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I love this theme. I’m interested in possibly using it to showcase some video clips. Is it possible to post videos (rather than images) in the portfolio?

Thanks, Sean


Yes it’s possible. You have video possibility in the lightbox.


I really wish you would find a workaround for the galleries. If not I would almost prefer that to be taken out of your site. It just seems to be a bad added bonus. So far the rest of the site is great, but galleries for some people are very important so this really is just irritating.

Hello and Thanks,

What do you find buggy in the galleries? I cant figure out what is annoying there.

Thank you,

In the follow us.

for the linkedin connection you ask for the LinkedIn Public Profile URL .

Wich works fine if you are a private, but if you’re a company. and the link goes to


The follow us automaticly puts http://www.linkedin.com/in

any solution?


There is a solutions. Please open widgets.php (include/widgets.php) and find these lines:

<?php if(opt('linkedin')) { ?>
            <li><a href="http://www.linkedin.com/in/<?php echo opt('linkedin'); ?>" title="Follow us on LinkedIn" class="linkedin"></a></li>
            <?php } ?>

They’re at line 320.

just modify the href.


I’m interested in purchasing your theme. When will the next update be released? I”m mostly interested in the different color options. How easy is it to change the colors without the new update? I know CSS and a little php.


i just bought this template. But there a is problem. When i activate the theme. The admin panel doesn’t work any more. I get a blank page. I have installed wordpress 3.0.1 en using php 5.2.x

Can yoiu help me?

It looks like there is a problem in the theme options. if i rename Austerity/include/options.php, the admin works fine by me.

Hello. I love the theme! But I’m having some problems, can you help me? The images are not working on my website (www.passagemproducoes.com.br). But it work if you click on any image in a portfolio gallery (http://www.passagemproducoes.com.br/?page_id=17).

Solved! It was a permission problem.

Hello Disgogo. I have another problem. Is there a limit of pages that can be viewed on the menu? I can’t show more than 16 pages (including drop-down menus).


There is no limit on the menu, can you post an URL ?



can i resize the slideshow image to be 320 high not 400…

have adjusted the js on index1 and also the css/wt-rotator

now it seems to be making my image larger (or maybe trying to make it 400 high somehow…

please assist

site is www.alivelife.com.au/perthupmarket


I see the image is ok. Do you still have problems?

Best, Cristian

Hi Cristian,

Beautiful theme! Wish to purchase it, but first I have three questions:

1. I am wondering if it is possible to set colors for different headings and the default content font? I can’t affect them now overriding your css, does that mean color settings for the different parts are in the admin?

2. Is there a way to see the admin side? Screenshots somewhere? After purchasing four themes that didn’t work out, I am a bit more careful now ;)

3. As I cannot of course, can you check it your theme works well with WP e-commerce? There were serious conflicts with some other themes, due to sloppy java and I don’t want that to happen when I purchase your theme.

Thanks in advance! Tom


Just downloaded the theme for my music site (www.bradkahler.com). having trouble with the slideshow on the home page. When I enable the slideshow firefox says “Error: Trouble loading image.” Any suggestions?



I see it ok. Are you still having problems?

Best, Cristian

My experience with this theme:

Great design, works well, easy to set up and modify.

Compatible with new browsers, not with IE7 because of a script warning, due to something in java. Visitors using IE7 will often get a warning message popup that a script is slowing the system and might cause it to crash. This is not true, but having to wait each page to click away the popup is extremely annoying.

Developer has the same issue with his own website gogothemes.com, since it is the same theme. Have asked for support on this in the forum, but after one week, even though he promised to get back on this, no sign of life.

Overall a great theme, well designed and written. Support is great, IF Cristian provides some. Don’t count on fast responses. ;)


Hi I have been using the theme a love it but can not seem to get the contact form to work? Does it require directory permissions changes or something extra to work? I have put my email address in the austerity settings box and keep hitting submit but nothing happens?



On the portfolio gallery, the j query sliders seem to be broken. please see wdesignsite.com to see what i am talking about. (click on commercial-medical)

I can’t figure this out.


Any news on the IE7 script warning? Please let us know! thanks!

how hard would it be to implement breadcrumbs navigation on this theme?

I am using this this theme for about 2 months now. It is superb.

How can I create a custom sidebar with a custom menue in it? I tried it with several plugins, but it didn’t seem to work.

If I create a new template and sidebar, why doesn’t it show up in the widgets area?

Could you help me here?

solved. Custom sidebars did the job ; )

If you are planing to upgrade this template, include a control for the team page e.g. foward, pause, backwards.

Hi, is there a way to add inline content into the Homepage Slider? Would be great if you could tell me or help me to add this by myself in the code… Thanks, Best!