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Hi! How can I get rid of the “Read more” Button on the blog. I’d like to show the whole posts directly.

Thanks for Feedback!



edit each file in astrum-theme/postformats and replace the_excerpt with the_content, and remove the button (the next line in the code)


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Worked! Thanks for Feedback!

Hi, Please Help!

in my Blog Page i have few problems i don’t know how to solve it please Support me Thannks in advance.

1. I could’t see the Article Thumbnail Image in my Post

2. some times i am getting post image and feature image in my Post i need only one image. (wordpress featured image duplicate issue) Please help.

1. change the post format to “Image” 2. Could you show me a link to that page? Are you sure you’re not inserting the image to the post content?

i have changes post to “image” still same please help.

Please visit URL:


Hi i tried a lot i could’t able solve the issue please help. in my blog post i got double feature images in my post.

please help.

thanks in advance.

please visit my site.


You are probably inserting the same image in the post content, I don’t see any other reason. Send me admin access to your WordPress via http://purethemes.net/support/ – I’ll check it

Hi! thanks for such a nice theme, i have two questions for you: 1.-Im customizing my site and when i see it in mobile version there are two icons like “error image” aside of my logo.

2.-How do i do to deactivate the title of every page at the same page? i don’t need them displayed, you can see in this screenshot both issues.




there’s something wrong with icons on the mobile Chrome (it works fine on desktop) – the same thing happens on my demo version, so I guess some update broke it. I’ll try to fix it asap, although please mind it’s Christmas so you’ll have to wait a little longer, sorry ;)


Thanks for this great theme. I have a question to ask:


How can I show all filters on this portfolio block instead of just two?


In astrum-theme/inc/shortcodes find if ($i++ > 0) break; and replace with if ($i++ > 20) break;


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hello how to make the testimonials run as auto slider.


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I installed “Wpseo” to customize title and description of the site. Unfortunately the theme puts after every site-title the “title of website” what I wrote in the settings. How can I avoid that? I want to have only the text what I enter in the title-line.



edit header.php and remove line
<title><?php wp_title( '|', true, 'right' ); ?></title>

tulmer1 Purchased

Thanks for your feedback! Just another question: How can I avoid that the subtitle that I entered in the wordpress-settings appears below the logo?

You can disable tagline in Appearance -> Customize

Hi, in the theme there are some icons, such as icon-car, which don’t appear. How can I fix this? Thank you in advance

Can I ask an update to use the latest icons? I need the icon car…

Can I ask an update to use the latest icons? I need the icon car…

I’ll try to update it soon

hi i would like to know if is astrum theme for wordpress support rtl langueges ?

It has some basic RTL support but some elements might need to be improved

When will you update the theme? I need the new version of Font Awesome Icon. Please, can you update it?

Hi, I need your help with revolution slider since i need to use google fonts on it, I already charged my google font in the settings area of revolution slider:


but the font family didn’t show up, what I’m missing? I really need to use a google font on my slides.

Thanks in advance!

By the way, I was looking the official plugin site and maybe is the plugin version here is mine so please help me with the lastest file http://prntscr.com/ainp1g

Hi, sitemap.xml is not updating. can you help.if it is related to you. i don’t know how to fix. please help. thanks a lot in adavnce. here is link. http://www.seoskills.in/sitemap_index.xml

Sorry but that’s not related to theme, theme doesn’t have and doesn’t add any sitemap file

I could have sworn, the theme has a one-button updater with an Envato API key, but I don’t see it anywhere. Am I correct? We are using version 1.1.9


you’d need this plugin for that http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/

The mobile menu does not work on my site. It appears but there is obviously a javascript error. Can you help? http://www.broniec.com


I don’t see any JS error in console, I’d need access to your wp-admin to check what’s wrong, please send it via http://purethemes.net/support/