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When i try the template on my iphone with QR code provide, the navigation doesn’t seem work. It doesn’t scroll into position and navbar isn’t responding?

Any ideas?



Thanks for your message. We had fixed this issue in the previous update. Anyway we will double check it and fix it if still the bug is present.


Ok :-)

Could give a message if it works, so i can show a client on iPhone and after that i can buy.


Hello, congratulations for such a beautiful and innovative template. We are seriusly considering to purchase it but we have noticed it has some trouble with Android browsers such as Dolphin or Android´s default one. Anyway it works pretty well with Chrome, opera, opera mini and ios safari. Is there any way to solve this? Had you noticed these problems?

thank you very much!


Hi, thanks for message. It depends on the browser versions and rendering platform. We will check and fix it in the case.

lokust Purchased

Hi – how is the blog section intended to work? i.e. when someone clicks READ FULL > link. At the moment nothing happens?


Hi there. Thanks for message. The blog section is just containing a layout for blog with a design or skin suitable for this theme. Since this is static HTML , blog is not functional. Even though we kept blog layout in order to provide a better design for users who may integrate this theme to any blogging platform by extending this theme. In such scenario clicking on READ -FULL button will load respective blog posts generated by blogging platform (out of the scope of static HTML ). Thats all about it.

Hi there! This theme is by far the best to showcase my portfolio, it reflects my style.

This might be an absurd question, but can I customize the site in Dreamweaver or do I require special coding skills?

Your response is greatly appreciated. Suzan


Hi Suzan, thanks for your message. In order to edit this theme and add your content and images it is easy if you know basic HTML editing, we mean Dreamweaver will be fine. But If you need to customize this theme you should be familiar of Bootstrap framework and moreover jQuery (depends on level of customization needed). Split-Scroll or Dual-Scroll is a special kind of layout and if you need to swap or re-order page sections you may find it complex if you dont know coding. That’s why we offer free help for swapping or re-ordering sections if buyers request it. This is already done for lot of buyers and everything is fine with them. So kindly let us know if it sounds cool for you. Cheers :)

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Hello Wonderful Support Team! Everything is uploaded and going well. However, on each enlarged photo in the portfolio, on the bottom left is a code description that has random numbers, but looks like this: “40../../default.htm46” Where can I change that to display my site site name instead? http://artwhimsy4u.com/index.html#portfolio



Hi Donna. Thanks for your message. We will check this with our developers and let you know sooner. Please stay in our circle.


Hi Donna. Please do the following:

1) open ASSETS /JS/jquery.prettyPhoto.js 2) Go to line 21:
counter_separator_label: '../../default.htm',
Change as following:
counter_separator_label: '/',
3) Open ASSETS /JS/script.js 4) Go to line 32:
show_title: false
change as following:
show_title: true
This will show title text for the image. Hope this will work there also. Please let us know. Cheers!

Hi Guys! How’ the work on the Wordpress version progressing? )


Hi. Thanks for message. Our developers are already working on. It is pretty complex but progress is on nice momentum. We are adding all possible features. Please stay in our circle, we will let you know soon.

lydnjay Purchased

Fantastic work! Really enjoying working my way around it. Managed to figure out how to change all the navigation elements using the aura.js file. Very cool.

Can’t figure out how to activate or add images to the scrolling image background on the right section of the website though (the ones that show through the white background)? Can you please advise?


BG Images shown on the right side panel is located as (for example): ROOT /01.jpg

Simple replace these dummy images with yours. These images are triggered via jQuery Backstretch Plugin, the code can be shown on line 1238 onwards in INDEX .HTML.
var images = [

Thanks for your kind words :)

So now, 100 Nice Websites are made with AURA :) Thank you dear buyers and supporters

awesome creative job ! rtl version is it possible ?


Hi, thanks for the message. But we guess we are confused about RTL, will you please make it clear? Sorry.

Major Update as Version 3.0, released on 07 DEC 2012.

