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Really love the theme! Thanks for the dedication to keep it updated with new features!

Hey nfoerster,

Thanks for your comments!


LayGiri Purchased

Having 2 problems with this theme, first when I change the colors on the theme options it doesnt change in front so I had to use custom css to change a lot of those. Then when I entered my sidebar user details and stuff they did not show up on the front end so I had to deactivate those all together. Fix for these?


LayGiri Purchased

You can see for what I mean… O Hovering over site title or blog post title is staying blue… no matter what I do really.

Hey LayGiri,

These issues are most likely the result of a caching plugin, or web server configuration. Ensure you empty this cache or wait for it to expire for changes to take effect on the front-end. If you continue to have this issue please submit a ticket to our support centre ( ).


zhboner Purchased

Wonderful theme, really love it.

Only 1 pre-purchasing question.

I notice that in the home page, every post is cut automatically by the fixed number of words. Do we have a option to show full content in home page or control the output content by “more” label when editing the post?

Hey zhboner,

Thanks for your comments.

Posts within the post-list only display the post excerpt. If no excerpt is set within the post-options the first section of post text will be used instead. If you require displaying entire post contents on the front-page we suggest checking our Orca theme.


zhboner Purchased

A very beautiful and clean theme overall, hope there is a option for posts to display comments automatically.

Hey zhboner,

Thanks for your comments and purchase.

Hello Ecko Themes, very wonderful theme. Great!

I have some questions because i can’t modify something in my site:

- I can’t show the social profiles - I can’t set my fovourite colors - How can modify (translate) the text “1 mminute left”?

Thanks md

Hey mattiadellera,

Thanks for your comments and purchase of Astro.

Please create a new ticket on our support centre and we will be happy to assist you with this issue. ( ).

Is there not a way to add a widget to the sidebar? I thought that would be the case when I bought this. Seems like its limited to a user profile on posts (which I don’t want) or the blog about text on the home page.

Hey jazzdrive3.

These sections are the sidebar of Astro (the author profile and blog information sections). Widgets are also supported in the footer.

If you have any further Widget queries please create a new ticket on our support centre.

I’m curious if you can change from the menu style displayed in the example, where it appears from the 3 line ‘menu’ icon, to a centered menu bar.

Hey shaunkrisher,

The menu position can only be changed via custom CSS. However it can be set to always be visible (without hover activation) via the theme options.

It is really nice and clean theme. But I have a problem with IPad mini -2 top menu is not functioning in IPAD 2 mini. I don’t check other IPADS.. When I click the left top menu, it is not working…

Hey burhanturkce,

Thanks for your purchase and comments. We just replied to your support ticket regarding this issue.

Hi, Im wanting to buy, echoing from previous comments – will you add the ability to attach a side bar to blog posts?

Hey markethealth02,

Thanks for your interest in Astro.

As Astro is a single column layout it doesn’t feature a sidebar section. If a sidebar is required we recommend one of our alternative themes such as Orca, or Koala.

Astro has been updated to 3.2.0, below is the change-log for this update.

15/11/2015 - v3.2.0
+ WordPress 4.4 Compatibility
+ Updated ‘Ecko Plugin’
+ Updated ‘Ecko Framework’
+ Updated Child Theme
+ Updated TGM Plugin Activation (2.5.2)
+ Updated Documentation
- Various Minor Bug Fixes

Great WP Blog Theme :)

i am loving how clean looking this theme is. got some questions so i know what can be done with it.

1. can there be additions to the sidebar on the homepage – want to be able to show upcoming workshops and other things – mailing list sign up etc.?

2. can a image be added to be visible on the main page with the posts for a visual perspective?

3. can i have the menu show all the time rather then just on hover?

4. sidebars on posts – can i have custom sidebars?

5. preexisting widget on header image of post – can that be anything i want it to be other then just author bio?

looking forward to the answers.

i’ve been searching something to start for my business and you’re caught my eye.

thanks for the help – these are actually all presale questions. i’m currently deciding what will work best for me.

Astro or Orca?

can more things be played with on Orca then Astro?

i want it about content but i also want to be able to advertise other content that is available kind of like this site does >>

Do you feel that Orca would be the best fit.

I love the homepage feel of Astro – and i think it’s because everything is shifted over to the right more rather then being perfectly centered.

can this be done with Orca???? can i fix the position of the box to match Astro?

i’m trying to make the decision – it’s just a tough one… because both your themes are pretty damn cool – just figuring out which one i want to stick with for the long haul on my site :)

Looking at the blog you provided, I believe Orca would be best suited for your site, as this features a sidebar and post-list images.

We can provide some custom CSS to re-align the layout to the left/right. If you decided to purchase, submit a ticket on our support site and we can assist you with this.

awesome! thanks for getting back to me :)

Can Astro support featured images on the front page…i.e. like Medium. Would be a nice touch to the theme. Also, Can the featured image be customized to show half the size on the single post page as opposed to the big size… Thanks-Greg

Hey pgsimas,

Thanks for your interest in Astro.

Astro is intended to be minimal content-focused theme, and therefore doesn’t feature post-list images. If this is a required feature we recommend checking out our Cedar theme which includes this functionality.

The post cover images are fixed size of the browser viewport height, however we can provided some custom CSS to adjust this height. If you decide to purchase please create a new ticket on our support site and we can assist with the above.