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Hi Igor. Can you help me?

I have no “Frontpage” option under Settings > Reading. Here’s a screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/90480405/screen.jpg

I am trying to add the audio & video components that are on the theme homepage to my current homepage.

Hi, and sorry for delay. I hadn’t opportunities to reply before.

In first you have to create a frontpage based on the Frontpage page-template – http://c2n.me/38Q4at9.png

Regards, Igor

Hi Igor,

Thanks for the theme. The website I am working on is www.thefilmroom.com.au, was running fine for about 1 month after I uploaded it and then speed slowed to a crawl. I have done some testing and have come back with the results being suggestions like:

- This page has 9 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one. - This page has 20 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one. - This page has 7 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites. - Add expires headers - Gzip – There are 13 plain text components that should be sent compressed -There are 36 components that are not cookie-free - Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

I used YSlow to come up with these results, as I am not a total expert by any means. Have only a few plugins, have tried the standard deactivate/reactive plugin testing and made all updates in Wordpress but no improvements, and hosting company has run tests and ensured that everything is fine on their end.

Any thoughts and tips on how to optimise the speed of this site using your theme would be much appreciated.



The issue comes from your server settings. For reducing the loading time I suggest to use some kind of cache e.g. Hyper Cache plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/hyper-cache/

But your server tuning is highly recommended.

Regards, Igor


I have the frontpage setup properly. I need to know how to insert the elements that you have in the demo. How do you insert the video section? How do you insert the audio section? Etc. I just want my home page to look exactly like the theme’s demo home page. Please advise. Thanks.


You have to fill your portfolio with projects. You can create three kind of projects: Galley, Audio, or Video – http://strictthemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/doc_project_adding_multi.png

The video project creation is similar with video post format – http://strictthemes.com/documentation/blog/post-formats/video/ You can use embedded or self-hosted video.

Add projects to your portfolio and it will available on the frontpage.

Regards, Igor

I am trying to get the responsive mode to look good on a smart phone; however, the menu and the logo break. I can’t even get my logo to show, it is showing “ST Attitude” in a white box, where my logo would normally appear. We’ve made nominal updates to the header css; however, don’t understand how that could break what is delivered from a mobile compatible layout, since you’d think the logo at least would show. The menu itself is all screwed up. Other mobile plugins such as JetPack mobile don’t work, because the menu is split in half and the second half is not recognized. Purchased the theme, so hope to see some ideas here that will address oddities. See: http://behnkewood.com

Thanks, Igor. That helped somewhat, as I can now see the logo and other half of the menu, but it is all coming in over top of the content on the page. Any thoughts?

Wondering if you have any thoughts on why the menu is running down onto the page. I realize we have increased the logo space, but could not find another way to address its size requirements. Is this causing the issue in the responsive layout for cell phone? Thank you.


I’ve checked your site again. It’s about tweaks of CSS-styles. Probably the customization breaks original styles.

Restore original files.

Regards, Igor

When I enter URLs for Instagram and Twitter (Under Layout Settings > Social) and click SAVE CHANGES, I get a 404 error page and the social icons do not get updated on the site. Can you please help me with this?


  • Make sure the URLs do not contains some special symbols.
  • Make sure the text area for custom icons at Layout Settings > Social page is empty.

Regards, Igor

Hi Mate,

Thanks for the theme, it’s great.

I just wanted to know how to change the background colour of the primary and secondary menu buttons on the front page. I like the transparent grey but want to change the red that appears when you place the cursor over it. I tried changing the colours on the theme panel but this did not change the button colours.

Please help!!


Hello, I have purchased and am using the Attitude theme. However some reason a tonne of coding appears on the pages. I have re-installed this theme twice yet it still happens. Perhaps you have sold me a dodgy theme? Please check out my site to see what I mean – www.dreafermedia.com

Regards, James

Hey there,

I’m having the same issue as alexmaiden89 – I would like to change the color of the menu. The mouse over-color changes correct when I use a different secondary color, but the first will not.

How to customize?

Thank you! bolisch

Hello again,

and one more problem… with the categories. I have two categories (film & photography), but that makes no difference – each portfolio shows all posts when I choose one of the category. Any idea what might have happened?

Thanks! bolisch

Great looking theme, how is it’s compatibility with Visual Composer?

Hi, I’m using Attitude for my multimedia site and it’s working great! I just want to know how I can get text back into the homepage as I’ve put in a logo background but it messes up when it goes responsive. I can’t seem to imput any text into the frontpage anymore. Also, is it possible to play a video in the background instead of having an image?

Thanks, Neil.

I have a problem with portfolio creation. http://fc8.21c.myftpupload.com/

I’m trying to create 2 separate portfolios 1. videography 2. photography. (listed under Client Collabs) Problem is the portfolio template I’m using is After Effects and I can’t find where to change After Effects to Videography. I’ve changed all the projects with the after effect category to videography category but then portfolio doesn’t find any results because its looking for after effect category. Same problem with my photography portfolio – I’m using your design template and I can find where to tell the portfolio to search for photography instead of design. Thank you for the help.

Hello. I can’t seem to get the text widget to show up in the “home sidebar 1”. I insert the text widget, fill out the title and the body copy, hit save, and refresh my page. The text is not showing up.

Am I missing something in these steps?

I am using this theme on a subdomain of a multisite. Could that be causing an error somewhere?

Thank you!

The font is all white for the video project text, how can I change it?

Hi i recently purchased you attitude theme. I am having issues with removing the bullet points on the Home page widget. http://tequila1.paint-ouse.com/ please need help

Thanks Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Please post your support request from your buyer’s account.

Attitude theme is not used in the link you’ve provided.

Regards, Nat

Does this theme support Woo Commerce?


The main concept of the Attitude theme is portfolio thus such plugins as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress are out of the list as supported plugins.

Those plugins supported by themes such Apemag, DizzyMag, Truemag.

Regards, Nat

Thank you

when i go to install ST KIT i get a ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN on hostgator


It’s about security settings of your web server. You have to install ST Kit manually. Follow instruction – http://strictthemes.com/manuals/how-to-install-st-kit-plugin-by-yourself/

Regards, Nat

Hello Igor,

I have 3 separate questions.

First, I would like to know if it’s possible to disable the linking on the Featured images (even any gallery images) for Projects pages. Sometimes I just want the featured image to not be able to click and enlarge it.

Second question is with the gallery lightboxes. When viewed on my iPhone, the images are so tiny. They seem fine on my desktop and iPad. Is this the way it is supposed to be or should the images almost fill the smartphone screen?

And my last question is I notice when I add a background image or color to a projects page, the Project title is by default white. Can these title colors be changed per project in a setting somewhere?

Thanks again. Much appreciated! Lee


1 – The default concept of the layout focused on images. If you prefer to replace default links to some custom then it assumes a custom work with source files through a child theme. I can create a child theme in accordance with your needs for some extra. Drop me a line through the contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/strictthemes

2 – You can disable default Lightbox (prettyPhoto) from within Theme Panel > Misc page and use some another – https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?type=term&q=Lightbox

3 – You can set a custom color for all project titles which come custom background. Drop these lines on Theme Panel > Style > Custom tab:

.project-wrapper-color h1, 
.project-wrapper-color h2, 
.project-wrapper-color h3, 
.project-wrapper-color h4, 
.project-wrapper-color h5, 
.project-wrapper-color h6 {
color: #999;

Regards, Nat

What is the font that is used in the Attitude logo?


This is Yesteryear – https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Yesteryear

Regards, Nat