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Alex I’m guessing you made 8000 off this theme so far but how will you continue to profit if all your users are having issues and not getting any support from you. Why build a theme/ product if it sucks ? You could make 50,000 off this theme easily if you listen to the users, reply to people who need help with the theme and fix the bugs in this theme

Fix the bugs in this theme or take the theme down from the marketplace


Sorry for not replying your comment, we are now back and working on an update that will be available within the next 48 hours.

Hey guys, I sent you an issue about a week ago but never got a fix. I also emailed you guys as well. It was about the PORTFOLIO button not allowing me to change what it says, and about the SERVICES Circles not linking at all.


Sorry for not replying your comment, we are now back and working on an update that will be available within the next 48 hours.

Update v1.0.7 – June 11th, 2014

  • FIXED – You can now change the title of the PORTFOLIO button
  • FIXED – Now you can remove parallax and contact block from the portfolio single page
  • FIXED – Theme works perfectly once the WooCommerce plugin is disabled
  • FIXED – Countdown on the coming soon page template
  • FIXED – Circles Parallax Section
  • FIXED – Save in theme options now works perfectly – you need to install the theme in the new database if you had this issue before
  • FIXED – All blocks are now available on all homepage templates
  • FIXED – Responsive Issues
  • FIXED – Browser Issues
  • NEW FEATURE – Most of the PSD files are now included in the theme

Great news, thanks a lot!

is their a Lightbox gallery with this theme would like to have a video gallery if not any suggestions so that it works with theme and stays responsive ?

thank you for the update to the theme it was much needed

Thanks for the update guys.

As a word of advice, in the future if you have an imminent release coming with people asking for support perhaps you could just say something in the comments here that you are working on it so people know and can be a little patient.

I have another question. Good to see all blocks are available in all layouts, but for the Contact section there is just 1 block. In the Main layout, this gives me 3 columns with a contact form and in Layout Two, this gives me the map with the 2 columns with information. Any way I can swap these?

Other than that – great work, good to see a lot of things working properly :)


One more thing – the countdown on the Coming Soon page is still wobbly. I have no idea what it’s doing, makes no sense. Very willing to give you a login so you can check it out, just let me know!

Author you continue to handle your product just as in the beginning, and the same comments and input come politely because we are understanding but there comes a point. Would you be fair enough to approve a refund request due to my inability to use this theme due to its buggyness, it would be appreciated and the right thing to do. I will give you first option, it would attest to your intentions as well.

Hey. Can I get a partial refund? I just realized that you are selling the same plugin for $14. I paid $55 for it about 30 minutes ago.

got a tiny issue with the button url in theme header options. when i fill in a normal url this does not work when clicking on the button

I trust this finds you well- My site builder is having a couple of issues with the responsiveness of the site. - Bio is no responsive on the OPEN BOOK and DETAILS tabs - Become a Member blocks aren’t responsive and he can’t add content beyond the initial boxes main page. - Images are not uploading in the DO YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT WE DO block / Text uploads but the images do not.

Please advise for the questions above. Also, any new updates on the theme in the past week?

Thanks in advance for your time

Hello purchased the theme and having trouble getting the demo content in… after you import the using ‘importer’ whats next to get the settings correct? I’m not sure how to get the json file in.


all the documents are showing as corrupted as well. I’ve email you my site login to try to correct a great theme otherwise


when can we expect some help?


Just tested latest download… when you unzip.. unsupported compression method for all the document except #1

Just wanted to know are all the problems fixed with this theme

Your an absolute joke author. thanks for stealing our money and providing no support. it will cost you

Please help,

I purchased this theme on the 19th and sold a website based on this theme, now I cannot develop the site because the theme settings page does not work. I have installed a brand new instance of wordpress and it still does not work, I even tried an older version with now results. I have asked for help for 4 days now and have received no help yet. I have purchased many themes on tis site and never had an issue with basic help like I am asking. How can I get this resolved?

Why do you not fix the issues with your theme ? The THEME OPTIONS DOES NOT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theme author, this is getting out of hand, I love the look of the theme and even though the way it works is kinda messy, I’m willing to work with it anyway, because the outcome is awesome. However, if it doesn’t work, it’s useless.

Lucky for me, I’m in no hurry to finish this project, otherwise I would’ve had way less patience and I would’ve started demanding my money back quite a while ago…

Chris Lema just wrote a blog entry that would be probably be a good read for you: http://chrislema.com/wordpress-theme-vendors-sell/

I’ll be hanging in here a little longer, but I’m pretty sure plenty of other people won’t. People who will probably never buy from you ever again – that can’t be what you want, right?

How can I get a refund for flowerbomb theme. I cannot wait any longer for support, it is unheard of that I cannot get support in 5 days. I have purchased dozens of themes from many developers and this is the worst support and buggy theme I have purchased. I cannot believe that this theme received 4 stars by any means, there are code errors, theme settings do not work, spelling and other errors galore. I really wish I would have read all the comments before I purchased this because it is obvious that there is no support and many problems with themes

xtlne Purchased

I’ve installed the advanced custom fields, but I still do not know where to edit the OPEN BOOK and THE DETAILS links. Can you point me in the right direction?


It should be in the team php file, try searching it under query posts.

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Tried to change the counter in team.php and doesn’t seem to be reflecting any changes. Any other ideas how to show all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

xtlne Purchased

Also added posts_per_page => -1 and nothing.