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Please tell me how to fix the contact form on http://wireless-office.co.uk/contact

It is not recognizing that I have entered the CAPTCHA and constantly says “Please enter verification” even when I have.

Hi, sorry for the delay, we have sent email successfully using your form.

Hi, well unfortunately that is because I had to turn the captcha off whilst I was waiting for a reply from yourself… I have now turned it back on so if you try again it will fail this time. I think I need updated code for the form to work with new captcha…

Please contact us using this form http://themeforest.net/user/pi-themes

Hi, I’m using the Aura template but there are some problems with responsive adjustments.

My site is http://tectools.com.br/novo/

Please try open this link at iphone 5 or samsung S3 mini, the main problem are: - main menu (icon reduced): appear below the main logo (not beside), so the full banner at home page don’t appear too (a little part of it only).

- http://tectools.com.br/novo/empresa.html on mobile, the image dont fit on screen, is cutting the first image and the caption (left side) (this error also occurs in the product pages)

- http://tectools.com.br/novo/contatos.html the Captcha isn’t working and I can’t send the form (show a error message).

Could you help me in this issues?

Tks! Dovighi

Hi PI-Themes :)

When you will have a time to review my case? Sorry the insistence, is that I intend to finalize the site until the next Friday, and wanted to leave it fixed already as well.

I count on your help! Tks Dovighi

Hi, sorry for the long delay. We are glad to see that you have eventually fixed your problems.

Having an issue with the contact form on the one page layout.

I have edited formcontact.php to reflect my email address however emails are not been delivered.

Any ideas?

Hi, Thank You for the purchase. Please provide your email using this form http://themeforest.net/user/pi-themes We can’t say anything without checking your HTML. Have you updated captchas API keys? Is your website placed not into the root folder?


Your theme is excellent. I enjoyed working on it. But unfortunately i can’t find formFooter.php in the handlers. Could please send me the file. It will be very useful to me.

Hi, Thank You for your words. Form footer and form contact use the same handlers/formContact.php handler.

I used the footer varient 5.if i change the file name accordingly to handlers/formContact.php its not working. If u could send me across the file it would be very useful. Thanks a lot in advance.

Please see how default footer form is done (there is handlers/formContact.php)

There definetely should be handlers/formContact.php

Please send us link to your website by email using this form http://themeforest.net/user/pi-themes

Hi there, I am having troubles with the contact form. This is the website that I have uploaded: http://www.zeusautomation.co.za/contact.html

Please let me know why it’s not working?....Thank you so much!

Also, I could send you the zipped documents if you could send me your email address?


Schlecks Purchased

Thank you so much for your help. I took it out and it works :-)


Schlecks Purchased

Sorry, why did I receive the email from the contact form and not my client, who owns the website? I am just the developer. He should be receiving the emails via the contact form?!

If you have entered your but not your client email, then you will receive emails of course, website doesn’t know what is the email of your client, but just use one someone has entered into form handler.

Hi, I still have problem in mobile view, to show the main menu reduced.

See this simulator link, the problem with menu occur with a lot of mobile models (samsung, nexus and even iphone too):


My url is http://tectools.com.br/novo/ Please help me to fix it, the logo and the navigation menu should appear side by side on mobile in any model…

Tks Dovighi

Most of all you have too wide logo, you can to add custom CSS that will make your logo narrow in small devices screens. The easiest way is to reduce width.

Hope you understand that people can put in header different size of image, so you have to care about this.

Try to add something like this. If you don’t want to reduce your logo (add id=”logo” to logo image, and change device width and logo width to meet your meeds).
@media (max-width: 380px) {
    #logo { width: 50px}

Hope it helps.

Hi, Congratulations for the great theme. Te issue in Safari, Header bounces when we scroll. Have you got any solution for that bug? Thanks

Hi, we were trying to allocate this problem but it seems good for us in Safari, we have no real mac, though only virtual machine.

Hello.. i like this theme, but i don’t see the Carousel Slide, this theme have? Cuz i need the mouse wheel

Hi, sorry we don’t understand your problem clearly. If you need mouswheel scrolling feature for slider it’s not supported in our slider.

If you need mousewheel scroling feature for revolution slider you could read this article http://www.themepunch.com/faq/slide-change-based-mousewheel/

Our theme doesn’t support this.

Hi. It’s possible customize the contact form to be used at Windows Server instead Linux Server? My client can’t change the Server Platform because the email accounts…

Tks Rodrigo

Hi, Have replied by email. We don’t offer any .net services.

Great work and I am loving working with your theme on my project.

However, there appears to be an issue with your tooltip functionality. If you go to your theme page and test the tooltips (http://pi-themes.com/typo.html) you will see they do not actually work. Upon first glance I discovered that your CSS file tooltips.css is not included in the header and thought that might be the quick fix… but alas that did not solve the issue.

Hi, Thank You! We will fix this soon, we have forgotten to connect tooltips script on our prewview website.


dowzer Purchased

This theme really is awesome – I took the page load time for a site down from 8 seconds using Wordpress to 900ms using this theme and the home page actually has more content now.

The only issue I am having is with tooltips -I can get them to work no problem but I am suing this inside a pricing table and when you hover over the tooltip it causes the table columns to the right to jump one column to the right and the last column to jump outside the table?

I think it might be to do with the positioning but I cannot figure it out?


After tooltip is activated


dowzer Purchased

I will PM to you


dowzer Purchased

I sent email 6 days ago and am still awaiting a reply?

Hi, you need to add tooltip into internal SPAN tag and not TD. Just move tooltip data attributes to your SPAN and everything will work fine.

Sorry for keeping you waiting we have a vacations these days.

Hi guys, i’ve see that you recently had put off the version in WP of these theme. I need a help. Can you tell me where can i set up the contact form and the parameters of SMTP server (with authentication parameters)? Thank you in advance

Hi, we have very simple form that use php mail() function, this PHP function has no support of SMTP authentification. You need to use any plugin for that we think. You could try to create form using Contact Form 7 plugin for WP, sorry for the delay.


itaer Purchased

Hey there, Very good and well written theme. A question to you guys : Do you intend to make under construction page or Coming soon that count down to a certain date?


itaer Purchased

Any response????

Hi, Sorry for the delay. We don’t plan it in nearest future.


Modchips Purchased

Hi Pi-Themes, Sorry if someone already asked but there’s a lot of comments. Is there a dropdown, for me to use? I couldn’t find any on files. And is there a way to put a text intead of logo?

Is the theme include the register form instead of a slider? like this theme has http://themeforest.net/item/multipurpose-responsive-html5-website-template/full_screen_preview/5379349

Hi, nope, it has only simple contact form, you need to build any other forms using custom HTML and add it to any page by yourself.

I am trying to find a way to make it so the logo is a smaller size when shown on a mobile.

The nav button on the mobile drops down because the main logo is too big but i would like the keep the logo the same size on the computer version and smaller on tablet/mobile.