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Hi, how to enable colorbox on mobile devices? Thanks.

Hi, you need to find next lines in scripts/pi.global.js
/*_____ scripts/pi.init.colorbox.js*/
breakpoints = [

Add breakpoints you need to use colorbox.

breakpoints = [

Hope that helps.

Hello… I absolutely love this template! Thanks for such an all-in-one template. I want for members to be able to come to my site and make an account and was wondering how do I get the Sign In/Sign Up feature form to function? Would I need anything additional for this page to function properly?

Hi, Thank You for your words. This is HTML template, feature you need is impossible without any backend implementation as PHP/MySQL or any other technologies. User registration is a very custom feature, and not a lot of CMS Themes as well has such features. You need to search throw Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla templates to find anything that fits you well.

Thanks a million!

You Are Welcome!

Hi, nice HTML-Theme. I have tried the suggestions for for the checkbox problem. the form should only send if the checkbox is checked and then it should post “yes” in the sending email.

thx for u help cheers sven

Very Nice Template…thanks for that….but we have a little problem with the Revolution Slider…it will not work: TypeError:nextli.data(...)is undefined

Do you have any tips for us? If you like…you find our example here: http://form-wohnen.ch.fashionweb3.nine.ch

Greets from sunny switzerland Felix

problem found (thread closed)...

another Question….some of the links (also in the navigation) become a small dotted border bei clicking..is there a solution to stop them?

thx for helping and greets from sunny switzerland


I’m looking to change the navigation bar to show active upon scrolling. For example, I’ve made my website all on 1 scrolling page. I’ve identified home as active once someone arrives, but when they scroll down to the section I’ve named “about us” I’d like the navigation to change the active class over to the “about us” button. Not sure if I should be doing this in the .js or .css? Please help! Thanks.

FYI, I didn’t base my page off the one page templates, I started the build from Home-1/index

Hi, I tried to add a tooltip to a marker on the map like suggested in the help page (data-marker-title=”title 1”) but the tooltip don’t work. Almost is wrong on the demo page http://pi-themes.com/google-maps-roadmap.html


Is there a way to actually use the Sign-in/Sign-up pages to allow registered users access to protected pages?

I guess this will need integrating with a third-party solution, but I’m keen to know if you have suggestions?

I’m after a very simple application where users can register and then have access to information and download pages.


Oh – I have purchased the theme, but for some reason that is not showing…


skippy7 Purchased

Sorry – I seem to have 2 accounts here… News to me!

Hi I bought this theme with my other account, loved it Wanted to know how to change the excerpt length.. i want to change the length of characters that appear as an excerpt on the homepage.. so please help.