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akemena Purchased

Hi there, 1st of all a big “thank you” for this beautiful theme :).

I just did not find an answer to my issue: I’m trying to get EXIF data displayed in the information area of the “full size” image display while using the [media] shortcode. Is there any way to get “foreign” shortcodes from other plugins interpreted? Right now they just seem to be filtered/escaped…

Thanks in advance!


Glad you like the theme! I will try to address the issue in a future update.

It´s compatible with woocommerce?


Not totally yet, you could used it with WooCommerce, but it would require some customization, which I could do for a reasonable fee.

Greetings, I am being faced with a challenge and I’m hoping you can assist me with it. I want to make the padding on the sections less than its default of 100px. Where do I need to go to change that? I tried function.php but didn’t work. Thanks in advance.


Please see the Ascende Settings.

Is it possible to have more than one gallery in the main navigation? Do you have any websites that are using this theme that you can send me links to?


Yes, you can have more than one gallery in the main navigation. The preview is using the theme.

what exact customisation needs to be done to make it woocommerce compatible?


I would have to literally install WooCommerce with this theme and adjust it accordingly. I did that once just to check it out. Mostly it just needed some styling modifications.

mgrund Purchased

Hello Egobuilders -

Hope all is well. I am writing you in regards to an earlier email I sent through your http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders address…the proper instructions you mentioned in similar support threads.

The issue I’m having is “page not found” when I try to make any customizations in the WP theme settings panel. Its making the whole design/work process impossible since nothing will save.

I wanted to check in to see if you received my first email and had a chance to correct the problem. Please let me know if in fact you did receive email and if there is any additional information you need from me to resolve this issue.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Mg


The “page not found” issue seems to be a hosting issue. Changing hosting will fix that.


Please contact me at http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders with any further questions.

mh04893 Purchased


I also am having the same issue as mgrund who posted 4 days ago (as of 8/4. Will email you separately via your profile. Thanks for any help in advance!


Seems you have contacted me directly also… let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Hello!! Would like more support you. My photographer friend wants the photos in slide have 100% height. The width is proportional. No problem if you cut the sides of the photo or black bands appear on the sides. I tried to find in your code but did not. Thank you.


Thanks for your patience, sorry for the delay…

From the instructions.html file… fit=”true”

[media fit=”true” thumb=”uploads/sun_th.jpg” file=”uploads/sun.jpg” header=”Text At Top Left” title=”Title In Caption” button=”Button Text” link=”http://www.themeforest.net/user/egobuilders”] Text in the captions description. [/media]

I have a question, I update the social media links on our website www.grow217.com but it didnt update the shortcode… how do I fix?


Please contact me directly at…



Hi, i have a question, is it possible to add in bcc function to your contact form? How to do so?


I can customize it for you… send me the link and login info here… http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders#contact ...but tell me who you are, I get like, a gazillion emails ; )

On my About page, if I start with with [section] of any type, the top section is Much bigger and doesn’t shrink to the type. Currently I use [section id=”about1” bgcolor=”#29292f”]

I can’t bring the page live to show you but there is atleast 200-300pixels of bottom margin below the text and image in the top section.

On my About page, if I start with with [section] of any type, the top section is Much bigger and doesn’t shrink to the type like the other sections. Currently I use [section id=”about1” bgcolor=”#29292f”]

I can’t bring the page live to show you but there is atleast 200-300pixels of bottom margin below the text and image in the top section.


Thank you! Worked like a charm!




I have version 1.4 ready now if you want it (with some new options, too). Please contact me through here… http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders#contact

I installed ascende into my wordpress site, but I have been trying to create a child theme to make the necessary updates, however, every time it tells me that I need to install the parent theme.

Any idea why is not working?



Any news on this?


Please contact me here with the link and login info… http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders#contact


I sent you the info as requested

I’m having an issue, whenever I try to save something in the ‘theme settings’ it gives me this error:

An appropriate representation of the requested resource /mydomain/wp-admin/admin.php could not be found on this server.

What does it mean?

Thanks in advance


Yes, it is hosted in GoDaddy. So, you are saying I have to change my whole hosting account for the theme to work correctly? There is no other way?


Please please please please please contact me here with the link and login info… http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders#contact


I sent you the info as you requested

Hello, our site is hosted on Godaddy, does it mean this theme isn’t going to work?


Would that be an ad-free hosting too?


Of course ; ) Set up email addresses, multiple websites, simple WordPress installation, databases, etc…


Really, sounds like we are missing out! We’ll consider that. Thanks!

Hi There

Very interested in this theme.

I’m looking to use it for my video production company.

I first had some questions:

1) Can the theme be turned from black to white? 2) Can I easily put my logo on top left? 3) What font selection do I have? 4) Can I put video anywhere? I see you have video galleries but if I wanted a video playing right near the top of the site is this possible? 5) Can I have as many pages as I want? 6) How easy is it to add my own graphics and logos etc as icons throughout? 7) Adding social network links is easy and can be done anywhere on theme? 8) I have zero knowledge of code etc – I’m running this through wordpress on my own domain through GO DADDY (UK) – how easy is this site to use? I don’t mind putting the effort in to customise to myself but is it easy for a layman to use or to get it working how I want do I need to know code etc? 9) Does it work okay with Go Daddy?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to getting your responses




Yes to pretty much everything. Each section can have a unique background color and all the text can have a unique color, all of which is very easy to do, but there is not a dark/light toggle button per se.

If you need social networking icons which are not in the default theme, I am happy to add what you need.

The fonts are Google fonts, which there are thousands of, very easy to customize.

If you have any trouble with the hosting, I am glad to set up a free hosting account for you, with excellent features and support.

Also, I am glad to help you get this theme set up for your site : )


Wonderful – thank you so much for your detailed and helpful response. As soon as I get time to sort all this I will do. Thanks once again

A question before I buy…

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 4.0? Are there any updates planned after the last in April 2014?



Yes, it’s compatible with WordPress 4.0 …I have a brand new update ready, I just haven’t uploaded it yet because I am adding the updates to the instructions. I am more than glad to email the new version to you once you have purchased the theme. Thanks!

Hi there. I’m interested in your theme. I have a few questions:

1- Are you still updating the theme?

2- Will it be WP 4.0 compatible?

3- Is it possible to add large captions to an image? Something around 1500 characters.

4 – I see that the demo theme resizes image, according to the viewer’s screen resolution. On a large resolution display images are upsized beyond their native resultion, resulting in pixellated images. Is it possible to avoid upsizing above an image native resolution?


The updated version is ready, I just have to finish updating the instructions. I am glad to send it to you if you buy the theme. The theme is 4.0 compatible. The gallery captions will hold 1500 characters, but it will get quite tight on mobile phones.

Hello there..!

Just one thing… my client really wants to see a slider on the home page… Is your theme compatible with any slider…?

Which (free) slider will work best…? Thank you! :)


I made a slider for it. Please send me the link and login info through here http://themeforest.net/user/egobuilders#contact


Well…I haven’t bought the item… I’m still checking which theme best covers my client needs…

Do you have a link where I can preview that slider…?

And I have 2 other questions:

1) Can I have my own logo showing on the flash intro before a page loads…? 2) Is it possible to change the font style of the menu?

I’m very interested on this theme, Thank you.


I’ll put the slider online for you to see. But you’ll have to contact me directly in order for me to send you the link…


1) Yes, easily.

2) Yes, easily.