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looking to this its not worth to mention my issues with IE9

Hi there, since 2 days the slider animation doesn’t work anymore on IE 9 and Firefox. Chrome is still ok. I disabled the slider but I bought the theme especiallyfor the slider function. Does someone has a solution? txs www.antennapub.be

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Hello epicera,

How can i add image to slider in the main page? i’m a bit confused.

Thank you,



great theme but I can’t get it to work like I saw in the demo. I am very brand new to Wordpress :)

I have two questions. Can I change the colors of the borders and the link texts? If yes, how?

2. How do I get a drop down in the Menu like you have?

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Im a little bit frustrated with IE9 compatibility, and also when using IE9 in Compatibility Mode… we need some assitance with what is causing display corruptions with top menus and the likes. The site I administer www.thecrossfitchamber.com.au use to look a million bucks but now with IE9 its absolutely horrid. Safari still looks great. Any assistance would be great. So far I have replaced cufon-yui.js as I read this could help but this hasnt fixed all the formatting stuff ups. Thank you!


How is it going?

I installed this theme and it installed fine, I have created a few posts and pages and they seem to be working fine.

The only issue I have is that I have created a Menu Navigation and added pages to the Menu, the different pages is showing up as “Not Found”.

I have installed wordpress in a Subfolder of a website so for example – http://www.websitename.com/wordpress-installation

Therefore the site urls are


Any ideas why the pages will be Not Found, the pages themselves are also showing “not found” once I have set them up and published them.

Thanks for your help in advance.

How are we going developers, tried this on another site and i am still getting errors…

Can you please look at this issue a.s.a.p.

Below is the example of the URL .

Visit site

Please get back to me a.s.a.p.

I figured out my own issue. Its fine. The issue was to do with Permalinks structure.

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im having trouble with your theme , i get the following message at the top of the website : “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /jquery-1.6.3.min.js on this server. “

and the side bar seems to freak out on some pages and appear below the content.

this is the website: widewebnow.com

please help

I bought this theme thru an envato bundle. Some of the shortcodes aren’t working. How can I get an update? My purchase code won’t allow me to access the support forum.

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Not displaying titles and top menus with IE 9 .

What to do????

It’s been too long since I installed this theme. My client wants to add the “Blog” menu, and I see that Aspire has a Blog menu item. No idea how to reactivate it. Help?

I’m working at a small business who had another company set up their website and the Aspire theme was used. I haven’t been able to reach the company that set up the site so I thought I’d ask this question here as it should be simple.

I set up the blog to actually show on the blog page (it wasn’t before) and now there are generic thumbnails showing next to the latest posts. I would like to add our own image or something, anything other than these generic images. I cannot find where to change this image.

Could you tell me where to change this image for posts?

I am very familiar with Wordpress having set up numerous Wordpress websites but not familiar with the Aspire theme and I am not a programmer.

Thank you for your help.

Rose http://avsecurityinc.com
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anyone know if this theme works with wordpress 3.5.1 ?

I am using it on two websites running WP 3.52 and it is working fine.


This theme is still working fine for me running WP 4.1 :)

I’m using this template here : http://www.aikidonantes.fr/

Accents are’nt displayed on title ? How to fix it ?


If i purchase theme…will you install as it is on the domain name i provide?