Asareng - Responsive Dark & Light Joomla Templates

Asareng - Responsive Dark & Light Joomla Templates

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Asareng is dark, elegance and impresive joomla template. Designed specifically to meet to many kinds of business projects. Asareng comes with powerful T3 Joomlart Framework, best and selected extentions.


Version 1.7.5 (02 October 2013)

  - Minor change on templatesDetail.xml
  - Minor changes on K2.css (clear floating property on some selector)
  - Minor but Important update on templates.css 
  - Minor update on setting.css (including setting.css on themes folder)
  - Major update on extensions.css
  - Add responsive.css
  - Add layout.css
  - Add mega.js on meltas > js > menu
  - Minor update on default.xml layouts files on etc > layouts folder
  - Minor update on asareng > blocks > head.php
  - Minor update on asareng > blocks > header.php
  - Replace Bt Slideshow with Slideshow CK modules
  - Replace Captify Content Modules with NSP GK5 Modules
  - Replace NSP GK4 with NSP GK5 Modules
  - Remove register.php and profile.php on meltas > html > com_k2
  - Update T3 System plugin the the latest version 
  - Update K2 to the latest version
  - Update Joomla to the latest version

Version 1.7.4 : 7 March 2012

  - Quickstart Updated to Native <strong>Joomla 2.5.2</strong>
  - Major update on Documentations

Version 1.7.3: 3 January 2012

  - Added <strong>Light Skin</strong> Version
  - Major change on templates.css, extention.css, and default setting.css

Version 1.7.2 : 5 December 2011

  - Installed, configured and re-styled  Captify Content Modules
  - Added more Homepage layouts option


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