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dgideon Purchased

Greetings, and congratulations on a great theme!

My question is regarding the mobile menu navigation. When you view the website on mobile any submenu items you touch will expand to show any additional items under that submenu… but if the 1st level submenu item has a link… you can only touch it to expand other menu items… not to actually follow the link.

For example, if on your live preview you navigate (using a mobile device) to Features > Headers and try to touch “Headers” it will expand to show Headers Light, Headers Dark, Headers Base”. However, you are not able to simply touch “Headers” and go to the linked page. Do you have a fix for this?

Let me know if this does not make sense.

Hello! We’ve absolutely loved this theme! Beautiful work!

Just within the last month or so, the pi slider has become unclickable ( are not responding around slide images) on apple or android mobile devices.

We updated the JS files for the slider to the July 15 update you release and still had no luck and even tested the sliders on your sample page, which also seem to unresponsive to a click.

Not sure if there is an update coming, but would love to hear back from you on this.

Thank you!

I found a solution for this. The jquery.touchSwipe.js was updated Oct 1, 2015. After updating this jquery, we were able to click the slides via mobile devices.

Hi, sorry, working hard on new item, can’t find time to respond.

We advice you to use this one carousel instead our slider, http://themeforest.net/author_dashboard, we are going to use it in our new theme either does everyone.

Originally we wanted to own all components we had in our themes, but that is nightmare for support, so we decided to change our mind about that.


66fcu Purchased

Could you tell me what the name of the carousel is? This link took me to a 404 page.


after the last time you have helped I have to bother you again. I just found out a bug :grin:

Links and buttons don’t work correctly in Androids and iPhones in the smartphone breakpoints beeing placed in the pi-slider – for example: http://pi-themes.com/slider.html – here also the link does not click: http://www.jungledaily.de/Daten/AG/web/

Any help is deeply appreciated. Many thanks and best regards

ps. just seeing, that this problem exactly refers to the comment before.

Hi Nice theme but i cant get the twitter feed to work on my dev site… http://td-studio.co.uk/pp_site/ any pointers? I have updated the config in api and the js file with the user name and empty the div as suggested but nothing, not even loading??

Could you tell me how to stop the revolution slider pausing on click anywhere on the image please thanks

Hi, awesome theme! I’m trying to figure out the colorbox group function. I’ve gone to the colorbox website and added the script as per below (yes, at the bottom of the html); <script> $(document).ready(function() { $(”.groupBookcase”).colorbox({rel:’groupBookcase’}); }); </script>

I then try to declare the picture(s) – missing < are just to stop the formatting;

a href=”Gallery/Picture1.jpg” class=”pi-colorbox groupBookcase”>

But the group doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions/ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Why has support stopped for the theme? I purchased the theme based on the promised support, but there has been no help given for ages…

This is sad indeed.

Hi, unfortunately anything can’t be supported for ages, hope you understand this. Anyway, we are sorry, working hard on new item, can’t find time to respond.


skippy7 Purchased

In which case I, for one, will not purchase any further themes from you. It is appalling to sell an item and then not support it!


dave9621 Purchased

Hi guys. I know a while back you were working on a WordPress version of the Aura theme. And I think for a time the WP version was even for sale here. But now it’s gone. Do you have any plans to release it for WP? I have a project coming up soon that we’re moving a site built with the HTML version to a WP version. It would be invaluable to me. Thanks for letting me know. Dave

Does this theme Template support rtl?

no support no buy

This theme has had zero support for some time – and the support that was provided was second-rate at best.

I would avoid any purchases from this operation now and in the future.