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By “the link you had left” I mean the one to the the prettyPhoto site. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I will check back in to see if there is a solution. Sorry about jury duty.

is there a wordpress version?

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@macho: Coming soon (eta 10 days or so).

To aarondub84, and Epicera,

I purchased dark Antlantica version. Despite of leak of programing knowledge I managed to make multimedia gallery with prettyPhoto (as suggested at internet site of the author of prettyPhoto). Portfolio gallery of this template in combination with prettyPhoto plays different multimedia files: jpg, swf, mov,... also is possible to embed youtube and vimeo. Great stuff. But unfortunately I didn’t manage to play flv video. Also I didnt’ found any comment at this issue from authors forum, so I am asking my self of playing flv video with prettyPhoto is possible at all? Do you have any info about that.


Miso, I tried everything from the prettyPhoto website. Were you able to get any video to work?

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@aarondub84 and Miso : I’m still stuck in jury duty, but I’ve schedules some time this evening to look in depth at this issue and write a help doc on it. I’ll publish it here as soon as it’s ready and send both of ya an email :) If you guys discover anything that might help out, be sure to email it over or post it here. Thanks guys.

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& aarondub84: After spending some time last night hunting around for FLV solutions for prettyPhoto, it turns out that there really isn’t one – the best way to get video into this (or any other lightbox as it turns out) is just to embed it into a player and export it as a .SWF file. You can either use the stock Flash video player to do this, or use on of the many on FlashDen : http://activeden.net/category/video-players?order=desc&sort_by=sales_count . Hope this clarifies the issue for ya!

To play .swf, .mov, image files, or import YouTube or Vimeo links, reference the prettyPhoto documentation, as I was able to get all of these working (and Miso was able to verify that for me) – http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyPhoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/


Just wanted to return and say how stoked I am with this theme… it’s worked out perfectly for me so far! Hope that you release more templates like this in the future :) (the dark one is nice too!)

Epicera, I have not been able to embed vimeo… or youtube. I must be missing something so small. I try the code that is on the prettyphoto site and it never works.

Hey Epicera – thanks for this most excellent template. Very very well thought out and elegantly put together, make a fool like me look good!

A [most likely stupid] question – can you or anyone reading this point me in the direction of 2 things please:

1. what do I need to do in order to have the search feature function? I’ve only tried it locally, does it need to be on the server to respond?

2. would like to integrate a nice calendar to display open and closed dates in a format that will fit in with the nice look of Atlantica

Also, if you do custom tweaking as mentioned above in response to some, can you email me what you charge?

Thanks again for the excellent work you do – looking forward to using some others as well.

@Epicera , thanks,

I still didn’t manage to play that flv video even with embedding in swf. I was afraid that playing flv video stream with pretty photo will be a problem. I agree with you that we can better use one of the flashden flv video gallery’s to solve this problem until someone come with this great funtionality. Great job again, with updating of classical Antlantica theme. Now I have to by this one too !

And one more thing, we understand that e-mailing you will be maybe a quick way to get the answer but with that way of communication we will loose our small forum community knowledge. At long term this will be a nice info data for every one, sins we have (more or less) a similar problems.



yes it works as author suggested: mov, Vimeo, no problem at all. I have to admit that it was really tricky to manage this new version but try first to implement a gallery with foto’s. Don’t forget to put all extracode to call javascript files as suggested between two “head” , also check that new files are copied in right directory! If this work with foto’s that means that you have done all installation correctly. After that seeing working you have to pay attention at your rel= data sins that is really important for every format.

rel=”prettyPhoto[flash] .....for calling vimeo rel=”prettyPhoto[movies]....for calling .mov


Miso, if I wanted play a vimeo video how would I change this code?-
  • Example-02
  • —-It would be way easier for me just to see where everything goes. It is all in different places on the lightbox site and I don’t know where to put the javascript exactly. I either get a white box with a preloader or it links me to a fullscreen version of the video. I am sure others need to see the code as well. Thanks.

    Sorry, the code didn’t come up. What do I put between the li’s?

    FRANG Purchased

    Could anyone give me advice on how to set up the folder structure? I want to use the Classic theme, do I then need to drop the CORE folder into the Classic folder? Is there a relative path I need to change? Sorry for such a novice question.

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    @aarondub84 and Miso: I figured it out! The version of prettyPhoto that’s in the download here is actually a bit outdated… this simply wasn’t anticipated or supported when I released this template a month ago, so naturally I didn’t realize that the update would require the newest version of the third party script.

    Tomorrow I’ll be submitting an update to this product that essentially just includes the most up to date version of prettyPhoto, but you can also download it yourself if you feel comfortable overwriting the files yourself (and changing the image relationship in the CSS file to match this template’s organization (essentially just doing a “images” > replace all > “img” ).

    You guys can download the newest version here: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyPhoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/#download – or you can wait for the update sometime tomorrow.

    To everyone else – this update is pretty much going to affect you if you’re wanting to embed youTube or Vimeo files inside of the lightbox… so you’re welcome to update as you please.

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    @Frang : There’s really two ways to go about the template structure. 1) keep it as is, upload everyone to your web folder and just link to the HTML files. 2) copy the files inside of the desired theme into the CORE folder, then update all paths in the HTML files to link up accordingly. If you’re doing this in a program like Dreamweaver, it’ll actually ask you if you’d like it to make the updates automatically when you drag the files from, say, “desktop” into the “core” folder. Hope that clears that up for ya :)

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    @buddahboy : Thanks for the inquiry. Good questions -

    1) Regarding the search form – it’s completely non-functional in this template – the styling is provided, but to get it working you’ll need to sort out which search engine solution that you’d like to use and then set it up according to the style handles that I’ve provided in there. Ultimately my reason for not including the search function is because the search engines are usually proprietary pieces of software and I’m not allowed to submit them as part of this product.

    2) Regarding a calendar and styling. I’d really need to know a little bit more about precisely what you’re attempting to do with this, but my general rule of thumb on styling for this template is to keep borders as simple 1px lines, and keep the fonts as simple and in line with the rest of the template as possible. Calendars can get pretty tricky though, so if you’d like to contact me over email I’ll be glad to chat about it with you there.

    3) Regarding custom work. As stated in my profile, my rate for custom work is $60/hr. It’s a lot higher than what folks pay for a theme here on ThemeForest, but it’s what I’ve been charging clients for quite a while now (since before I joined TF). If you’re interested in having custom work done, just email me the details of your project and I’ll be glad to provide a time/cost estimate :)


    I’m overjoyed the problem has been found. Will you have an example of an embedded vimeo video and youTube on the new file? That would be really helpful.

    To epicera, nice, I hope that you have time to upgrade Dark Antlantica version with latest version of prettyPhoto too. I will be glade to hear when new version is ready to download. thanks