this template by updating the akeeba version.


Hi there – love the theme, just one issue I have a message saying – JFolder::create: Could not create directory. Could you please advise what to do to resolve this. Thanks

Hello MMdesignUK,

Thank you very much for your trust to purcahse my template. About your problem, could you please let me know where and when do you have this warning messages…?? Also I’m so much appreciated if you could post this issue on our forum you just need to PM me here to activate your acccount.


Hi Keenan, thanks for your quick response. I was getting the error on the home page and the portfolio. I have re-installed the quickstart on the server but ticked the “override tmp and log paths” when installing the second time and that stopped the error message on the template page but I still have a similar problem when installing extensions. I get the error message: Warning: Failed to move file! JFolder::create: Could not create directory Unable to create destination. I shall post this on your forum when active.

Thanks Mark

Just for future reference if you are going to ask your customers to post on your forum (which does not work half of the time, when trying to post) then could you at least provide a timeframe for giving responses. It is not uncommon to go days and days awaiting a response. You have provided some half decent obscure support in the past, but given the choice I wont be purchasing any more content from this author until they improve their ways of working with customers.

The documentation for this template is badly lacking even to the point it lacks a basic overview of module layouts which you would reasonably expect with any premium template from the likes of rockettheme etc, but not with this one. Also there are unsupported developer modules being used within this template therefore you should at least try and provide an alternative to the customer, instead of fobbing them off with the “developer no longer supports this extension even though we sold it as apart of our template!”

I would rather you take this negative feedback and build upon it so you improve your services for future customers, after all negative feedback is more pro-active than positive appraisals.

Hello Andy,

Thank you very much for your feedback, I’m really much appreciated. I do hope I could provide better support for you and the others. So many unexpect thing happen on me, and surely it has messed up. I’m so sorry for this inconvenient.



I have purchased this template three months ago and I am extremely happy and pleased. I have been working closely with the author of Asareng template and Vijay has been a blessing! I have done a lot of customization with the author to tailor the site to my vision and it has been professional on all levels. In addition we have become good friends too!

What I really liked about this template is that everything is already pre-configured. You perform a restore using akeeba backup on your linux server. This restore is configured exactly what you see when viewing the site. All the customer has to do is change the graphic names, add content and your ready to go.

I give this author five stars…

Thank You Vijay!!


Dhe’ remma’ Cong

Hello Vian,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my template. Please PM me here to activate your ID.


Hi, i have a problem with tabgk4. I’m using it to do a gallery, so i made tabs by some custom html module like

and i obtain my 3 rows thumbs page and bigger image in lightbox, but bigger image link always come overwritten by last added tab.

same behavoir using a gallery plugin .. thanks Anoush”>

Hello Anoush,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. Could you please let me know your url? PM here the detail please…??


Hi Keenan, I have purchase your template some time ago wich is great. I have translate it to French for personnal use but some of the items do not translate. Can you tell me if your template as been translated in French ? If not, do you have any clues as how I can translate K2 Edit Item? For example the Item view options in category listing in Website Design and the Graphics Design Items do not translate.

Many thanks, Monique Labelle

Hi Keenan,

A week ago I have posted a question. I also send you a email. I need to know how to translate to French some Items that appear in the K2 Item section. Some Items wont translate to French and I need to know why and how I can solve this problem. Also, I need to know how to remove the CPANEL that appears on the top right corner of the front page. Can you hepl me out please.

Many thanks,

Monique Labelle

Hi, i love this template and wish to buy. Does it have provision for videos in the portfolio or the articles? Can it accommodate ads? Would like to buy it asap. regards FS

Hello, how i can chage from green version to dark red?



I have been trying to center the top menu from the mega.css file but unable to get it centered.

Could you point me in the right direction.

Hello Shaw,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. to center your main menu, you could try add margin-left property on .ja-megamenu selector (see mega.css on line 4), I’ve tested by adding margin-left:200px,

Good luck, and so sorry for my late reply.

Hi Keenan

Thank you, that has done the trick.


You’re welcome, Shaw…;)

Hi Keenan,

please help me. I reinstalled fox contact and now does not work: Fatal error: Call to a member function getMenu() on a non-object in /data/r/o/ on line 29 Where there may be a bug? Thank you,



I’m trying to portfolio page which is used for GK4 Tabs allow me to add more than 2 pages, but not where I can specify this feature. Currently, I can put a maximum of 2 pages of portfolio with 9 items on each page. Can you help me?

Thank you.

Hello Xavi,

I think you have older version, because on my latest version, you should have tabs GK5 instead of tabs GK4 modules. Tabs gk5 has auto height option as its new features. However, please PM here and brief me more detail, because I don’t 100% understand your question.


Hi, I bought the template two years ago, so I use GK4.

What I mean is that Portfolio section in the Editorial section I have uploaded more than 25 items, but only see two pages (points at the top right) and thus, are only 18 items (page 9). The question is: I can do that there as many pages as necessary to show all items?

Thank you.