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You portfolio masonry have responsive problem, sometime it’s will overlap each other when screen resize . Have any solution?


Hi, we have seen 2 instead 3 columns problem, will solve this problem in the next release that should be available the next couple days.

I think you misunderstanding what I mean. Kindly refer to the image :

Decent, but you hacked Bootstrap to bits :( I wish you didn’t change all the class-names, and you got rid of img-responsive???

Next time please leave bootstrap in-tact, and just add your custom classes/utils on top of it :)


Hi, Thank You for the purchase, we will do the same next time as well, but will try to make it more obvious. Sorry for that, we understand that it’s bad for some people. But many people don’t use most part of bootstrap at all, that is based on our experience. That’s the cause why we took only parts of bootstrap.

Contact form:

How to add a ‘budjet select option’ to the message subject? I want to see only the amount in the subject line when I get it.

I tried this:

$e_subject = $_POST['budjet'];
but don’t working.

Hi, you have no bufjet field in your form, so that’s why you have nothing about budjet in email, please took that field from our HTML examples.

We have vacations now, so we only can answer questions in the Next Year. Hope you will be able to figure this out by yourself.

Happy New Year! Wish you everything good you want to have )

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Now working :)

Thank You for the well wishes and I wish you continued success.
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Is it possible to have the counters show ”,” like 4,000 and also count in tenths 0.80?


Hi, Thank You For the purchase, for now it’s impossible. We will think about addition decimals in nearest future.

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Hello, I would like to embed a video from Vimeo instead of You Tube. What is the exactly code? Please see sample:

Thanks John


Hi, everything should be similar to Youtube. Check docs-colorbox.html page. It contains a couple examples at the end of the page.

Hope that helps.