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hkn300 Purchased

Why don’t you guys provide some feedback or ETA. we are waiting

Hi hkn300,

Because we don’t want to give you empty promises.

Can you add a banner slider on any page? Can you have more than one banner slider on one page?

Hi baroncmiller,

Yes you can.


I’m no expert on themes and do understand some basics. I’m confused when it comes to the customers (after purchasing the theme and applying it to your company) building a profile, can we personalize the questions asked to the customers and then manage the information added on some sort of spreadsheet or how does that work? I’m building a subscription box company and need to customize the questions asked to the customers and then be able to filter the results later on… Any suggestions?


How can I add a link in the top menu? For example on http://athlete.olegnax.com/index.php/?___store=gr you have My Account, Wishlist, Blog, etc., but I can’t find documentation anywhere that says how to add links into that menu.

Thank you.

Hi standish,


It is not in documentation because it is not something specific for our theme. You can find a lot of information on the web.

My product_list_featured dont work in my home page!

I’m used the shortcode {{block type=”athlete/product_list_featured” category_id=”12” products_count=”8” block_title=”Featured Products” block_title_size=”big” template=”catalog/product/products_slider.phtml”}} but the products don’t show in home page

Hello feliperisola,

Please, register and check this thread at our help forum: http://help.olegnax.com/discussion/5090/magento-ce-1-9-2-2-patch-supee-6788#Item_39

Kind Regards

It seems my register page is blank. Can you help dev.rukbags.com

Hello benjifarr,

Please, register and post more details at our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/athlete-responsive-magento-theme


Hello, Do you know if this theme support Magento V2? Can you tell me about compatibility?

Hello Landoh,

This theme doesn’t support Magento v2. This has been discussed at our help forum: http://help.olegnax.com/discussion/5386/magento-2#Item_2

Kind Regards

Hi…I bought the product but I am having a few problems with Frontend “Builder”. If I create a static block, then delete it, there is still a theme based colored block remaining. How to delete this? Thanks.

Hello bikeboy888,

Please, register and post more details regarding the issue at our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/athlete-responsive-magento-theme


Hi. Thanks for reply. When I try and register it says my “purchase code is invalid or already in use”

Hello bikeboy888,

Please send your purchase to stan@olegnax.com, so we will be able to check the issue.

Best Regards

Hi Did your theme support RTL ?


Hello emarketer,

Unfortunately not. You can send your request to our dev at marcus@olegnax.com to get a quote.

Kind Regards

Hello , hwo to configurate the light Store theme , ? we must add index php to the new domaine for light store ?

Hello guiddini,

Please, register and post your request at our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/athlete-responsive-magento-theme


Hi, when will the one step checkout function be available?

hello, I just bought the template Athlete – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme, installed it on my server all ok, so this happening an error when you want to sign up, it shows a black screen and not the registration form with the data to fill . uregente a need to support my site need to get out in the air. link do erro: http://truedata.com.br/www/index.php/customer/account/create/

Hello luanpinho,

Our staff has replied you via the forum: http://help.olegnax.com/discussion/5460/register-new-users-not-working#Item_6

Kind Regards


I need sticky header to be activated only after user scroll 100px down. How do I do this?


Hello digitaldave,

Our staff has replied you via the forum: http://help.olegnax.com/discussion/5476/sticky-header#Item_2



pxg Purchased

Hi, just to inform that there is a small bug when you use the theme on a development server with ip htaccess restriction (or htpasswd).

In app/design/frontend/athlete/default/template/olegnax/slideshow/athlete.phtml at line 80 and 84, there are getImageSize call with Mage::getBaseUrl(‘media’). It should be Mage::getBaseDir(‘media’) because if there is ip restriction (on a dev serve for example), the getbaseurl give you the url and not the path of the image and so, need permission to get image information.

Did you stop updating and improving the theme? The description shows that Last Update was 20 October 15

Hello muhemzen,

No, we didn’t. We are currently working on a new theme update and it will be available soon.


Hi, I’m going to buy your theme, but i would like to know if is possible to have a single page checkout or if you have an official extension that work with your theme. Tnx