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Sweet, glad this theme is finally available – great job Brandon! I mentioned this to ya during the review, but I still love the slider on the homepage… very classy way of displaying images. - Charlie

excellent work.

See, this is why I subscribe to your “new product” RSS feed!... consistently beautifully designed templates every couple of weeks. I just opened this one up a minute ago, but I like how you’ve organized the files and the documentation looks thorough as usual. Thanks for another amazing theme… I’ve been waiting for one like this for a while!

Yikes, yet another kickass design template from you epicera… Hope this one makes it to Wordpress soon :) I’ll definitely buy the WP theme version as well when it comes out. This one’s a little different from your previous submissions… “classier” is the best description that I can give it, although I’ve gotta say that all of your templates are awesome (and pretty easy to use too). Great work dude!

MDNW Author

Thanks for the great compliments everyone! I took a little extra time designing/coding this one because I really wanted it to be useful to all of the designers/photographer/illustrators/etc. out there that need a simple, straight forward site/portfolio template that’s neither too gimmicky or too complicated. I’m actually planning on using this for my own site design (although I’ll be modifying it quite heavily), so I’ll definitely stand by this one as one of my favorites so far and I hope a lot of people can get great use out of this template.

Just a note: I worked endlessly trying to make sure this is as browser-friendly as possible, but if anyone notices any minor bugs or issues, just send me an email – brandon.r.jones@gmail.com – so that I can fix and update it as quickly as possible. Older versions of IE don’t like the PNG transparency that I’ve used in a few places, so I’ve used style-workarounds to fix these… but I’m always listening/watching for new stuff that I can do to improve any of my templates.

Also – I know some people will ask: Yes, this will be converted to Wordpress… eventually. However, I can’t estimate a time for when it’ll be available. I’ve released the straight-HTML version first because there are lots of people who either don’t use or don’t want Wordpress to develop their sites… so offering the pure-code version is an inexpensive way to release the theme for those folks :)

Finally – the images in the gallery on this template are all found through http://creattica.com/ (an Envato site) – check out the great work there when you get a minute!

amazing work epicera, as always :) Good luck with sales!

wow this is nice….. I’m going to buy it later. :P Keep up the good work

Looks very nice, and one question. Am I aloud to integrate this theme into wordpress for myself? But other then that I am glad to of made this my first purchase.

MDNW Author

@apocalypsefu: Yes, you certainly can – you just can’t resell it as a product once you do :) But aside from that limitation, yes, you can do whatever you please with the HTML /CSS for your project.

Thanks for the compliments, glad you like the template!

Ok sweet thanks. This is just what I need to learn how to make wordpress templates. Again thanks for this awesome site template.

I’ll definetly buy this when you create a wordpress version :)

Great work.

Lovely theme with truly outstanding typography—well done!

This is nice indeed!

Gazza Purchased

Hi, I’m sure this is basic but how should i structure the folders so that i don’t have to relink everything? Please don’t start your reply with…Dear Stupid..:)

Gazza Purchased

By the way anyone can answer that if they know?

You could do something like this:

what you could do is go in each file and find ”../core” and replace it with “core/”

Then set it so it is like this:

public_html – were your files are stored for your site
core – the theme styles and such
all the files in the theme you wish to use

Ok now it edits after 5 minutes, so ignore this post gahh

Gazza Purchased

Cool going to try this..Will let you know.

Gazza Purchased

OK did that. Works fine locally but as soon as i upload it the jQuery seems to go mental and i just get the images down the page. Any ideas?