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vocweb Purchased

Hi, Vasterad

I want to change footer template to show at bottom of page.

My site URL: http://cv-onl.com/member/signin

How to do this?

Thank you.


Try to find any guide about “sticky footer”.That might helps.


Attempting to get the showbiz carousel to auto scroll, have tried this on the testimonial wrapper but unsuccessful, any pointers please?

jQuery('#testimonials').showbizpro({ dragAndScroll:"off", visibleElementsArray:[1,1,1,1], carousel:"off", entrySizeOffset:0, allEntryAtOnce:"off", speed:700, autoPlay:"on", rewindFromEnd:"on", delay:3000, });
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Dear Sir,

First, nice template.

One question in “Portflio Filter”, I do not want to mouse hover to reveal all category buttons, I want them to show straightly when I enter “portfolio page” cause there is sometiong wrong when I change their name into Chinese characters.

I find js codes in “custom.js”, it writes as below. Then, what should i change the codes, pls tell me! Thank you!

/---------—-/ /* Isotope Portfolio Filter /---------—-/

          itemSelector : '.portfolio-item',
            layoutMode : 'fitRows'
    $('#filters a.selected').trigger("click");
$('#filters a').click(function(e){
var selector = $(this).attr('data-option-value');
$('#portfolio-wrapper').isotope({ filter: selector });
sevena57 Purchased

you do not have to reply it, I search the comments, I find the delete way of codes. I hope you can delete this strange function, some people may do not know there are categories behind “all”.


Anyone who didn’t know usually asked me here and I replied which part of code he need to remove. ;)

bwood84 Purchased

Can you tell me why the icons in the div class “feature box” div class “circle” wont center? All I did was edit the icon code from a wrench to the mobile phone and its off center to the left a bit. Its this way in all browsers and multiple PC’s.



Hi, you can use this alignment:

    left: 50%;
    -webkit-transform: translateX(-50%);
    -ms-transform: translateX(-50%);
    transform: translateX(-50%);

Use it instead of left: 37% in .circle i,.circle-3 i classes.


ChrisMisa Purchased

How can I put a video instead a image in Recent Work and in description work?, can you please give me an example….. thanks


Simply put video embed instead of an image