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why diffrent social icons size?


I saw that on your contact page there is not a title for the Follow us widget. Please put a title and get back to me if there are still problems.

Thanks. PS: Nice setup by the way


Great theme. I just want to ask an important questions. I’d like to use the theme for portfolio. I’d like to build portfolio on the portfolio page gallery. Is there a pagination module for portfolio gallery layout? Are the images loads at the same time in all of the portfolio posts? This may cause situation when all images are loading, and noone is visible till they’d be fully loaded.

Waiting for answer, Jack.

Hello Jack,

The pagination is there, you can set the number of posts to be shown from the theme options (pls check now the portfolio gallery page, i put the pagination to kick in after 2 posts). It preloads only the first images, so this wont be a problem.


Hi disgogo,

I love your theme! I’m not a programmer but I’m looking for a theme that I can customize a bit with my own background image. I saw your McCleanny theme as well, which I like but this one I like more. :o) Is there a way to add a background image at all? If so is it somewhat simple to accomplish or would it require the help of a programmer? I’m fairly adept at figuring these things out with a little guidance, but far from a pro.

Thanks in advance for your advice; I’m hoping to purchase in the next day or so. ~Sarah


Thanks for the interest shown for the theme.

On the actual version of the theme is pretty difficult to insert a background image. BUT , in the next days there will be an update available with more color options and i will create a possibility to insert a background image.



I have installed theme correctly, but header didn’t shows up. Check this out, dommarket.su

Thats wrong?


I see you’re using Russian characters. Unfortunately the font doesn’t support those characters. What can be done:

1. You can disable the Cufon font. 2. You can find a similar font that support your characters.

Please contact me by email with your decision and i will help you.


Hello, I may be interested by your theme because of its minimalistic design. But I’m concerned by the gallery and lightbox appearance. Is it possible to customize it without advanced knowledge of css or html ? What I’d like to know more specifically is : – is the number of lines/columns images in the portfolio coffigurable ? – is it possible to remove the round corners around thumbnails ? – is it possible to customize the lightbox (remove round corners, carroussel, ...)

Thank a lot.


If you need to modify the theme you must have knowledge of css, html and php (medium :) ).

To answer your questions:

1. I think you are referring at the number of images per row. This is not configurable via theme options, but can be if you hard code the file. You can insert as many as you want and specify the number of images to show before pagination kicks in.

2. You can remove them. You will have to modify the css.

3. You can customize the lightbox as you want. As a reference there is used PrettyPhoto.


Hello there!

I’m building a site with multiple Portfolio Gallery Pages. I have set the first gallery accordingly to instructions – everything works good. I have added few another galleries. But the there is a problem with other Portfolio Gallery Pages: the pages displays medium gallery properly but Read more function displays only text of the post without big gallery above. What’s wrong?

Best, Jack


Indeed, now i realized i’ve made an mistake in the single.php file. Please replace the content of single.php with the one from here :


Thanks and sorry for any trouble,

Is it possible to adjust the size of the video box in a Portfolio default display? Is there an easy way to do it? Thank you!


Yes it’s possible. Whenyou insert the link you must put the width and height at the end of the link. Like this:



Thank you!

Hello again!

The new single.php contains some errors. The gallery now works but above all site this 2 messages appears:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/austerity/single.php on line 15

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/austerity/single.php on line 21

Apparently something still isn’t right with single.php or else. Please fix it, cause it can’t be like that. Hope theme doesn’t contains any more bugs.

Best, Jack


Please open functions.php and uncomment line 6.

This is the line:


Make it like this:



PS: an update of theme will be released shortly.

Amazing template, i will buy it when you release the same with different colors backgrounds.


Hello and thanks.

Yes, an update will be released shortly.


OK, that solution covered up the error messages, but errors may still exsists. I’ll provide a link if would experience any other troubles.

Best, Jack

Ok. BTW , an update with those fixes is available.


hi disgogo!

i wish to know if has some compability for spanish language and if has Video support (YouTube, Vimeo, FLV , MP4. swf ) at the portfolio seccion??

Yes you can use videos in the portfolio section.

There are instructions in the theme documentation.



I dont know if the District font supports the Spanish language. You can check here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/District-Thin . If they are not supported you can insert another font that does. And yes you can use videos in the portfolio section.

There are instructions in the theme documentation.


Hi !

im having the same problem that jacekdoroszenko, so i download the “UPDATE” then i replaced the entire theme, but the post linked to “read more” button (portfolio gallery) isn’t working as shown at the live preview “photo gallery slideshow post”

i uploaded again via FTP the entire UPDATED folder “austerity” into the folder of WP “themes”

then i reinstalled the “austerity_live_preview.xml”

then i deactivate an activate the theme twice….

but nothing seems to change

im working on my site but i can´t finish it because this issue

please i need some feedback to be sure which is the best way to make this update useful without losing al arrangements previously made by my own



Please contact me by email with a temp admin login to see what’s there.


Hi Disgogo,

I am glad I stubled upon your portfolio. Your themes are really good. I love the clean look of Austerity and the functionality is precisely what I’m looking for – a very tough combination to find.

Some questions:

I like the font used for the navigation and headers in you Konnekt theme. How would I go about swapping the font?

I see you mentioned plans of coming out with an updated version of the theme here soon. Have you published the latest and greatest? I plan on buying the theme if this the case.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

- Paul

Hello and Thanks,

The update isn’t available yet. This week should be on.

For the font used on Konnekt, it can be inserted. If you choose to go with the theme, please contact me by email and i will send instructions.


hello disgogo great job! clean with style! a question before buy … my natural language is portuguese and we use a lot of ç, ã, á etc. The cufon font support it? all the best joao barroca @ edit: theme have a .po file to translations?

Hello and Thanks,

Please see here if the font support your language: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/District-Thin , if not, it can be changed with a similar one that does. And, sorry the theme doesnt have .po files.



i have installed the theme, but for some reason cannot see the top menu.

my site: www.talerez.com

please help me,



I see your top menu, but for some reason i dont see the menu background. I see you changed the color to white. Is that something you wanted to do? or is just a mistake?


Thank you for replying. I was just impatient and did not read the documentation properly :) The theme is excellent!

Thanks again


Purchased your theme, great!

If you can give me some hints on how to show the blog on the first page I would be more then happy! =)


I want to have the blog underneath the Featured post/slider on the main page with sidebar all the way.

Regarding the Featured/slider why does it show doublets?

Also is the lightbox only for the Portfolio? Then I need to install lightbox/shadowbox to show pictures from the blog with pop up?

Thanks and have a great day!

I’m waiting for the update since two weeks, the feature that i want to see is the color background change, is this enabled? i dont see that you have change the description of the text in themeforest. Thanks

After I initially created Portfolio and Portfolio Gallery, both of which were children to Portfolio default page, I decided to keep only one Portfolio page and disable Portfolio gallery… I have tried all sorts of things and deleted the page itself (Portfolio gallery), but it still shows up in a drop down menu under Portfolio…

How do I make sure I only have one portfolio default page? my testing url is http://fairportnyhomesforsale.com/ Thank you in advance for your help.

I have recently bought this theme and working on it. But I found one questuion and I’m needing some help.

I made the footer with a gray background but on the front page I have a series of widgets in the footer and want to extend the gray to this widgtes.

How can I do it?


Please post an URL . Also, it will be better to post the request on gogothemes.com/support.