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peppenora Purchased

hallo!! i just bought the theme and you did a very good job!! the only thing i need is the code to create multiple galleries…. please,can you send it to me ?? thank you!!


Yes, I can get that over to you some time today : ) Please email me at support@egobuilders.net

Congratulations, you have some great work! :)

alkarnur Purchased

Hello, I bought your theme and it’s great. I’ve been tailoring it to my tastes and I noticed that now the logo button in the middle of the navigation “ribbon”, when clicked, no longer takes me to the gallery page when it’s on the first/home page. The same goes for many of the other buttons such as “Meet The Crew”, they’re no longer working. What could be causing this? If you want to check out my site: klearkom.com The editing I’ve been doing is in style.css and index.html with only slight changes in sendmail.php (email address and subject).

I’ve changed the navigation button names, could this be causing it somehow?

EDIT: I’ve fixed the “Meet the Crew” and “Learn About Us” buttons by changing the button names to the names in the navigation bar. But I still can’t fix the logo button.


Please email me at support@egobuilders.net : )

fbyte Purchased

Hi egobuilders,

I have just purchased this masterpiece and will start customizing soon. May I ask you whether I can get back to you via your support mail (I see this given to others) and also ask for the code of the multiple gallery version? I also see you mentioned an update about two month ago. May I know the status of this update before starting the custom work?

Thanks for everything, best regards,



Please contact me at support@egobuilders.net and I will send you the new version, and give you support for it any time : )

fbyte Purchased

Thanks, I’ll get back to you soon. :)

fbyte Purchased

I definitely want to say something regarding the documentation (help files) of this template. I have just purchased this template a couple of hours ago and just started studying the code and structure now.

The quality of the documentation is absolutely outstanding. I have purchased here, at Envato’s marketplaces dozens of products, some years ago flash templates and recently html ones. So let me say I have some experience with unzipping freshly bought items and trying to start the customization. :) This time I have something like an “Out of the box” feeling. :)The help is extremely professionally designed and the content is so detailed that I think a customer can not expect more… I really have no words to describe how extensive, well-organized and user-friendly is the documentation. Well, I know, this is just a buyer’s opinion… nevertheless I encourage potential customers to know about this. :) I am not a professional in terms of html coding and design – it is just my passion to do the customization by myself whenever I decide to change my website or set up a new one for my new ideas… But after all I say I am amazed by the quality and usefulness of the help files.

Please forgive me this long post – I really wanted to share my opinions and I am sure nobody will be disappointed who needs a well-written help for the customization work.

Cheers, fbyte

The documentation is nice, but there are problems with mobile browsers. In Opera Mini does not work the menus and links to anchors in other browsers just do not start. To scroll does not work, just do not scroll the page down.

Template purchased, what to do?


Please contact me at support@egobuilders.net for support. Thanks! : )


wrote the forward to

is it possible to add multiple galleries?

- Template does not work in Google Chrome. - Gallery portrait picture mode does not work and is not centered on the bigger picture. - How to make a second gallery?


- Google Chrome does not support jQuery without a server, the files have to be online, FireFox works better for editing and testing

- There is no “portrait picture mode”

- A second gallery is available in the newest version as well as a “portrait picture mode”

- Contact me through my profile page and I will send you the new version

Template does not support mobile browsers and devices. And is not responsive. Fails the HTML validation. Documentation Making an amateur. Personally, I did not get the support of referring to my rough tone of the correspondence. I give the piece of correspondence:

My Answer_______ The documentation is nice, but there are problems with mobile browsers. In Opera Mini does not work the menus and links to anchors in other browsers just do not start. To scroll does not work, just do not scroll the page down.

Template purchased, what to do?

In other words, it is not so and responsive.

_Author – Egobuilders ______ Not all smartphones support CSS fixed positioning. That is the issue here:)

My Answer_______ responsive.css line 832
  1. Home, # about {     background-attachment: scroll;

Are you sure that you are the developer of this template? You specify that your template “Responsive and Device Friendly” – it turns out you are cheating?

_Author – Egobuilders ______ I would have helped you if you had not accused me of “cheating” ... that is not how someone gets help from people. Perhaps it is a language barrier, but it comes across very rude.

Perhaps I wrote on the emotions after the incompetent response (egobuilders), I’ve been waiting 3 days.

At the moment, the developer does not respond to the letter. Bought at themeforest were about a dozen templates, with such an attitude ran the first time.


It’s all true.

phozeex Purchased
hey guys, i need help! i dont know how to change the name of he menus! when i change the crew menu name its doesnt work! what should i do? phozeex@gmail.com

You must rename the id on the div you are scrolling to, to match the name of the menu item, so it will know where to scroll to : )




I think we communicated through email already, please let me know if you still need help with this : )

Hi there – hoping to get the code for multiple galleries. Thank you very much. Excited to work with this beautiful template.


Thanks for emailing me, let me know if you need anything else : )

Hello Ego,

is it possible to add multiple galleries in Responsive Photo & Video Portfolio Gallery?



I just now saw your message, otherwise I would have replied right away : ) If you buy this template I will send you the updated version that allows multiple galleries (I just haven’t uploaded it to themeforest yet)

andop Purchased

Hi Ego builders, great work on this site! Just having trouble puttting in theme on local host, says its to large.

Can you help as I am new to this


This is the first I’ve heard of anything like this. It’s really not a large website template. Please email me at support@egobuilders.net if you need more help.

OMG, scrolling not worked, if navigation menu not a english :((


Will send you newer version : )


Latest version problem solved, thanks :)

Hi, I’m very interested in your theme, but had a couple of questions before purchasing:

- Would it be possible to have the gallery load in the”page” once you click on Gallery, instead of opening in a modal type overlay? - Do you still support multiple gallery pages?

- Would it be simple enough to add captcha to the contact form?

- Within the gallery, are the images lazy loaded?

Thanks for your time! :D


Awesome! Thanks for the quick feedback!


I meant, “If it wasn’t a responsive site, it WOULDN’T be so difficult to change that.” ...wish I could edit comments.


The WordPress version is awaiting approval at ThemeForest. Hopefully will be approved any day now.

I am working in wordpress 3.8.1. I tried to install theme and received the error message please help

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.


It is not a WordPress theme, it is just HTML. However, ironically, the WordPress version is in ThemeForest’s queue, awaiting approval, hopefully within the next few days.

I’m having an issue with updating the theme via Ascende Settings. Everytime i hit save i get an error page and it doesn’t save my amendments. Anyone else have this problem?

Anybody know how to fix this?


This is the HTML version.

Why did you remove the WordPress version? I just purchased it yesterday and started customizing it. There was information in the comments that I was coming back to review – For example removing the intros, etc

Do you plan on bringing it back on-line or is it gone forever? Should I just find another theme considering how quickly you pulled this off the market. Are there functional/fundamental problems I should be aware of?



LOL. I didn’t “pull it off the market”. I was trying to update the WordPress theme, and the DELETE ITEM button is right below the UPDATE button, so it was accidentally deleted. I have submitted a Support Ticket to get the item restored… What do you need help with? I know more about the theme than the comments section does : )

Thank you Peter, I am prepared to overlook that it took almost three minutes to respond on a warm Sunday, I will even forgive the outstanding technical support. What I cannot forgive is that your documentation is so well put together that with hindsight I really should have spent more time RTFM

Well done Sir, the template is even better once we take just that much longer to appreciate the skills that went into it.

Kind regards Paul



Thanks for the kind words Paul, let me know if you need anything else : )