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Is it safe to update to Wordpress 3.1 w/ this theme?

MDNW Author

Yup :) That’s what the demo is running on.

Hey I have a bug in the social network bar.. My video link is automatically adding the http://twitter.com/ in the link box. Even if i delete everything in the box where the vimeo url goes, it still adds the http://twitter.com/ before the link i paste in there.. so it reads like this when the icon is click on the frontend of the sight http://twitter.com/http://vimeo.com/user6341416 which doesn’t go to the vimeo account, it goes to a non existing twitter page.. can you fix this for me, Thank you so much

Is it safe to update to Wordpress 3.1 w/ this theme?

We are still waiting for this answer from 14 days ago ^^

Thanks Nik.

MDNW Author

Hi Nik,

Yes – it’s safe – the demo is running on 3.1 ;)



I do have an issue with h2 h3 with IE9 and also with the page heading.


Maybe i am doing something wrong?


Not a lot of luck with this theme so far.

- The sample import fails in WP 3 .1 (some stuff imports but there is a long list of errors). No big deal but annoying.

- The slider graphics and caption go out of sync by the second rotation. I’m using the default options.

- I can’t get the menu to work as shown in the demo site. I have pages nested under a template but I only ever see a top level menu entry. The demo shows Pages -> Intro Caption -> No Intro Caption etc. Mine just shows Pages and nothing else.

Menu problem was my bad – sorry.

The slider sync option can be fixed by turning off ‘Alpha Loader’ under ‘Design Settings’. For some reason this was on by default.

The slider still misbehaves by ‘flashing’ up an image as it loads.

And it’s broken in IE9 .

Other than that, all good.

One other note – this theme uses Sidebar Generator which is NOT COMPATIBLE with Wordpress 3.0 or 3.1 – see http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sidebar-generator/

Hence you cannot have sidebars in this theme.

One Category for Homepage posts?

I have maybe a simple problem. I don’t want to have EVERY recent posts to show up on the homepage. Is there a way to assign only ONE category. Just like when you assign one category for the Slider I did see how to assign the “more” link from the admin panel.

thanks, Sal

where can you get the updated version of this theme?

iwsayers Purchased

my custom fields have all disapeared in wordpress 3.1

I have turned on screen options but only two custom fields are showing now….sbg_selected_sidebar and sbg_selected_sidebar_replaement

please advise as i can not add in the page_caption section :(

Please help Ian


Are you going to update this theme?

Thanks Nick.


I’m having some trouble with the slider. It’s showing just one slide at time. Any ideas in how to solve that? URL : http://in5.com.br/novo/ WP: 3.1.1 Aspire: 1.1

I’m running into problems with 3.1.1, is it not compatible? A couple things I’m having problems with;

1)photos won’t align as they are supposed to 2)mappress plugin does not work

That’s it, pretty minor, but it seems to be an incompatibility issue.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

foxhound Purchased

Just bought this theme to find out it doesn’t work with Wordpress 3.1.2. Trying to set up the slider and the custom fields don’t show up so I can’t input the data. When will you be updating this theme?

MDNW Author

Make sure you have Custom Fields visible from the “Screen Options” panel in the top right ;)

Brandon -

I purchased this item as part of the wordpress bundle that was offered a few months back – is there a way to receive an updated version?

I sent you an email a few days ago. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

- Eric


It’s all gone quiet come on please give us an update or some support, or I am going to have to change to another theme.

Thanks Nik

MDNW Author

Heya Nik,

There’s actually a massive update coming next week… which is why I’ve been absent from the boards here. Once the new framework is released, I’ll be around a lot more often ;)




20 days on can you advise when this massive update is comming?

Thanks Nik.

Brandon, I need some help with the formatting of pictures and videos in the page. For some reason everything keeps moving to the left even-though they are set to appear in the middle. Any ideas? Thanks man.


lucalo Purchased

Hi Brandon, i’ve some issues with the slider. i can’t upload a new image, i noticed that on my dashboard post page i don’t see any content-type field. i only see the “Set featured image” box, but it doesn’t make any effect. what’s wrong?

I’m curious, do you support the functionality of your theme? Like if I can’t get the images to display in the slider, will you make it work for me?

MDNW Author

Heya J – I can’t make it work for you… but I do offer quite a few video walkthroughs on how to do it properly. It’s not terribly tricky either since it includes all of the tools that you need to make it work without any coding ;)


Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how to change the into caption that come up on the BlogRoll where it says “featuring a complete blog solution. Perfect for bloggers and business alike!” believe this is a page but for the life of me have no idea where to change it, tried fire bug but no luck.

Hope you can help