Change log:
  1. New mobile navigation, optimized and tested on all devices including iOS mobile devices
  2. Better adjusted layout and tweaked for very big height monitors (2000+ px)
  3. Additional documentation for layout editing and page modification
  4. Changed files: index.html, aura.js, style.css, responsive.css

Buyers please re-download the pack.

right to left for arabic lenguage


Hi. Thanks for your response. To be frank, we don’t have experience on building RTL versions. We will let you know after discussing among our developers, we will get back to you over weekend.

Hey guyz awesome job but u didnt include video in portfoliot is there any option to add video in portfolio? so i will plan to buy it and plz show me the demo that will be gr8 thnx in advance :)


Hi there. Thanks for your message :)

We have used jQuery prettyPhoto lightbox plugin to show portfolio items (preview on click). Default we have set images. But it is very very easy to add videos inside this lightbox. Please see the original examples of this plugin.

There you see, in case if you are familiar on HTML and jQuery you can do it within a couple of lines of code editing. But If you are totally a non-techie user we can help you on this. After purchase please contact us via themeforest contact form located in this page

lydnjay Purchased

Hi, we can’t get YouTube videos to play from the Portfolio section using prettyPhoto. No matter what we try we get this error: The requested URL /www.youtube.com/www.apple.com/qtactivex/qtplugin.cab/@autoplay=1 was not found on this server.

Any ideas?


Hi, please check the video URL. Moreover you have to test run it from any server, not from local directory. If you still find it difficult just send the pack and YouTube URL to us via mail. We will fix and send you as soon as we are back after the holidays.

Likewise, I would like to see a video example in the lightbox before I buy, simply because we must display some video. Otherwise this theme is fantastic. Please PM me when an example is available – I will buy right away.

Great theme guys really impressive +1 !


I don’t need to show a lightbox with a video – I simply want to see it in action before i buy the theme.

Your site does not contain this feature in the demo…why not? Please add this on your site, I will buy immediately, this is time sensitive, thank you.


Seems this prettyPhoto.js works and the new one does not. Also for anyone having issues the youtube url has to contain the “ww_.youtube.com/watch?v(digits here)” only.

http://mir.cr/0EQVKATX <- js file that works.

Thank you for your notification. We appreciate it. In the next major update we will include a better lightbox module that supports video with ease.

wow, awesome theme, but i still have a question before i buy this theme, is it possible to invert the left side, people might getting dizzy if a page goes in two different directions :)

jabcka Purchased

Hi Bought this awesome template. Trying to convert it to Hebrew – Right to Left. Seems to be impossible. Are you going to release RTL version? Thanks Rani


Wow! We really appreciate your efforts on this. In fact we are happy to see someone here committed to try it and make it up with their own effort. Glad to hear that you made it up, url please so that we can also see it!

We hope you can do better things again :) Cheers! Please let us know if you need any assistance on bugs / issues with our themes if any – we will never let you down.

jabcka Purchased

The content of the site is in development. I’ll be happy to share the link privately or when things are done. Thanks for you help.


:) Pleasure

Hi, is this compatible with the latest bootstrap 2.2.2???


Hi there, Thanks for your message.

this theme is currently on Bootstrap 2.1 but we will update to 2.2.2 easily. We will open this update on next major version release. Meanwhile if you like us to do it please contact us after purchasing the theme :) We will send it manually.

lydnjay Purchased

Hi, we can’t get the contact form to work on this theme. I think it’s because we are hosting on a Linux server and the files and folders that control the php begin with capital letters. Is there any chance you could create them so they work on Linux as Linux doesn’t recognise capital letters? We have tried changing each capital letter to lowercase but it hasn’t solved the problem (we have probably missed a few out to be honest!)

AURA WordPress theme is now available!

Hi guys, We have released the most-wanted WordPress Version of AURA. Please find it here: http://themeforest.net/item/aura-wordpress-unique-responsive-splitscroll/3788844
lydnjay Purchased

Hi, we can’t get the contact form to work on this theme. I think it’s because we are hosting on a Linux server and the files and folders that control the php begin with capital letters. Is there any chance you could create them so they work on Linux as Linux doesn’t recognise capital letters? We have tried changing each capital letter to lowercase but it hasn’t solved the problem (we have probably missed a few out to be honest!)


Hi, please send us the pack via email to: info@designova.net. We will modify and send you another email script.