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thank you louiejie ;)

Hey there, great template! I see you have some tooltips in the code, but where are they shown? I can’t seem to find any tooltips on the page…

i’m used the tooltip just for skill set progress bar animation :)

hi iParanoia, FYI now tooltips has worked very well. :)

thanks :)

working php contact form?

Sorry for this time the contact form currently not work, but will soon :)


One question only! Can I have this template in two languages? (Portuguese and English)

Does this templates works in wordpress?

hi bonovox, sorry this templates doesn’t support wordpress

Hi there Nice work.

I have got an issue related to the tool tips for skill set in which I tried to add 3 more skills by copying the last item on the skill set know as PHP and pasting 3 of it. I then edit the value in the main html file and it didn’t work ( The progress bar is not showing the percentages at all). I also edited the css file where I did the same thing as what I did in the html file by copying & pasting the last item and again It didn’t work. Can you please tell me how could I add new skills to the skill set and make the progress bar shown as it’s supposed to be ??

Hi Alex, because the progress bar to work with jquery, you have to do next is change the java script code. and You can find it above. code themselves would like this.

var percent = $(’.php’).attr(‘title’); $(’.php’).animate({width: percent},1000);

You can change or add a code like that for the other progress

var percent = $(’.another_your_skill’).attr(‘title’); $(’.another_your_skill).animate({width: percent},1000);

hope it will help :)

Hi Matirasa:

Thanks for your tips and I have done what you instructed but there is still a problem. I inserted 3 more items to the skill sets which are the followings: var percent = $(’.asp’).attr(‘title’); $(’.asp’).animate({width: percent},1000);

var percent = $(’.xml’).attr(‘title’); $(’.xml’).animate({width: percent},1000);

var percent = $(’.action’).attr(‘title’); $(’.action’).animate({width: percent},1000);

The first 2 worked except the last one. Can you please tell me why ??

Regards Alex

Hi Alex, sorry for delay. maybe you need to check its CSS , did you add the necessary code?

How do I make contact form to work? Where do I enter email?

default contact form is not working, because I did not include the PHP program, but you can try

Can I see it live?

nice-looking template… unfortunately we’re unable to view the live preview due to “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.”

Hi, I like this template however, I don’t see the point in paying the full amount for it when the contact form isn’t working. This is a resume so how are recruiters supposed to contact you for work?! :oP

Have you fixed this problem yet and if not how soon can we expect it to be done> I need to purchase a template within the day or so.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Hi there I purchased your template despite others saying that there are problems with your contact form. In addition to this, when I opened your .index file in Dreamweaver – it says there is a syntax error on line 56. Pls can you advise ASAP and I would also appreciate an answer to my previous post.

Many thanks

what changes were made to fix the skill set issue in chrome? I want to simply make the edits instead of doing things over.

my portfolio thumbs do not link to the sites that they are supposed to. How do I get the images to link directly to my other sites?

you can change the code to portfoflio jquery plugin which in line 60, with this code

<script type="text/javascript">
$ (function () {
    $ (''). Lightbox ();
</ script>

hopefully help

Hello, Is there the possibility to put a soundcloud player in the pop up windows of the photos (mantaining also the big photo?) so It should appear big photo + soundcloud player See example of the portfolio’s pendulum template

Tks Kind regards Gabi

Hello, can you give me a feedback? I can pay an extra work if necessary

tks gabi

Bandwidth limit exceeded! Keen to preview this.. thanks


Firebug shows an error:

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined var special = jQuery.event.special,

in js/

how can I fix it?

Hi, there’s a missing style sheet for this theme

How can I add captions to pics (not thumbs) in lightbox?