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So no styling for contact forms? I’m using Contact Form 7 and looks horrible :(

Hey cybergus,

All forms and input fields should have styling, send me a preview link to and I’ll check it out.

Hello! Great work!

One comment: Please, create option to make the navigation menu always visible and make it nice at mobile device also at the top. And if it possible , create option to choose png file for logo.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for your comments.

Astro supports the PNG image format for the logo. As for the navigation feature, this is coming in the next update. Until then, you can use some custom CSS to always show the menu (email me at for details how to do so).


Thank you for your care! I have little request to improve your really great and clean theme before buy:

1 – In additional info of post, please, add the number of minutes, for example, Posted by Harvey Specter on March 7th, 2014 – 4 min read (like in

2 – Add navigation with numbers, not just “Older Posts”

3 – on mobile device: Menu at the top, and make “ugly” search beautiful :)


That will be brilliant for all users not just to me!

Great honor!

Astro v2.0 has been released, and will be available to download once approved by ThemeForest. It includes some of the corrections you mentioned in your last comment. The changelog for this update can be found in the item description.

Astro v2.0 has been released, and will be available to download pending approval from ThemeForest. Below is the chanelog for this update.

v2.0 - 14/05/2014

+ Added Feature Image Options for Front Page
+ Added 23+ Customization Options
+ Added Annotation Shortcode
+ Added Code Highlight Shortcode
+ Added Columns Shortcode
+ Added Youtube & Vimeo Shortcode
+ Redesigned Responsive Navigation
+ Added Unlimited Color Options
+ Added Local SVG Fonts (Improved font rendering on Chrome Windows)
+ Added Autoload Comments Option
+ Added Default Blog Icon
+ Updated Documentation
- Fixed Form Field Overflow
- Fixed Search Field Overflow
- Fixed Incorrect Navigation Icon
- Various Margin Fixes

Hey, I love this theme, I was wondering how I would I got about placing a read more text link in place of [...] on the main page?

Hey DivBay,

If you send me an email to, I’ll send some instructions on how to do this.

Is there a way to disable all of the “about the author” stuff? I’m looking at using it as a single-user theme (personal website).

Hey kdsanders,

Yep, you can hide this information via the ‘Theme Customizer’ options.

Is there an easy way to recreate the nice blue “view comments” button for other purposes?

Hey ajstocco,

Sure, send an email over to and I’ll provide you with some instructions for this.

The code syntax highlighting doesn’t work with html, it renders the actual HTML. Any ideas how to fix?

I replied to this in your email ticket, let me know if you cant see it.

I never got a notification or email.

I resent the email, check your spam folder. The pagination issue is due to your ‘download-manager’ plugin injecting CSS styles.

The Live Preview looks nothing like the item’s featured image. Can you please enable a large header picture on the demo like you do in the featured image?

Hey sytafi,

Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I’ll get a preview of the featured home page added.

I am having some trouble uploading images in the theme customization options. When I select or drag an image there it will not allow me to save and publish the new results.

Also how do we use the code syntax highlighting?

Hey CFCParadox,

Thanks for your purchase.

If you have any third-plugins installed I recommend disabling them and trying to upload the image again. If the issue persists send an email to

You can find information on using the syntax highlighter in the included documentation under the ‘Shortcodes’ section.

First of all, I really like the concept of the completely imageless layout! Not too much fluff like most of the themes found here. I probably will buy this theme soon as a starting point for my blog developement, but I found a (for me) big problem:

UHD-View – not really nice, isn’t it?

You write, that the theme is even optimized for 4k – that’s true for the icons, but not at all for the viewport. Is there a way to automaticly scale the whole thing by like 140%?

Hey EdwardBlack,

I can provide some custom CSS too extend the max-width of the wrapper if you wish for it to extend more. However this has the pitfall of possibly making paragraphs a single line.

Love the Theme! Did some customizations tough. Here are some things that would be super awesome to have, that I wasn’t able to achieve for now.

  • keeping the logo in the flexbar when reading
  • adding highlight support for other languages to prettify (why the hell is this one obfuscates :)

Here are two hints:

  1. the date format is overwritten by the theme which is really annoying
  2. there is no variable in the language file to change “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts”

Hey icancode,

Thanks for your purchase and comments!

Send an email to and I can provide some help with the first two points.

Hi there,

is this Theme Wordpress 4.0-compatible? I just wanted to ask before I doing the update. Thanks in advance.

Hey KaffDaddy,

Astro has been tested on WordPress 4.0 and works fine. If you notice any bugs after the upgrade let me know, but currently there are no issues.

Hey there,

great theme but there’s one thing annoying me: Gravatar Images are loaded via http instead of https, making the certificate looking “incomplete”:

Best regards, Christoph

Hey SirChillicious,

Thanks for your comments, and letting us know about the bug. If you email our support address (, we’ll send you some information on how you can get this fixed.

Did that, thanks!


sharif Purchased

Hi there, how do I completely hide the comments section?

Even when disabling comments in the Discussion settings and also in the relevant page specific section, the “Show Comments (0)” blue button still shows up and the comment area takes up some room on the bottom of the page

Any suggestions ?

Hey Sharif,

I just sent a reply to your email ticket.

I have a pre-purchase question. I really like the minimalist design and the fact that the design works well with a promonate “featured” image as well as without one. Here are my questions:

1) The one flaw in the design is that I don’t think there is an easy way to continue to explore additional articles. In the footer is it possible to have a “recommended next” article feature similar to

2) How flexible is the widget on the right that scrolls down the page? For example, if I wanted the author details to be at the top and the footer but as you scroll down the page other content is used is that possible? Or does whatever you include in the header have to scroll down the page with you.

3) Is the font configurable?


Hey kovek2x,

Thanks for your comments!

1. That feature is currently not implemented into Astro, but you can use the WordPress widgets in the footer.

2. The top-side and floating side are exactly the same profile, so whatever you change in one will effect the both.

3. Yep, the theme supports changing of fonts to any Google Library font.

If you have any other presales or support questions the best way to contact us is via our support address (


kluska Purchased

I like this theme – however I’ve found 2 things that would be good to have fixed.

On mobile – when I open navigation, there is a little jump of content (I think padding of item flickers) and it dont look smooth.

Also, ‘go to top’ button and ‘1 minute left’ have different distance from bottom of window and it’s visible when screen is narrow (like mobile screens) and it dont look very well.

Let me know if you could update it as I dont want to modify it myself, but if you’re not I’d do it.

Hey kluska,

Thanks for your comments and purchase.

We’ll look into this during our next update. If you email our support address (, we can provide some custom CSS to adjust these elements.

Astro has been updated to 2.2.0, below is the change-log for this update.

v2.2.0 - 26/03/2015
+ Improved Syntax Highlighter
+ Added Example Child Theme
+ Several Backend Improvements
+ Updated Documentation
+ Updated FontAwesome (4.3.0)
- Various Minor Bug Fixes

Hey there – I wonder, is it possible to integrate google adsense in this theme?

Hey stefanroberts,

Astro does not include native support for Adsense, however you may be able to achieve this functionality with a WordPress plugin.


Godoy Purchased

Hey, thanks for theme. Is there any chance to change comments to disqus? And why I cant see theme shortcodes icons in tinymce?

Hey Godoy,

Thanks for your purchase. Disqus have a WordPress plugin available to enable Disqus comment support on your blog/site. Astro shortcodes require manual entry, information and examples of their use can be found in the included documentation under ‘Shortcodes’

If you have any further questions the best way to contact us is via our support address (