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Awesome theme!

I have a handful of pre-sales questions for you… I had a number more, but I searched through the comments and was able to find answers to most of them. Some of the questions were asked months ago, so I may have some repeats.

Thanks in advance for your time.

1) Listings Search (search widget on category listing pages) - Can users search through listings based on address/province/city on the category pages.. or this feature only available on front-page map search?

2) Any plans to add search by distance feature in the listings search or on the front page map?

3) Any plans to improve and better automate the claim listing feature?

3) Emails & Listing Expiration. Can they be customized? Is there an email sent out for listing expiration? What happens when a listing expires? Can free listings expire?

4) Can custom registration fields be added to the registration page (fields that are only visible to the user from the back end and are not part of the listing)

5) Do I have to have public author profiles?

6) I’d like to have three listing packages. Each with 1 listing, but different listing custom fields. Could the admin manually add additional listings to that user’s account even though there is only 1 listing per package?

7) Can invoices be customized? (Company information of user added, company information of mine added)

8) Featured listings. I plan to charge for featured listings at a later date, so most users will already have a free listing. How would they go about upgrading their listing to featured if they are interested in having their listing at the top of the category? Would they have to change membership levels or is there a simple upgrade feature?



1) The search by address is only available on homepage maps because it involves the map only.

2) At the moment i do not have plans for such feature, although it was requested by few users, i’m still looking to see whats the best way to integrate it.

3) Yes this is planned although i do not have an eta yet.

4) I’m not sure i understand this, are these custom fields, profile fields or listings fields?

5) No this is automatically enabled only if you install the BuddyPress plugin. When the plugins is not installed, users do not have public profiles.

6) Yes admins can change the author of a listing from the backend just like regular posts.

7) Only by editing the code of the theme/plugins.

8 ) Listings features are “attached” to the membership settings, in this case users will have to change their membership level.