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BIG BIG PROBLEMS, after updating to new wordpress my site is kabooom. Need help ASAP. Cant access admin section.

The theme is perfectly compatible with the latest WP version. If you see a blank page, it means there’s a PHP error. Most likely caused by something else on your setup.

You need to enable the errors output so you can see the exact error. To do so, open file wp-config.php enable WP_DEBUG by setting it to true, and below it add this

// Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

// Disable display of errors and warnings 
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true;

Then open a support ticket and report me what error you see.


Interested in this theme, just had a few questions first. I would rather have users sign up free but charge them per listing they submit. Would also like to be able to let them choose between submitting their listing for 1, 6 or 12 months and charge accordingly, is that possible? Also, on the claim listing feature, I would only want this feature to be available for listings that were submitted by the admin (myself), is this possible or does it allow all listings, whether submitted by a user or admin, to be claimed? Currently I only see top level categories, can I create sub level categories as well? Are there any plugins needed to make this work how the demo is set up? Thank You.


1) The theme does not charge per listing. The theme provides the ability for users to purchase memberships with a specific allowance. Charging per listing is not possible.

2) The claim listing feature works on all listings. With some modifications however could be possible to hide it.

3) Yes sub categories are supported. For ease of use on the demo there aren’t subcategories.

4) Yes, custom plugins are included, and some other free plugins like Breadcrumb NavXT, Paid Memberships Pro and WP-PageNavi are required too.


Hi, I am not receiving emails to login/reset password in order to access support. My mail is working fine with other vendors. My issue is that I my “submit new listing page” continually show “unauthorized access”. I’ve tried everything to get this to work, including a fresh install with only Atlas template/ plugins installed. NEED ASSISTANCE to get this resolved. Thanks.

I’ve tried to set up a brand new wp/atlas installation VERY carefully following your instructions. You doc refers to “edit profile template” for edit profile page. My template does not have that page template setting option. Please help, I bought this template for user front end listing capabilities. Thanks again

Ok, had mail issue. Got resolved and into support and now understand how this works. Thanks

Hi, pre-sale question: do you have an alternate homepage other than the one with the full map? I am thinking of a big search bar in the middle of the landing pageā€”do you have this configuration inside the theme?


There isn’t a page layout like the one you described. You can see the list of available page templates under the “pages” menu on the live demo.


Hi, is possible eliminate o hide bottom “Submit your featured listing” in the SideBar Tab the home page when I select “Single Taxonomy” for example. – or is possible only for the administrator add listing – Regards, Jorge


1) The button can be removed by deleting line 205 in file custom-tabs.php into the “includes” subfolder of the theme.

2) Every registered user with a membership will have access to the submission page. So if you need only admins to submit listings you would need to delete that page.

Please kindly submit further support request on the support platform here , and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some quick links

Thank you.

Gracias, work good

Can we create custom fields and then import data into those custom fields via your CSV import function?

Thank you for your time.


The theme uses the advanced custom fields plugin to generate custom fields, meaning yes you can create custom fields.

The theme doesn’t offer any CSV import functionality and you would need to use a third party plugin to do that.


OK, let me ask this a different way. Your theme description has these two sections:

“CUSTOM FIELDS EDITOR – Easily add new custom fields to frontend submission form and listings pages. No coding involved, use the builtin drag and drop editor to re-arrange the fields order.”

“BULK CSV IMPORT – Atlas is compatible with the Really Simple CSV Importer plugin, you can easily bulk import listing into your website through this plugin. A tutorial is also available that shows how to import listings with CSV”.

So my question is…

Can I create custom fields and THEN import data into those custom fields with the third party plugin “Really Simple CSV Importer”?

I have 15,000 listings in CSV format. Some custom fields would be required. I’m trying to understand if I could easily import all of these fields, including the custom fields with the CSV importer.

Thank you

Yes, the theme supports the Really Simple CSV importer plugin, and I’ve also got a tutorial here


I’ve a pre-sale question… I have a csv file with tons of listings (like 2 millions or so) and would like to import them in your theme to create a directory listings website… The problem is that my csv has complete address for each listings but NOT the related latitude/longitude, so the question is: does the theme show the item on map if no lat/long data is provided, but only full address? And if not, is there any plugin (included or not in your theme) that can obtain lat/long data from provided address (during importing or later with easy steps)?


The CSV import plugins I’ve tested have no way to retrieve the coordinates through an address. Unfortunately the map requires both.


Hi, may I ask some pre-sale questions? 1. Is it possible to show the rating on pin? 2. Is it possible to sort list by most views/top rated/most comments/trending, etc.? Thanks!


1) By default the theme doesn’t have this option. You can however edit the files of the theme to add custom content.

2) By default the theme doesn’t have this option. Extensive modifications will be needed to achieve this.


Brilliant looking theme, Pre-purchase question. Can i disable the rating feature. im geussing my clients won’t like that feature on their profiles. Thanks


Yes, you can disable ratings from the theme options panel.

Let me know if you have any other question.