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Hello, i really like your template. Great work! But i have prepurchase question.

I see that your template use “colorbox”. Is it possible with colorbox open local flv videos or youtube? And the same question for web pages, can i open other webpages in colorbox, like iframe?

Thank you!


Hi, sorry for keeping you waiting, check our docs -> colorbox, there are some examples with youtube + vimeo videos in popup. As for local video not sure, it seems you will need to create some div block with player and show that block throw colorbox.

Check some demos here as well http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/example1/

There is an example with iframe.

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I am finishing up customizing your amazing template and am very happy with it, aside from one major issue. The video in the Revolution Slider will not autoplay. I’ve tried every method I know of and can not find a resolve! I checked the forums and saw a related question that did not provide a solution. Please advise! Cheers!


Hi, Thank You for the purchase.

Have you added a such parameters to slides?

data-autoplay=”true” data-autoplayonlyfirsttime=”true”

We didn’t notice any video on your website, it seems you have decided to use simple image instead.

hi, I’ve bought this theme and I’ve created my website, but I have many problems with the form. Can you help me?


Hi, Thank You for the purchase. If you have any problems with our form and you didn’t change it we can help, otherwise nope.

We provide only that simple form you have seen, and can’t help with big customization of such form. We doesn’t provide sch services.

So, if you have the first case, please provide your website link, we will check what’s wrong there.


Hi, you use another handler there that is written on ASP so we can’t support you here. Sorry for the delay.

Hi!!! I want to buy this template, but first I need some help. I have to make a multilingual one page web, do u know if this is possible with this template??? Thanks!!!!


Hi, when you are talking about multilingual website, you have to choose CMS theme, HTML theme is just multiple pages, so you have to create multilanguage copies by yourself. Or you can use special google module https://support.google.com/translate/answer/2534535?hl=en&ref_topic=2534534

Hope it helps. Sorry for the delay, and Thank You for the purchase.

Hi, Please answer simple question: How can I make the social links open in a new window?

I tried adding target=”_blank” to the code, like this:

  • But it still opens in the same window, how can I make this work?

    Thanks! Great Theme!!!!!!


    Hi, Sorry for the delay. Actually you do this right way, could you provide a link to your website? It might you add this attribute not to link itself but to icon.

    Make sure you add this attribute to “a” tag.
    <a href="..." target="_blank" class="...">...</a>

    hi, I tried it again with a copy of your code and it worked, maybe because i had a backwards speech mark in mine? anyway all working now, love the theme, going live with it soon, thank you very much for a nice slick theme!


    Hi, Thank You for the kind words. We are glad you like it.

    Hi!!!!! Finally I bought the template and I love it, it’s amazing!!!

    1. I have some issues with the @media queries, I’ve changed the @media for -@media (min-width: 992px) and (max-width: 1119px) – locally in global.css and responsive.css and everything goes good, but when I upload the files to the server, doesn’t work, and I don’t know why!!! :(

    2. Then I have an external link in menu – our framework & solutions – and when it’s return to the one page content, the anchor appears with some top padding or something similar.

    Please help me! I’ve tried everything but I can’t fix these issues!

    The url of the site is http://wowbrandsresearchcom.domain.com/html/home-onepage-1.html


    I’m sorry!!! my mistake! I gave you an old url, the original and the one with your template is


    I’ve already fixed the media queries, but I still have 2 issues

    1. our framework & solution (main menu button) has an external link – not an anchor id in the same page – when goes back to the index.html from this section, the position of the anchors id is bad. It seems like has an extra top padding

    2. home slider – is it possible to have a different timing for each slide?

    Thanks for your help!!!!!! :)


    Hi, sorry for the delay again.

    1) That’s because of browser store previous state of the page, it’s like a feature. There is no real page reloading, user gets everything as it was before he leave the previous page.

    2) there is “data-delay” attribute that could be added to each slide (main slide block).

    From revolution slider docs (you can check them in downloaded build as well)

    “data-delay – A new Dealy value for the Slide. If no delay defined per slide, the dealy defined via Options will be used”

    Hope it helps.


    We will think about browser back button. Whether we could add an any option for people who want to reload page, or just jump to top again.

    Hi I’m having problems with the contact forms. Getting an ERROR! when testing the form. I’ve already changed the email in the form handler. Hope to hear something from you.

    Currently have my client’s site as prototype:http://prototype.greatech-group.com/contact.html



    Hi, please check whether SMTP authorization is enabled on webserver. There is simple php function “mail”, it’s straight simple should work in most cases. Most of all such errors caused by specific server settings.

    Hope that helps.

    Hello, Tooltips not working :( How repair this problem?


    Hi, Thank You for the purchase. Please send a preview link for us so we could check what’s wrong.

    Check that you have connected tooltip and init tooltip scripts at first. See any page with tooltip source as example.


    This is the main problem, because on your website does not work http://pi-themes.com/typo.html


    Hmm, yep, on that page, we forgot to connect them there. Will fix that in the next version. Please check clients-clients-1.html any clients page for example.

    Nice template! I posted your template in my blog and maybe I will help you to sell it :) . Good luck with it! http://blog.dashaft.net/mejores-plantillas-htlm5/


    Hi, Thank You for your words and for the posting as well.

