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Good day could you tell me how to install chilld theme?


All support is handled on the platform here, that makes it easier to manage support requests and it also includes a knowledge base with answers to common questions.

Please kindly submit your support request on the support platform here , and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some quick links

Thank you.


is it possible to have memberships levels according with the amount of information they can list? For example, a free membership would allow them to list name, 1 photo and address only. The least expensive paying membership (basic) include everything in the free membership, but also the possibility to add amenities and photo gallery. The next membership (premium) include all the previous packages features plus contact details (email, phone, website) and social media links.

Best regards


The theme options panel allows you to restrict access to specific fields on the submission form based on the membership the user has purchased.

This means that you can enable/disable fields based on memberships. Here you can see which fields you can control through the theme options panel

All fields that aren’t mentioned into the options panel, can be restricted through custom code. Here’s more info about this


Using Atlas for Live Music Listing Love it– however, when opened on mobile and iPad units, an annoying pop of unrelated ads come across. How do I block this or change to my chosen ads?

The theme is responsive and doesn’t need any plugin for that. As I mentioned in my previous reply the theme doesn’t have any popup ads it would be silly to add such things to a theme.

If you’re getting any popup they’re not part of the theme, therefore it isn’t something I’m able to help you with.

Well I followed all of the tutorials and installation documents and not found it to be working the way it is promoted. Is there anyone else that can help with this?

Open a support ticket here

I’m having issues displaying the search widget form in category/location sidebar. It is assigned to listings sidebar but does not show up. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to fix this?


You probably haven’t enabled the sidebar layout for the taxonomy pages. Go in theme options -> listings settings -> general settings and enable the sidebar at the option “Taxonomy Layout”.


Ah! That worked! Thank you so much.

Am I able to moderate the reviews? In other words, when someone leaves a review for a listing is it automatically posted or can I set it so it must be approved?

Hi there,

Reviews are regular comments with the addition of a rating field. At the moment the review/comment is automatically published or set to pending until approval this can be all managed through WP’s default settings read here for more info


Does this have OpenStreetsupport or bing support now? Google maps does not work in China..


The theme doesn’t have support for those 2 map systems.


Please refund me for these theme. I asked a question through support, no response and I had to go with another theme

I’m going to give you a refund, but next time you contact support you should give adeguate time to receive an answer.

I didn’t ignore your question, you simply changed theme and so it wasn’t possible for me to answer to your question.

Be honest.

Does this have Geo Coding and location ability to track the user where they are going on the maps as they view it?


Yes, you can see it on the live demo too by clicking the “geolocation” button under the “search” button on the map.


Hi, I’ve looked through your comments pretty well and have not seen it asked.

1. Is the claim listing designed so that I can make a quick listing on them, send them an email and they come set up the listing themselves? Can I get it to work that way?

2. Can I give them a code/coupon so I can give them a silver or gold listing for free when they claim their listing?

3. Can I make the free listing paid as well? So, I would have 3 paid listings and no free one?

4. Is there a url of one of your themes set up and working that I can see? I’m sure it’s not your theme, but, the demo was very slow loading and I just want to see if it’s fast enough.

Thank you, Patrick

Hi there,

1) All memberships assigned by an administrator to a user, will be free until it’s next cycle.

2) No. You can’t create a page to signup to a specific membership only.

3) Yes, you can hide memberships from the signup page by enabling the option “Disable New Signups:” from the plugin’s page.


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I’m not understanding how to do this.

So, 1. When you say “All memberships assigned by an administrator to a user, will be free until it’s next cycle”. Does that mean that if I give them a free gold membership it will attempt to charge them next month and if they don’t pay cancel them?

2. Let me ask the question this way.

Lets say YOU wanted to have 3 levels. And you wanted to give away free gold (top level) memberships to leaders in your industry. How would YOU do that?

Thank you, Patrick

I suggest you download and install the PMPRO on any of your test sites so you can understand how the plugin works.

If the membership is free and will always be free, then obviously the user won’t be charged.

I really want to buy this theme, i just need to know a couple of things :

1. Is it possible use filters like wi-fi, live music, dogs or stuff like that? 2. There is any premium plugin to buy? 3. Can i add some more informations (or tabs) in a list? Like: facilities, prices ,free wi-fi ecc


one more thing, is it possibile have a preview image on mobile search result?


1) Do you mean tags? If so, search by tags can be added to the search form through the internal editor into the theme options panel.

2) No.

3) If you have coding knowledge you can modify the theme to your purpose.

4) The image is hidden via css, so you can enable it back ( might need some further adjustments too ) by editing the css again.