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Hello again….

Also what’s the issue with creating posts the side bar seems to jump under the content that I put in! It’s only when you add the icon and caption that it seems to correct itself?..is this normal. It’s a shame as the theme is great but it’s springing up with small issues here and there. This was part of a promotion also when I got it. Would like some feed back to anyone that can help otherwise it’s a no go for me sorry, sigh!..........


I LOVE your layout!! Very creative and sharp!! I am debating on buying your theme. I am trying to create a cool BLOG ; I had a few quickie questions to see if your theme was the right fit for what I’m looking for…

1) Am I able to insert a full-grapic header to the top that will stretch to both sides with the blog name, etc. on it?

2) Could I have the blog without the photo boxes (so it looks like a more common blog)? Will it extend to the left fully without the photo?

3) The blog are set up to be a short length and then have a “read more” button. Is there a way to set it up so that it will automatically display the full article instead?

4) Can I control how many blog entries can go on the main page?

Thank you so much! Allen

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Hi! Why can’t I change SideBars in BlogRoll or Gallery pages? What can I do to fix it?


Have you tested yet on 3.2? Does it work? Is it safe to update?

The Cufon wasn’t working in Internet Explorer 9, so I had to add :



Cufon.replace(‘ul.sf-menu:has(ul) > li a, .categories span, ul.quick_links li h3, #page h2, #page h3, #page h4, #page h5, #sidebar h2, .sub_header p, .article_nav a’, { fontFamily: ‘Avenir LT Std’ });

This fixed the issue

Nevermind the prior comment – I had to upgrade cufon-yui.js

I purchased the WordPress bundle offered last year at ThemeForest. This theme was included in that bundle. Has anybody who downloaded the theme in that bundle been able to update it? It seems that the theme has been updated since that time, but neither Envato nor the author are very forthcoming about update eligibility.

If I’m not able to upgrade (due to it being a bundle and not an outright purchase) I’m okay with that, but PLEASE let us know! It’s a great theme, and I’ve spent a fair amount of fixing bugs on my own since the creator didn’t provide any bug fixes to the bundle purchasers. I would like to know if I need to move on, or continue to wait for a response from the theme creator.

There seems to be many people in the same situation as I am, so I’m surprised that this issue hasn’t seen a resolution.

Neither Envato nor Brandon Jones seems to have a solution. Anybody?

I bought the bundle pack last year too. It is now my understanding that theme updates are not provided to bundle purchasers. Because of this, that was my first and last bundle purchase. This is a very nice theme and I built a great website with it, but had to fix bugs myself.

Great theme, how do I sort the blog posts featured on the homepage to show in date order (latest blog post first)?

Hi Brandon,

I created a site over a year ago for a client of mine with the aspire theme and haven’t touched it in quite a while. When I went to check it out recently I noticed that the sidebar sticks to the edge of the browser window rather than staying static where it’s supposed to be. Can you help me fix this?




Lately I am having a lot of problems with this theme and it seems as though no one is answering questions on the boards. I would really appreciate some answers to the following:

1. Why is the sidebar sticking to the right hand side of all of my pages? You can see here: http://squashandbeyond.com/

2. Why is the sidebar floating in the middle of the page here: http://squashandbeyond.com/?page_id=378?

3. Why is the social media gray bar not going away when I have no social media specified: http://squashandbeyond.com/

4. What’s going on with the line here: http://www.squashandbeyond.com/2012/. Why isn’t it below the page title?

I have spent lots of time on firebug and google and have come up with no answers. If I can’t fix these issues, I’m going to have to purchase another theme, re-make this website from scratch, and I’ll never buy from epicera again, as this has not been a very user-friendly experience.

Please help, thanks.


quick question support. I only want three slider images to scroll through but some how it shows 8. I’m clicking the slider button when i want a post to be featured on the homepage slider but now for some reason 8 show up. any ideas guys?

I would love to have the ability to pick the color i want and post a graphic where the stock 8 colors go. Any way to do this?

thanks. Also I would actually pay for a live support phone call.

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I’ve installed this theme on three separate installations of Wordpress 3.2 and all three both the sidebar and the custom fields menus do not appear when editing or adding posts. I can’t customize the slider of the sidebars. IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM ?

I also purchased the WordPress bundle offered last year at ThemeForest and need the upgrade for ie9 please.

Has anyone else got a response?

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I don’t find “featured_slide_img” and the other custom fields in the bottom of article. Why this? How can i solve the problem? Thanks in advance.

No support at all. Terrible. AWESOME THEME but bad support. The custom fields do NOT show!!!!

Nice Theme! I purchased this theme in the bundle pack a while back and, since bundle deals don’t include updates, I repurchased this theme last week. This theme works well for me on Wordpress 3.3.1 – no problems at all. Everything working fine so far.

Hi thanks for the great theme! One big problem. In IE Internet Explorer main menu doesnt show. http://bit.ly/wtNCbY

I also found the same issue. Go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ to download the latest cufon-yui.js and replace the old with the new.

Hi please reply, the menu doesnt work ik IE9 Is the a fix?