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cellcube Purchased


I tried to add a support request via your site http://help.olegnax.com/ but it says my purchase code is not valid.

My problem is that my loginpage looks like the default magento login and not like the nice one that comes with your athletics theme.

I hope to hear from you =)

Kind regards Alex (schuh@cellcube.de)

cellcube Purchased

Just read the post from “frankapp” with the same problem. How can I turn off the “Ajax Cart” to test if it’s working then? (I would post all this to you help page but I can’t as mentioned above)


Hi cellcube,

You can turn off Ajax Cart in System – > Configuration – > AjaxCart

Every problems with ajax add to cart I saw were caused by 3rd party plugins. Try to turn them off if you have any.

The problem is that some ( or several ) of plugins installed in your system include another version of jquery library after all our libraries were loaded. It override jQuery object with all jquery libraries that was loaded by our theme.

Regarding access to the support forum, you can send us request with your license code to mail@olegnax.com and we’ll check it.

cellcube Purchased

As soon I clicked on the Configuration – > AjaxCart it’s kicking me back to the Dashboard. I found how to disable it manually in filesystem and not it’s working.

Thanks for your feedback =)

How can I, delete the old theme, and make a fresh clean install on the new version of Athlete?

How can I, delete the old theme, and make a fresh clean install on the new version of Athlete?


Hi hassen_malek,

There is no easy way to uninstall magento theme. If you don’t have a live store and it is your first install, then maybe it will be easier to make a new install of magento.

You can find some tips on how to remove the theme on the web. Basically you need to manually remove all of the theme files and folders http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11172377/remove-a-magento-theme-rollback-to-default

in version 1.4.1 the jcarousel of brands are avaliable? it’s easy to customize?


Hi betologan,

Everything you can see on preview is available in our theme. What do you mean by customize?

OZLAND88 Purchased

Changed product image size to 590×590 and now the loading status is stuck and won’t go away. Help!

vessler Purchased


It could be considered for future updates to the logo in the header Sticky behavior and have this page when it is scroll?

http://www.creare.co.uk/ It would be interesting (in my opinion, of course), since backend can optionally enter two logos. One when the sticky header is fixed and a scroll when it is done.

This way you could insert your company name and scrolling to change the logo. It is an example, you can change the order of course, having two fields to upload different logos, including the ability to specify the size as it is today. I find it attractive.

In my particularly case I insert my logo is difficult because of the space provided although I have changed the settings as you are not being wanted.

I mention this would solve my particular disadvantage and I’m sure many other people also.

Kind regards.


Hi vessler,

I don’t think that this feature is important, this is the first time I see such feature request for any theme. You can order minor customization if it is important for you.

vizual22 Purchased


before i buy i have 2 question

the sticky header is a little bit to big for me, i want a smaler is that possible ?

The other question


is that possible to make this


as sticky not the menu ?


Hi vizual22,

No It is not possible from admin and will require customization. “FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY CALL US NOW 30 DAYS MONEYBACK GUARANTEE” is a banner widget and not even a part of the header.

when do you guys planing to release new version ? current version is 75 days old , once new version has been released i will purchased this theme, and i am sure too many people waiting for it.


Hi hkn300,

Why do you need an update? Is there something you expect to be changed?

I can change the folder name theme “athlete” in another name?


i want to buy this theme but i want to know i can change the folder name from athlete to another name? can you help me with an answer?


Hi allecsio,

Main is folder actually called “Theme”. What about “Athlete”, there are lots of such folders and records in files and DB, so it is not an easy task. Renaming of the theme will destroy the possibility of further updates.

Hi there!

I want to translate the front end to spanish, How can I do that? I went to magento website but now the transalation site is not available http://www.magentocommerce.com/translations

Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot


Hi danielrico,

Try to contact magento as it is said on their website: “If you would like to assist with translating Magento please send an email to community@magento.com.”

We don’t have different language versions for magento. As soon as you get the package, follow the instructions in our documentation.


ok thanks I already have the transalation.

Are going to integrate buddy press with this theme in your future update?


Hi tridip1931,

No, we do not plan to integrate buddy press.

still waiting for answer ,when do you guys planning to update this theme , almost 3 months no update has been released , waiting answer !


Hi hkn300,

I’ve answered in your previous question

tartanic Purchased

There are lots of bugs with this theme and support is not great on the forum. The documentation is a bit thin too.


You said bugs but reffered to only one issue with mobile menu behavior (not really a bug), which we’ll rework soon.

Can you please explain or tell me where jquery is being loaded in this theme?... I have been spending days trying to implement a jquery plugin into the theme.. and regardless of whatever changes I make or whatever workaround I figure out.. it is still loading the basic jquery line from the theme.. regardless of me having changed it.. ;( ? THIS is very frustrating… please help..!.. I only need to know from which files jquery is being called up by. It seem after making all the changes.. it is still calling up jquery in a hidden function or file which I have been unable to find regardless of the effort or time.. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND!!! Thanks


Thanks for fast reply by email ;) .. I understand now somewhat better .. I will investigate further….

meldezine Purchased

Hello, I am trying to add in custom tabs for individual products that only apply to each product. Each product will have different tabs. Is this possible? Thank you

finally you guys respond my comment but I am not satisfied with this respond, (olegnax :Why do you need an update? Is there something you expect to be changed?) voting done , did you guys implement onepagecheckout ? and also consider some of other functionality people vote for ? this version good but still far away from perfectness ,many new theme released in 90 days period and all has many new functionality you guys wont have it in this theme, I guess I am wasting my time


Hi hkn300,

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why you are not satisfied with my intention to know what is wrong with the theme that stops from purchasing it and what a customer is waiting in update. Maybe we do not plan to add what you need. We only plan to release an update with hot fixes in near future.

hi there!!

I have more doubts: 1. How can I change the text of the newsletter subscribe box down on the page? I need to remove the text SIGN UP & GET 10% OFF. 2. How can I change the title of Whats New and Sale Slides of home? Not just translate them but change text. 3. In login page, how can I change the text of the box that says SIGN IN to INICIAR SESIÓN 4. When a product has special price, how can I change the text of that special price text, not the price (number) but the text above the price.

Thanks a lot and have a great day.


Also I want to know where to change the name of the menu on mobile, it says “Navigation” and I only want it says “Menu”

btw, this is my page http://mobile360.biz/correrybicicom/index.php/


Hi danielrico,

1, 3, 4, 5. You can change this text in translate.csv more about it you can learn in our Documentation: Magento Configuration->Localization->Translation

2. You need to edit your home page in CMS-> Pages. You’ll find shortcodes there, line this one:

{{block type="athlete/product_list_featured" category_id="12" products_count="8" block_title="What's New" 
        block_title_size="big" template="catalog/product/products_slider.phtml"}}

You need to change or add

block_title="What's New"

with your title.

More about shortcodes you can learn in “Shortcodes” section of our documentation.

Any idea of Releasing on Wordpress, Opencart or Prestashop?


Hi DeveloperBee,

Currently, we do not have such plans.

How can I disable to hover effect for the products on touch devices? It’s very annoying! Thanks!