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    Hi, I purchased this template and now my client is considering using WordPress. I see in your comments that you’ve been working on a WordPress version of this template. Do you have any idea of when the WordPress theme would be ready? Thanks.


    Hi, Thank You for the purchase, actually we thought that it would be available in October – December of 2014, but it still hasn’t been released. It’s on the envato review now. If envato team approve theme, it would be available in a couple of days, if not, it could take even month or longer. Such an abstract answer, though.

    dave9621 Purchased

    Thanks for your answer. I understand and I’ll cross my fingers that it passes the Envato review quickly. Is there any way you can let me know when it’s available for sale?


    Hi, we will send you an email message using envato contact form, Thank You.

    Hello there, I am having difficulties using Modal window. I can see the Modal window in theme preview, It seems like modal window functionality wasn’t there when I purchased the theme. Any help will be appreciated. :)


    Hi, Thank You for the purchase, please provide any preview link. Please check modals.html page.

    Hi there,

    I noticed that you have some custom javascripts to handle alert boxes. Using this theme, what is the best way to hide an alert box by default but fade it in when an alert condition is met?

    Thanks, JW


    Hi, Check scripts/pi.init.submitFormContact.js:

    You can set add class that will hide your block by default and then show it by jQuery:

    That peace of css will hide element:

    .hidden_element {display:none;}
    That peace of code will show error.

    Hope that helps.

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    Problem in Safari: When using an icon in a dropdown input box there is an issue with the text overlaying the icon; see; Form with Icon (“Your Budget) opn SAFARI


    Hi, Thank You for the report. We will revise that problem and provide fix for this. Most of all we will switch off custom safari styling.

    1. How send value of checkbox? I have 2 field and I wan’t see, in email message, “Yes” if field is checked, or “No” if isn’t checked.

    I tried change the code, but not working. Now I have: <input type="checkbox" checked="checked" class="form-control-regulamin" id="regulamin"> <input type="checkbox" checked="checked" class="form-control-zgoda" id="zgoda"> $regulamin = $_POST['regulamin'] ? 'Yes' : 'No'; $zgoda = $_POST['zgoda'] ? 'Yes' : 'No'; regulamin: $regulamin.prop("checked"), zgoda: $zgoda.prop("checked"), 2. How show error statement if user try send email without checked checkbox (for example: regulations)

    PS. Sorry for my english :)

    Not working :(

    Now I have one field with checkbox. I wan’t see error statement if checkbox field is not checked (when I try submit). My code looks like this:

    HTML <div class="checkbox"> <label for="zgoda"> <input type="checkbox" checked="checked" class="form-control-zgoda" id="zgoda">xyz * </label> </div>

    pi-global.js $zgoda = $form.find('.form-control-zgoda'), zgoda: $zgoda.is(":checked"), $zgoda.prop("checked", false);

    PHP $zgoda = isset($_POST['zgoda']) ? 'Tak' : 'Nie'; if ($zgoda == 'Nie') { echo '<div class="pi-alert-danger fade in"><button type="button" class="pi-close" data-dismiss="alert"><i class="icon-cancel" /></button><p>Attention! You must check regulamin field.</p></div>'; exit(); }
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    Please upload your version to any webhosting and then we could check what’s wrong. Send your PHP handler to our email using contact author form here http://themeforest.net/user/pi-themes

    Use var_dump() function to check what’s in $_POST[‘zgoda’]
    Place piece in the right place (where other variables checks are, if you place this in the end of a file it won’t work):
    if ($zgoda == 'Nie') {
            echo '<div class="pi-alert-danger fade in"><button type="button" class="pi-close" data-dismiss="alert"><i class="icon-cancel" /></button><p>Attention! You must check regulamin field.</p></div>';

    Hi. I’m implementing a one-page website using this template, but I’m stuck at one point. How do I make the ‘active’ class change from one item to another (in the top nav bar) when scrolling down the page or clicking on the links? If needed, you can see the page at fiddus.com.br/test


    Hi, you should be able to see active class changes on scroll out of the box in v1.8.6. If you have used another version then:

    You need to update bootstrap js files and connect one more js file “pi.init.scrollSpy.js”.

    3dParty/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js 3dParty/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js scripts/pi.init.scrollSpy.js

    Hope that helps.


    I was missing the pi.init.scrollSpy.js script. Now it works like a charm. Thanks!


    Great, anytime!

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    Hello, I just purchased the theme and having a hard time with getting the tabs working php pages. Specifically, if you look at the about-about-1.html page, the tabs works fine, but when I change the files to php they no longer navigate to the proper tabbed content.

    Am I over looking something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    cgriffith1 Purchased

    Thanks for the suggestions…I’m running it locally at the moment. Would you happen to know the JS file(s) off hand that the tabs are in? I looked through several of them already, but couldn’t find it. I’ll continue to look through them, but it would really help if you happen to know the file(s) off the top of your head. Thanks for the quick reply.

    cgriffith1 Purchased

    Nevermind…found them. script/pi.tab.js :) I guess the name was too descriptive for me. Thanks again.


    Hi, you are welcome, we are glad you have worked it out.