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I am updating my theme with Astrum from another older theme. I need to also update my php version. What is the recommended PHP version for Astrum?

Hi, it should work on PHP version 5.2.4 or greater (but recommended is PHP 5.4 or greater)

Awesome, thanks!

How can I make the sub-menu dropdowns right aligned instead of left aligned?


add to CSS
.menu ul ul { text-align: right;}

Good day, I try to create another PORTFOLIO page, e.g. I create another content type, and another taxonomy vocabulary, create content and create term next – I clone two views (Portfolio and Portfolio filter block), and change filters to new content types and vocabulary

when i visit new page of portfolio, work only one button in filter block- ALL another don’t make any effect

How I can solve this problem, or something type in PHP templates to specific Portfolio content types and vocabulary


you don’t have Purchased badge on your comment, please verify your license


First off, great theme. Very easy to use. was wondering if you could help me with a small issue I am trying to correct:

if you go to spotlessboat.com/product (or any other page on the site for that matter), when the page loads if you look to the bottom right you see “You are here: Home > Product” I am sure there is an easy way to get rid of that but I cant quite figure it out.



it’s called ‘breadcrumbs’ and you can simply disable it in Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Enable breadcrumbs

I have recently been handed over administration of our website with your theme.

I note on the portfolio page—> Type : Gallery; Layout Half; that I cannot place anything at the bottom of the content area and have it fill the full width. Essentially it assigns this text into the RHS column.

I could break it the full width but then the feature image consume the entire top half of the page.

Again I could remove the feature image and insert the image as media BUT then my image will be missing from the associated landing page (portfolio page 4 columns).

Ideally Id like to be able to either hide the feature image on a per portfolio page basis and/ or in the half template be able to break the bottom half into full width for insertion of full width content at the bottom.

Any help much appreciated.


Why would you need to remove the Featured Image? It’s only used for the portfolio page (archive page), the single portfolio item uses the gallery field http://i.imgur.com/kglNviY.png. So you can use full-width layout add the picture just from ‘insert media’ to post.


I have pre-sale questions. I don’t need woocommerce, I just like this theme because of Ajax portfolio in which selected category items remain there if I select an item of certain category. This can also be resolved with a sidebar having categories. I have two queries:

1) I need honest opinion whether I should buy this theme for my just portfolio or any other cost effective solution available (plugin etc.).

2) Following point 1, my portfolio categories can be 8 with long names, so in that case, will it work with multiple lines or sidebar option is available.

I would be very thankful to you if you suggest or advice best solution.


What if I create separate Ajax portfolio pages for each category so that they show items of only one category per page. Is this possible ?

And does the theme supports sticky menu bar ? or any chance in next update ? Please tell me I am changing my requirement because really love this theme.

One thing you need to know, is the ‘ajax style’ works only for loading items content, it won’t work for pagination. So if you’ll click one category name, it won’t display all elements from that category, it will just filter some from currently displayed items. It is possible to create separate pages for each category.

There’s no option for sticky menu and I’m not planning to add it.


Ok. Fine. I am going to purchase and I will create separate pages for each category so that there will be no problem in loading all items with Ajax style. Second, I will make sticky top bar with css. Thanks anyway!!!

Hi, I recently updated my client’s site (www.tidtilforandringer.dk), which uses Astrum theme. Now, the mobile site does not work. When I resize my browser on a computer the mobile site shows up fine, but not on my Android.

I’ve tried putting back the last version of the theme, but it is still not quite right. Hope you can help, thanks!

I replied to your email

Hi. Does the theme have RTL support?

such a good support _ I add some additional CSS in rtl.css file, If you like I can give to you.

That’s nice of you, I’ll just get it from your website, thanks!

Hi, thanks for your great theme.
I’m getting this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::attribute_label() in D:\Project\xampp\htdocs\ptc\wp-content\themes\astrum-theme\woocommerce\single-product\product-attributes.php on line 53
I think you have to fix something in theme.

was fixed*

I purchased this theme with another username, and when I update it problem fixed.

Ok, however, if you’ll need any support, please use the account from which you’ve bought the theme to contact me. Thanks

Hi There, Our website is using the Astrum Template. Im currently trying to set up some google analytics tracking code and need your help in knowing how to place the codes.

So what we are trying to track with google analytics is the click on a “notice box”.

So one notice box for example is the following: [noticebox title=”Yes Get Me Certified” link=”*” icon=”icon-warning-sign”]Click here to request more Information[/noticebox] The following code should be triggered when the button is clicked: onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Buttons’, ‘Clicked’, ‘FSPT – Get Certified’,, false]);”

Could you please give me some advice on this?


Hi, I replied to your email.

Kind regards Lukasz


beilicag Purchased

Hi, great theme, for some reason the Astrum twitter widget not working, what should I do ???

Thank You


have you added the oAuth API keys in Theme Options -> Twitter oAuth section?